South AfricaCourse: The Art Of Comics Course 1: The Visual Language Of Graphic Narrative, Cape Town

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Andy Mason, a cartoonist and comic creator who works under the pen name N.D. Mazin and is particularly known for Blue Mamba, and Archie Birch, the creator of The Number 1 Game, along with Robyn Hosking, are presenting an eight-week course on the theory and practice of making comics. (Please note that this is the course that was postponed from the start date of 7 February.)

The course, which is the first in a planned series of three, is in association with the College Of Cape Town and will run on Tuesday evenings. "Course 1 tackles the visual language of graphic narrative, including image and text, panels and time, sequence and storytelling, character and caricature, stereotype and archetype, theme and plot, composition and layout, action and dialogue, traditional and digital rendering, and publishing online and in print." It will culminate in a mini exhibition that will present participants' work.

Course 2 and Course 3 are expected to be held later in the year.

Course: The Art Of Comics Course 1: The Visual Language Of Graphic Narrative, Cape Town

• When: Tuesdays, 7 March 2017 to 25 April 2017, 17:30 to 20:30
• Where: College Of Cape Town City Campus, corner of Longmarket Street and Buitenkant Street, Cape Town, South Africa
• Cost: R1800, which includes refreshments, basic materials, and access to the computer lab.
• Enquiries: Email robyn.j.hosking[at]gmail[dot]com or call 079 764 7077 for more information.
• More Details: Facebook

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