New ZealandSeabreeze Café and Bar
There is not much I remember about this café. I stopped for lunch with my travel mates while we all waited to board the inter-island ferry to take us to the North Island. This café, as with most on the trip, was chosen purely by chance.

The Seabreeze Café and Bar in Picton

For lunch, I had a coriander and chicken meat pie, which was messy, but absolutely amazing. The coffee took a little while to come to our table, and truthfully wasn't worth it (good thing the pie was).

The most prominent memory I have of this café is that it was the first time I heard anyone use the charming Australian phrase "fair dinkum" in response to a story I was telling. "Fair dinkum" apparently means something akin to "really?!"

The view from the Waterfront in Picton

This is a photo of the waterfront area of Picton, near where the Seabreeze Café and Bar is situated. It's not exactly right off the street from where the Seabreeze is, but it's close enough.

United States of Opinion
Where: The Waterfront, Picton, New Zealand
Hours: n/a
Phone: n/a
Web Site: n/a
When: 8 August 2006
Size: Regular [7/10].
Foam: Too thick [4/10].
Heat: Tepid [3/10].
Coffee: Burnt, lots of gunge at the bottom [2/10].
Price: NZ$3.50 [?] [4/10].
Overall: Not worth it [3/10].
Posted by: Jase Luttrell Comments