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The art exhibition Reversible Journeys: Painting Through The Middle Passage will be opening at The Hive in Muizenberg, Cape Town, on 15 June 2017, with a walkabout scheduled for Saturday, 17 June 2017. Paintings by South African comics creator N.D. Mazin (the alter ego of Andy Mason), as well as Chas Unwin, Lizza Littlewort, Elaine Millin, Cynthia McPherson, and Angela Hough are featured in the show.

Exhibition: Reversible Journeys, Cape Town

More information: "The Jungian James Hollis talks about the Middle Passage as a transition ‘from misery to meaning’ at midlife. Here, we are talking about the turbulent transition from the comforts of conventional employment to the hazards of fully committed artistic practice. The featured artists, all Muizenberg residents, are painting their way through this passage.

"Variously abstract, absurdist, surreal, impressionistic, autobiographical and apocalyptic, their work coheres in a common investigation of what Breytenbach calls 'the dialogue in the labyrinth of the workshop'. It's a dialogue 'not with the Minotaur or death' but with the materials themselves: that constant give-and-take between 'colours and brushes and canvas and paper', in which the hand discovers and traces 'a known route' that is only known once it is inscribed."

Archival quality signed and numbered prints of some of the works will also be available for purchase at the exhibition.

• When: Thursday, 15 June 2017, 18:00 (opening night); Saturday, 17 June 2017, 10:00 (walkabout); exhibition closes 31 July 2017
• Where: The Hive, Muizenberg Festival HQ, 37 Palmer Road, Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa
• Cost: Free
• Event Information: Facebook

Andy Mason: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
Muizenberg Open Studios: Facebook
The Hive: Facebook

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