Theatre Review: Brendon Peel's Hocus Pocus
Mentalist and magician Brendon Peel is in Cape Town to confound audiences with a show, which is running as part of the Cape Town Fringe Festival, that presents a selection of effects that will entertain and mystify fans both old and new.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 22 September 2017  |  View Comments

Brendon Peel is a young magician from Port Elizabeth who has been performing professionally since the age of 18 and who spent his formative years studying magic without the help and supportive environment that most Cape Town magicians experience as a result of the presence of the College Of Magic. Over the past six years he has regularly featured at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown and has occasionally also appeared in Cape Town at the Cape Town Fringe Festival and the Cape Town Magic Club. One of his career highlights has been performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Read on...

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Open Book 2017: Ken Liu On Mosquitoes, Elephants, Story Crafting, And World Building

News: Injustice 2 Fighter Pack 2 Characters And Black Manta Gameplay Revealed

Three new playable characters will be coming to the video game Injustice 2 soon as part of the game extension Fighter Pack 2. A showcase video for the first, Black Manta, has also been released and it offers some clues as to his fighting style. Plus, there's some brief news on a sale that South Africans should take advantage of this week. Read on...
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 28 August 2017  |  View Comments

News: LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store (21310) Will Be Out Soon

The LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store is an upcoming set that can take pride of place in your LEGO seaside village. If you don't have a seaside village the set is an excellent reason to start building one. Read on...
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 23 August 2017  |  View Comments

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#sacomics Cast Episode #5: ICON, EGE, And Bal-Oog & Brommel

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Theatre Review: Stuart Lightbody's Unique Wonders
In his new show magician Stuart Lightbody has chosen to challenge himself by allowing audience members to make decisions that affect what happens each night and what magical effects will be performed. The result is a three week run during which no two performances are the same.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 8 August 2017  |  View Comments

Award-winning magician Stuart Lightbody has brought a new show, titled Unique Wonders, to Alexander Upstairs, the small theatre belonging to The Alexander Bar in Cape Town. It's a very personal show that's a window into his influences and career with nods to legendary magicians that have inspired and informed his work, as well as anecdotes from his international adventures and personal-growth experiences, that are woven around magical effects. Read on...

South African Comics News Roundup: EGE, Siri Watu, Open Book, Treknet, And Pre Ordering Stray

In the past month more comics got more exposure in national newspapers, Siri Watu went to print, the Open Book Comics Fest programme was announced, and comics made it to this year's EGE. Read on...
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 4 August 2017  |  View Comments

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Gear: Reebok Alien Stomper (2017 Edition: Final Battle Double Pack)
If you can afford it you can stomp around the neighbourhood fighting off any and all manner of horrors like Ellen Ripley would in one of Reebok's new sneaker designs that celebrate an iconic scene in the now classic 1986 action/horror science-fiction film Aliens.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 13 July 2017  |  View Comments

Last year Reebok celebrated the 30th anniversary of the action/horror science-fiction film Aliens, and the first annual "Alien Day" on 26 April, with the release of the Alien Stomper, a sneaker design based on the original red, white, and grey Reebok shoes that were created for Sigourney Weaver to wear as Ellen Ripley in the movie in a high-top form and for Lance Henricksen to wear as the android Bishop in a mid-top form. Read on...

News: You're Invited To The Worst Warriors Launch

Can you build the best battle goblin? If you're a keen gamer you'll have a chance to find out at the Cape Town launch of a new South African card based tabletop game. Read on...
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 7 July 2017  |  View Comments

South African Comics News Roundup: Farukon Studios, Crowdfunding Update, Jason Masters, And Bal-Oog & Brommel

This month there's lots of news with an Afrikaans flair, including highlights of two new books, one of which is a graphic novel. There's also details of an online exhibition, an introduction to a rebranding, and an update on recent crowdfunding projects as well as Jason Masters' secret project. Read on...
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 30 June 2017  |  View Comments

News: Stray Is Back - Pre Order Issue #1 Now

A new volume of the superhero comic Stray is in the works and the first issue is due in September from Action Lab with three cover options. Here's more information on what to expect in the ongoing series, as well as a guide to pre ordering the issue. Read on...
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 29 June 2017  |  View Comments

Comics To Note: Shirtless Bear-Fighter! #1 By Jody Leheup, Sebastian Girner, And Nil Vendrell
There's only one (very angry) man powerful enough to stop bears in their tracks - Shirtless Bear-Fighter! Unfortunately for the citizens of Major City, who are now under attack, he may not care enough to intervene, even if law enforcement attempts to bribe him with flapjacks and maple syrup.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 23 June 2017  |  View Comments

Shirtless Bear-Fighter! is a new five-issue limited series focussing on a bear-punching protagonist, known only as Shirtless Bear-Fighter, who was discovered by bears as a baby and consequently grew up with them in the forest. However after they betrayed him, the background for which is only hinted at in the first issue, he chose to remain in the forest to protect it and fight bears at every opportunity. Read on...

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#sacomics Cast Episode #4: VR Dragons And Wonder Woman

Film Review: Wonder Woman
After years of countless DC and Marvel films Wonder Woman has finally become the first female superhero to get her own movie in the current filmic incarnations of the two competing comic book universes. It's been a long wait.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 7 June 2017  |  View Comments

I've spent a week working on this review through a lot of thinking and reading that then resulted in much writing and rewriting - to the point that I have had enough and I just want it done. The reasons for this will become clear as you read the review but the crux of this is that I didn't react to this movie the way that the majority of audiences seem to have and because it's such an important film I needed more time than usual to process my thoughts. Read on...

South African Comics News Roundup: Siri Watu, Open Book Crowdfunding, ICON, Geek Ink, And FanCon Loot

The South African comics news highlights for the past month include details on two crowdfunding projects, including one for Open Book Festival, as well as more information on new videos, new comics, and new projects in the works. Read on...
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 2 June 2017  |  View Comments

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#sacomics Cast Episode #3: FanCon Loot!

Comics To Note: Samaritan: Veritas #1 By Matt Hawkins And Atilio Rojo
Hacker Samaritan's primary targets are no longer corrupt mega churches. Instead she's intent on taking down the world's largest military contractor - but it's going to be tricky as the US government wants her dead.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 26 May 2017  |  View Comments

Over the past few years Top Cow's Matt Hawkins has been developing the Edenverse, a shared universe in which many of his comic titles are set, although I think the first few comics led to the Edenverse developing, rather than the other way around. Read on...

Film Review: Alien: Covenant
Director Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant, which sits in the timeline between Prometheus and Alien, starts off well, with memorable, likeable characters holding some silly plot points together but unfortunately it devolves into an unsatisfying mess that rehashes everything we've seen before instead of focussing on the points that would have offered something new.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 19 May 2017  |  View Comments

Ten years after the events seen in Prometheus the Weyland-Yutani colony ship USCSS Covenant is on its way to a habitable planet with 2000 colonists in hypersleep and 1000 embryos on board when it is hit by a neutrino burst after having deployed its solar sails during a usual powering cycle. Read on...

Why Are Franchises Destroying Movies?
We wait, in great anticipation, for the next instalment of our favourite cinematic franchise yet, inevitably, it almost always proves to be a hollow addition if examined through a critical, rather than fan-blind, eye. Why is this? Why are franchises destroying movies?
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 19 May 2017  |  View Comments

I had an epiphany on Tuesday while watching the press screening of Alien: Covenant. My realisation is applicable to more than just the Alien universe but I thought I'd offer it up for debate as a precursor to my review of that movie - and likely many more to come as it's pertinent for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars, the DC Extended Universe, the MonsterVerse, Universal Monsters.... Read on...

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South African Comics News Roundup: Free Comic Book Day, Comexposed, Stray Action Figures, And An Interactive Web Comic

April kept everyone very busy with events all over Cape Town, the highlights of some of which you will see in future episodes of #sacomics Cast. The main attraction was, of course, FanCon Cape Town Comic Con, which is the primary reason why this news roundup is a week late, as FanCon prep took up all my time last month. (The result is going to be some great comics-related articles in the next few months so keep watching for them.) Read on...
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 5 May 2017  |  View Comments

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"Designing The Shining Girls Covers: We Go Behind The Scenes With Joey Hi-Fi"

★ 2011: Excerpts Syndicated In The South African Re-Release Edition Of Moxyland By Lauren Beukes
(ISBN: 9781431401864)
"Interview: Lauren Beukes, South African Author Of Moxyland"

★ 2011: Featured On Neatorama
"10 Classic Fictional Music Videos From TV's Past (And Present)"Neatorama Link ]

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Winner, Best Post On A South African Blog, for "Marketing District 9: The Web"

★ 2010: Mentioned On io9
"Bid On The Zoo City Bares"io9 Link ]

★ 2010: Syndicated In The South African Edition Of Zoo City By Lauren Beukes
(ISBN: 9781770098183)
"Designing The Zoo City Cover"

★ 2009 South African Blog Awards
Runner up, Best Post On A South African Blog, for "The Anti-Connoisseur's Guide To A Walk In The African Bush"

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