South African Comics News Roundup: Tomica, Teasers, And Free Comic Book Day

There is a whole lot going on in comics in South Africa at the moment, especially in the runup to Free Comic Book Day, so here is a very large roundup of local comics news, including sneak peeks, sketches, upcoming exhibitions, launches to look out for, and comics you can read online right now. Read on...
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 22 April 2014  |  View Comments

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News: Help To Fund The Red Solstice, A Squad-Based Multiplayer Game Set On Mars

Can you assemble a deadly team and survive multiple waves of alien terror on Mars while completing objectives and side goals? That's the challenge offered by The Red Solstice, a new game that is seeking funds via Kickstarter. Read on...
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 16 April 2014  |  View Comments

School E-Sports: Fairbairn College Versus Fairmont High School FIFA 14 Tournament

A soccer-focussed face off between Fairbairn College and Fairmont High School in Cape Town kicked off the first interschools e-sports challenge in the city. At stake: bragging rights and, ultimately, possibly school colours. Read on...
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 16 April 2014  |  View Comments

News: Help To Fund Dungeon Rushers, In Which You Build A Dungeon And Challenge Your Friends To Steal Your Treasure

Gobelinz Studio needs funding assistance to complete the development of Dungeon Rushers, an RPG in which you explore a world and its dungeons with your party in a single-player mode as well as build your own dungeons in a multiplayer mode. After all, what's more fun than stealing a real person's monster-guarded gold? Read on...
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 15 April 2014  |  View Comments

Indie Game News Roundup: Zombies, Cannibals, And A Funky Bus

In this update you're on your own, on an island, with cannibals; Sarah Northway talks about developing a tech tree for her zombie-survival game Rebirth: Gangs Of Deadsville; there's a Funky Bus terrorising a highway near the Disco Zoo; Monument Valley is a hit; and learn about some really great games you should be backing on crowd-funding sites. Read on...
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 11 April 2014  |  View Comments

School E-Sports: Call Of Duty: Ghosts At Fairmont High School

At another school's challenge in Cape Town young gamers at Fairmont High School finished off the first term by competing in a Call Of Duty: Ghosts tournament for prizes and the chance to represent their school in future competitions. Read on...
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 8 April 2014  |  View Comments

Trenchtown E-Sports Roundup: February And March

In February two players deftly dominated Halo 4 - no matter what everyone else threw at them - and in March an extended FIFA 14 tournament final ended in an unexpected manner. Read on...
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 4 April 2014  |  View Comments

Blank Books Mini Comics Festival: Summer 2014

Three new South African comics were launched at the Blank Books Comic Book Day Summer 2014 mini comics festival in Woodstock, which featured the Trantraal Brothers, Falcon Comics, kEda Gomes and Wesley Harris, Moray Rhoda, and Warren Raysdorf - and there was also free beer.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 3 April 2014  |  View Comments

Design Indaba: The Secret Identity Of South African Comics

For the past few years local comics creators have quietly been working on publications and getting them printed, to the delight of a growing South African fan base. At this year's Design Indaba four artists took to the exhibition stage to talk about the fantastic work that is being created by a small but passionate group of artists and writers all over the country.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 26 March 2014  |  View Comments

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Indie Game News Roundup: March 2014

In our first indie game news roundup we have highlights of development news for Darkwood, AdventurOS, The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth, Mew-Genics, and more. Plus, there's a music based Humble Bundle running this week, and you can find out more about Drunken Robot Pornography.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 21 March 2014  |  View Comments

School Gaming Day Roundup: Fairbairn College
Some younger FIFA 14 players in Cape Town were given the chance to compete for prizes and bragging rights at an e-sports event at Fairbairn College, which was organised by Zombiegamer. The result was a fun day characterised by occasional wild play on the virtual pitch and the possible birth of some enthusiastic future e-sports competitors.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 20 March 2014  |  View Comments

Fairbairn College, a co-educational high school in Goodwood, Cape Town, held an Xbox 360-based FIFA 14 challenge on Saturday afternoon that was organised and hosted by Zombiegamer, with prizes provided by MWEB GameZone.

The tournament was split into two competitions: a single-player event, which comprised 10 competitors, and a 2v2 double-elimination event that comprised about 20 teams, or 40 players. Read on...

The LEGO Movie
One hundred minutes of 100% product placement coalesce in a feature film all about LEGO in which a group of rebels task an average, ordinary, everyday construction worker with saving the world - whether he is capable of doing so or not.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 19 March 2014  |  View Comments

I am so conflicted about this movie. I actually went in to the screening conflicted, based on a growing ill feeling I began to experience after having seen the trailer, and it took about three quarters of the film before I stopped feeling uneasy. It was the voice acting that initially discomforted me but soon that took a back seat to my frustration with the pace. Read on...

300: Rise Of An Empire
With Sparta's 300 finest warriors heading north to defend against the invasion by Persian God-King Xerxes and his formidable army, it's left to the remaining Greek city states to defend against his equally terrifying naval forces, which are commanded by a ruthless warrior. 300: Rise Of An Empire tells their story - the Battle of Artemisium.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 7 March 2014  |  View Comments

The beginning of 300: Rise Of An Empire jumps around in time - without expressly saying so - in a way that is confusing so it takes a while to get your bearings and understand the context if you don't know the history upon which this is (loosely) based.

In essence, 10 years before the events that take place in 300, the Battle Of Marathon is fought between the Greeks and the Persians, who are led by King Darius (Igal Naor). Athenian Themistocles (Sullivan Stapleton), through swift action in a fortunate moment in which he is able to wound Darius mortally, becomes a hero of the war but his actions drive Darius's son, Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro), into a revenge-consumed fury that Themistocles knows is going to lead to future trouble. Read on...

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dotFNB: Technology And Shopping Merge In A High-Tech Bank Of The Future
Through its high-tech dotFNB branches South African bank FNB is looking to the future by incorporating interactive technologies into the products and services, thereby turning the traditional banking experience into a retail adventure.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 27 February 2014  |  View Comments

Last week FNB hosted a media tour of its Canal Walk dotFNB branch in Cape Town, which is one of nine in the country, to showcase the products and services it offers that are a blend of technology and banking. The Canal Walk branch is also the first in the country to implement a Microsoft Kinect-based interactive experience that allows you to browse through the cheque accounts and smart devices that the bank offers, as well as apply for a product-and-account bundle. This was what, in particular, FNB wanted to demonstrate to us. Read on...

Review: Pompeii
The story of Pompeii, Vesuvius, and Herculaneum (and Oplontis and Stabiae) is captivatingly culturally infused in multiple generations the way the Titanic and dinosaurs are, yet, surprisingly, Hollywood hasn't really plundered the topic, which is ripe for all sorts of storytelling. Enter director Paul WS Anderson, who finally tackles the topic in Pompeii, and in 3D.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 21 February 2014  |  View Comments

In 79 AD Vesuvius is on the verge of an eruption that will catch the population of Pompeii, a thriving provincial town in the Roman Empire, unaware. Meanwhile, a Celtic slave who has been trained as a gladiator and is brought to the town to entertain its Roman guests during a festival falls in love with the daughter of the town's wealthiest businessman. Pumice rains down, lava flows, steam erupts, ash flurries... will our hero and his ragtag group of friends save the damsel and survive the apocalypse? Read on...

Foster The People Live At The Doug Fir Lounge In Portland
After a year hiding in a studio, one of 2011's biggest chart topping bands announced its new single, album release date, and a surprise show in Portland, Oregon, USA. The band thrilled the audience on a sleepy Monday evening playing a mix of its old familiar songs with the raucous beats of its freshest-but-still-surreptitious material.
By: Jase Luttrell  |  Posted: 19 February 2014  |  View Comments

Foster The People, which is based in Los Angeles, played to a sold-out crowd at The Doug Fir Lounge in Portland, Oregon, in the US on 20 January 2014. The surprise, "secret" show was announced via the band's mailing list and local radio stations roughly a week before the event in an attempt to limit ticket scalping, although this wasn't particularly successful. This concert was the band's first show in 2014 and was a lead up to the release of its highly anticipated second album Supermodel, which will be out on 18 March in the US. Read on...

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