2011 South African Blog Awards - We Need Your Help!
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South Africa By: Mandy J Watson on 7 November 2011
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Forget zombies - the South African Blog Awards are our worst nightmare. This year it's all gone to hell (again, but worse) so we need your help. All it requires is one email address, one vote, and you're done. At least that's no longer complicated....

Last year, due to the amazing efforts of the friends and fans of brainwavez.org, we won two South African Blog Awards. Thank you!

SA Blog Awards Badge

This year, the rules have changed, yet again, and, unfortunately, the category that we always aim for, Best Post On A South African Blog, has been removed, along with other traditional categories best suited to small blogs, such as Best Personal Blog and Best Humour Blog.

I'll let you contemplate that for a second....

We no longer have any hope of winning because the 2011 category "restructurings" have removed all the categories in which small blogs could excel, so now they are all forced to compete directly with the large blogs, many of which have sponsorships and marketing support and are businesses. This is a truly sad turn of events for us but we remain determined to participate anyway.

This is where you come in - help us not to come last in the replacement category we've had to pick! That would be super epic.

For those of you who participated last year you'll be relieved to know that this year the process is easy: one email address, one vote - then you're done. Please read the instructions below, then click on the badge above as hard as you can (to channel your fury - it may help), confirm the vote, and then, finally, think kind thoughts about our predicament (or post them publicly in the comments below).

Here's what to do:
* Click on the badge above.

* Enter your email address.

* Look for the confirmation email in your inbox.

* Click on the confirmation link in the email (this is very important!) - click it (or copy and paste it into your browser if you can't) to make sure that your vote is confirmed in the system.

Voting closes in two days so there isn't much time left - please vote now!

In case you are wondering, we had intended to enter our post 10 Classic Speculative-Fiction Works Reinterpreted As Word Clouds in the Best Post category this year. It was a minor viral hit on the Internet (it was amazing to experience that unfold!) and has been our most successful post ever. We were really hopeful that it would allow us to take home the Best Post award for the second year in a row. Now we are just very sad.

As always, we appreciate your support - thank you!

-- The brainwavez.org team.

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