United States of America
Jase Luttrell
Jase aspires to be a baker and cake decorator, but his other interests are best described in a recipe format, since that is what he knows best:

1/2 cup linguist, sifted
1 cup sociologist over medium-high heat, until boiling
1 tbsp academic, chilled by bureaucratic nonsense
155 pounds traveler, sometimes more if the airline allows the extra baggage
13 parts musician, whisked frenetically to a high cacophony
2 tbsp Coloradan (by birth)
1 tbsp Utahn (by accident)
2 tsp each: imitation Canadian extract, imitation South African extract
a dash of mountain biker, snowboarder, and hiker, to taste.

Bake at 350 degrees fahrenheit, or until bubbled over and burning everywhere.

United States of America City: Portland, Oregon (was Salt Lake City, Utah), United States Of America
Areas Of Expertise: Food, Music
Email: jasel at (this domain)
Web Site: coming soon(er rather than later, hopefully)

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brainwavez.org Gift Guide 2014
It's time to sit behind your computer screen and shop till you drop (onto the keyboard from exhaustion). Skip the mall crowds, save your sanity, and use the annual brainwavez.org Gift Guide as a jumping off point for gifting awesome. Your friends will appreciate your great taste.
By: The brainwavez.org Editors  |  Posted: 11 December 2014

Recipe: Bourbon Vanilla Extract
A ubiquitous ingredient in nearly every sweet recipe from cakes to bread, vanilla extract ranges in quality and price but it's surprisingly easy to make at home with two ingredients and six weeks' worth of patience and restraint.
By: Jase Luttrell  |  Posted: 27 August 2014  |  View Comments

Foster The People Live At The Doug Fir Lounge In Portland
After a year hiding in a studio, one of 2011's biggest chart topping bands announced its new single, album release date, and a surprise show in Portland, Oregon, USA. The band thrilled the audience on a sleepy Monday evening playing a mix of its old familiar songs with the raucous beats of its freshest-but-still-surreptitious material.
By: Jase Luttrell  |  Posted: 19 February 2014  |  View Comments

brainwavez.org Gift Guide 2013
Once again, brainwavez.org very proudly presents its annual gift guide - a selection of covetable items that will delight geeks and non geeks alike. This year we have a bumper selection of items to pile under trees and stuff stockings of both the naughty and nice.
By: The brainwavez.org Team  |  Posted: 27 November 2013

An Evening With Lauren Beukes
After a quick speaking engagement in Portland, Oregon, at Powell's City Of Books to promote her grisly new novel The Shining Girls, author Lauren Beukes unwittingly endured the weirdness of the city with an acquaintance turned tour guide, which included crashing a studio party and hunting buck in high definition.
Posted: 24 June 2013

brainwavez.org Gift Guide 2012
Happy festive season! Whatever you are celebrating (or not) you'll probably need gifts. After all, isn't celebrating commercialism what holidays are all about? Therefore, here's our 2012 selection of stuff you'll definitely want to buy for yourself (and might considering giving to other people too).
By: The brainwavez.org Team  |  Posted: 30 November 2012

brainwavez.org 2011 Gift Guide
It's December already? That means it must be time for our 2011 roundup of stuff we have or stuff we want or (occasionally) stuff we might give to other people if they've been nice (or very, very naughty).
By: The brainwavez.org Team  |  Posted: 12 December 2011

Smash Putt Miniature Golf Apocalypse!
Mini golf. Putt-Putt. Iconic and awesome, this classic game is reworked as Smash Putt, a traveling Industrial Art exhibit full of mayhem and chaos. This isn't the post-Depression putt-putt with Dutch-style windmills you may have played as a kid. It is more impressive, and vastly improved with the dangerous additions of booze and power tools, giving you the perfect handicap for your bad score (and maybe more of a handicap, if you get too close to the power tools).
Posted: 4 April 2011

Donna Lewis: Sandcastles (Live On After Hours)
The free download of "Sandcastles" is a rare glimpse into a live performance by Welsh singer-songwriter Donna Lewis. Mostly known for rich productions and layered soundscapes, this live recording is the opposite: stark and full of despair, yet hauntingly beautiful and captivating.
Posted: 11 March 2011

brainwavez.org 2010 Gift Guide
Here's a roundup of some of our favourite things from the past few years, all of which would make excellent gifts. A few have been reviewed or featured on brainwavez.org but many haven't so, among the familiar, expect some surprises that we think you'll love.
By: The brainwavez.org Team  |  Posted: 10 December 2010

Keeping It Weird: The 2010 Portland Zombie Walk
The following is a photographic journey among some of Portland's hungriest, braaaaaainnnn-starved zombie citizens who wandered around the city in their effort to "Keep Portland Weird" (the city's unofficial motto), as well as an (obscured) experience of their comedic attempt at reviving Michael Jackson by dancing to "Thriller".
Posted: 8 November 2010

Night Of The Living Dead: Reanimated
The zombie apocalypse is just as scary when it is presented in a mixed-media format, as is the case for Mike Schneider's tasty, undead brainchild, a reconceptualisation of George A Romero's landmark film from 1968.
Posted: 29 October 2010

Tom Smith: Zombie Pirates In Love
Break out your rum and eye patch, and train your parrot to groan for "braaaiins", because zombie pirates are searching for love on the high seas in this crazy composition in which their ultimate buried treasure is a zombie bride.
Posted: 1 October 2010

I Write Like
Review: I Write Like
Do you fancy yourself the next Shakespeare, Byron, Shelley, or Palahniuk? Now you can determine which famous author your writing resembles by merely entering a sample of your text into an analyser so dust off that manuscript you've been wanting to submit and discover if you, too, could make The New York Times Best Seller list.
Posted: 29 July 2010

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind By William Kamkwamba And Bryan Mealer
Most reviews of this book include the word "inspirational". While this is certainly true, there is far more to William Kamkwamba's story than inspiration, so you won't find that word in this review. Instead, you will find others that are equally glowing.
Posted: 27 July 2010

Black Sunlight By Dambudzo Marechera
I had no idea what I was in for when I picked up this novel. Would it be frustrating? Captivating? Engrossing? Catastrophic? I can definitively say that it was all of these qualities, many more, and certainly far fewer. If you're confused, I am too. But then that's the nature of reading stream-of-consciousness writings, especially from one of Zimbabwe's most unconventional authors.
Posted: 24 May 2010

Marrakesh Moroccan Restaurant
For those who can't bear the excruciatingly long flight, customs issues, plane delays, lost baggage, and inappropriate frisking by airport security officials, sometimes it's best to leave the passport at home, and follow your nose to the source of Moroccan delicacies that are best described as tantalising, succulent, dreamy, and experiential.
Posted: 21 April 2010

Ella Minnow Pea: A Novel In Letters By Mark Dunn
Ella Minnow Pea was first published in 2001 and it amazes me to think that I have lived nearly a decade without this book. I promise you'll find a nerdy love for words, language, and the processes of language construction in Mark Dunn's beautiful little novel. You'll enjoy every letter (especially the missing ones).
Posted: 16 March 2010

The Memory Keeper's Daughter By Kim Edwards
The Memory Keeper's Daughter focuses on some rather annoying characters and has some pretty poor editing. However it is a compelling narrative of lies, deception, and intense emotion you won't forget but you'll have to read the review to decide if you want Kim Edwards' novel - and its problems - permanently lodged in your memory.
Posted: 9 March 2010

Stephen Kellogg And The Sixers: My Old Man
"My Old Man" from Stephen Kellogg And The Sixers is a profound song of loss, nostalgia, and disappointment, with a surprising and near-contradictory playfulness that will make you want to have one last word with your old man. We are not responsible for any therapy sessions that may be required, though we will take credit for introducing you to this awesome track.
Posted: 25 February 2010

Neighbours: The Story Of A Murder by Lilia Momple
Neighbours: The Story Of A Murder is a novel of tragedy and triumph concerning the history and destabilisation of Mozambique, which teaches us that other cultures and countries can offer a lesson in humanity, perseverance, and the perils of greed, while reaffirming the idea that we can become neighbours through compassion and storytelling.
Posted: 27 January 2010

Butterfly Boucher: We Don't Have A Clue
Butterfly Boucher may have a quirky name and her music may be equally quirky but the free download of "We Don't Have A Clue" is a fun and uplifting song that will make you smile and appreciate the day as time flutters by.
Posted: 18 January 2010

Halloween Pumpkin Carving
For Americans, pumpkin carving is an integral part of celebrating and enjoying Halloween, and has become a form of fine art. brainwavez.org presents some interesting jack-o'-lantern and carved pumpkins from a massive collection available on Flickr. We hope these will serve as a source of inspiration (for the artistically minded) or consternation (for those who are artistically inept (or undead)).
Posted: 19 November 2009

Zombie Haiku by Ryan Mecum
It seems only fitting that brainwavez.org focuses on zombies, as they have an unnatural (or natural) penchant for braaaiins. With that, we present to you the guts, gore, mayhem, and poetic beauty of Zombie Haiku: Good Poetry For Your... Brains.
Posted: 21 October 2009

Vaux's Swifts At Chapman Elementary, Portland, Oregon, USA
If you are in the Portland, Oregon, area in September, you have the option of viewing Vaux's Swifts during their annual migration, a marvel of nature, which is either inspiring or vaguely Hitchcockian, depending on how paranoid you are.
Posted: 8 October 2009

District 9 - US Perspective
It's very difficult not to have an opinion about District 9 so we thought we'd write two, independently, from different sides of the globe. In this review we feature the perspective from a member of the audience for which the movie was created, America, although other nationalities are certainly welcome to read it and are encouraged to comment (though they are also kindly asked to accept that the inadequacies of the film are an attempt to appeal to American audiences).
Posted: 10 September 2009

Alive In Joburg
brainwavez.org is taking a step away from reality to explore the alternate, alien-filled world of Neill Blomkamp's Alive In Joburg, the short film shot in 2005 that forms the basis for this year's blockbuster film District 9. Hopefully, if you can see past the poncho-wearing, grotesque aliens and the abundant anachronisms of the short, you will enjoy the splendid squalor of stranded aliens. Or something.
Posted: 1 September 2009

2009 North American Organic Brewers Festival
brainwavez.org is taking a slight detour from a focus on books but is keeping the alliterative spirit alive by shifting to beer. It's summer in the United States, which means there are ample beer festivals aimed at quenching thirst, surviving heat waves, and making ugly people beautiful. The first festival of the summer in the Portland, Oregon, area was the North American Organic Brewers Festival, a delightful and sustainable romp through some of the best organic beers available today.
Posted: 13 August 2009

Duncan Sheik: Whisper House
Whisper House, Duncan Sheik's enigmatic sixth studio album and a collaboration with Holly Brook is probably best described as a 10-track experimental narrative journey with a supernatural edge that touches on various themes, including World War II and grief.
Posted: 8 April 2009

A Tale Of Terror: The Boise Zombie Walk
Halloween comes but once a year but zombies are forever (unless you hack them to bits, which is recommended). Celebrate the quest for braaaaainnnnsssss with brainwavez.org's recent shuffle through Boise, Idaho, the potato capital of the world (not including Ireland...and possibly some other places).
Posted: 12 November 2008

Palin As President
Close your eyes (after reading this). Now imagine: it's sometime in the future. The near future. The US elections are over. The Republicans are in power. But oh, no! John McCain has died of complications related to being very old. There's a new president in the White House. It's a woman. Who is it? Could it be... Sarah Palin? What would it be like to visit the Oval Office with Sarah Palin in charge? Well, wonder no more as you experience Palin As President.
Posted: 24 October 2008

Two Creek Coffee House, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA: Cappuccino
Two Creek Coffee House is the perfect place for an idle summer morning or late afternoon drink in a comfortable garden, or perfect for a warm drink on a chilly winter night. Unfortunately, it's also a perfect place to be confused about cup size (coffee cup, not bra cup) and overpowering coffee.
Posted: 3 October 2008

Salt Lake Roasting Company, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA: Cappuccino
One would expect a lot from a coffee shop that has great views, a wide selection of desserts, and a reputation for roasting beans on the premises. However, great expectations should be left to Dickens when it comes to the experience at Salt Lake Roasting Company.
Posted: 16 September 2008

Debra Fotheringham
The second track for Music To Note comes from a great independent singer/songwriter from American Fork, Utah. I first heard Debra Fotheringham four years ago, and recently met up with her after a Salt Lake City performance where I acquired her first full-length album. Debra is now embarking on an exhaustive tour through Utah, Seattle, New York, Germany, and various other European cities.
Posted: 2 July 2007

Matt Wertz: Everything In Between
After receiving a promotional copy of Matt Wertz's latest release Everything In Between, we at brainwavez.org are having an exceptionally difficult time picking our jaws up from off the floor. The album is a delight to listen to, and we're happy to have it join our CD library. [ Read all about it ]
Posted: 9 February 2007

For The Bible Tells Me So
brainwavez.org recently attended a Sundance Film Festival screening and Q&A session for For The Bible Tells Me So, a thought-provoking American documentary that examines how the religious right uses biblical references to justify its condemnation of the homosexual "lifestyle" and how religious gays and lesbians struggle to reconcile their faith with their sexual identity. [ Read all about it ]
Posted: 7 February 2007

Secret Location, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Here's a bit of an oddity: great coffee made at a friend's house by a machine that was never in view. How do you review such a thing? With great difficulty, although we've tried. In fact, we couldn't even manage to get a picture, so you will have to imagine how absolutely coffee-like this cappuccino looked. Don't forget not to imagine the foam, because there wasn't any due to a malfunction. [ Read all about it ]
Posted: 25 January 2007

Eclectica > Terry's Chocolate Orange White Chocolate Confection
Terry's Chocolate Orange White Chocolate Confection
After two years of searching four continents for an elusive product that had disappeared into the ether, we finally found delicious, affordable white chocolate, fashioned in an aggressively fun-to-eat way. This is a review of Terry's White Chocolate Orange, otherwise known as "edible romance". [ Read all about it ]
Posted: 20 December 2006

Music > lostprophets Live At In The Venue, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, 10 November 2006
lostprophets in concert
For once, MySpace actually served a purpose. Jase noticed a bulletin the Welsh metal band lostprophets posted, saying that the first four people to email the band would receive two free tickets to its Salt Lake City show at In The Venue. He immediately shot off an e-mail and prayed to the concert gods for a quick response. Without being forced to make a sacrifice, he was notified he won the tickets. Here's what happened at the show. [ Read all about it ]
Posted: 19 December 2006

Music > Ladysmith Black Mambazo Live At The Depot, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, 7 November 2006
Ladysmith Black Mambazo in concert
Many months ago, Mandy informed Jase about the South African group Ladysmith Black Mambazo. While looking at the concert schedule for Salt Lake City, he found that the group was headed there to perform, so he bought tickets and went to the show, keeping the review as a surprise for Mandy. What follows is the review of that concert from the perspective of someone living in the States. Jase exhausted his entire repertoire of adjectives for this review. [ Read all about it ]
Posted: 11 December 2006

Music > Mat Kearney: Nothing Left To Lose
Mat Kearney: Nothing Left To Lose
For once, radio's predictable programming has served a purpose: every day at 7:08am Jase's alarm clock radio goes off, signalling the dawn of a painful new workday. For about a month the lead single from Mat Kearney's CD, Nothing Left To Lose, lessened the pain. Here are his thoughts on the entire album. [ Read all about it ]
Posted: 1 December 2006

Music > Fiona Apple Live At The Huntsman Center, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, 25 October 2006
Fiona Apple in concert
Jase had front-row seats to the experience of Fiona Apple performing live in Salt Lake City, Utah, of all places. He's still shaken by the ordeal (the Fiona Apple ordeal, not the ongoing Salt Lake City ordeal)...but in a good way. We promise. [ Read all about it ]
Posted: 14 November 2006

CFEA > M&M's "50 Dark Movies Hidden In A Painting"
50 Dark Movies Hidden In A Painting
Halloween is over for another year, but if you're still in the mood for ghosts and ghouls you may want to test your knowledge of frightening movies by playing M&M's "50 Dark Movies Hidden In A Painting". It's not particularly scary (unless you're freaked out by timers) but it'll have you working that grey matter to try to figure out the literal translation of the visual clues. (It's harder than it sounds.) [ Read all about it ]
Posted: 2 November 2006

Cappuccino Quest > Salt Lake Coffee Break, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Salt Lake Coffee Break, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
After four years of steady patronage to Salt Lake's infamous Coffee Break, Jase finally tried a cappuccino and wrote a review. It was his first cappuccino at Coffee Break, and it will most likely be his last. Find out why. [ Read all about it ]
Posted: 18 October 2006

Music > lostprophets: Liberation Transmission
lostprophets: Liberation Transmission
In September of 2006 Jase Luttrell went to see the Welsh metal band lostprophets in concert. This isn't a review of the concert, because he spent too much time in the mosh pit. Later, he cleaned off the blood and sweat, and went home to write a review of the band's latest album, Liberation Transmission. [ Read all about it ]
Posted: 17 October 2006

Eclectica > The Fruit Company's Chocolate Appeal Gift Box
The Fruit Company's Chocolate Appeal Gift Box
Gift baskets are not only for Hollywood celebrities: anyone can order one from The Fruit Company in Oregon, in the US, except, perhaps, if you are in South Africa, but that's more an issue regarding the postal services, which we won't go into right now.... [ Read all about it ]
Posted: 6 October 2006

Cappuccino Quest > A Cappuccino Tour Of New Zealand, August 2006
A Cappuccino Tour Of New Zealand, August 2006
It's been a month in the (sporadic) making, and quite an effort of back and forth editorial and graphics work and decision making (hence the lack of posting of other items on the site recently), but we are now proud to present brainwavez.org's first Cappuccino Quest Tour: A Cappuccino Tour Of New Zealand. While on vacation in New Zealand in August 2006, Jase stopped at a few cafés and restaurants to sample the local cappuccinos and provide us with this report, complete with travelogue notes to set the scene. [ Read all about it ]
Posted: 29 September 2006

Cappuccino Quest > Starbucks (Phinney Ridge Branch, Seattle, WA)
Today, a succinct, cautionary tale as to why you, perhaps, might prefer a cappuccino somewhere else (and by that we mean anywhere). [ Read all about it ]
Posted: 13 September 2006

Eclectica > Old Spice High Endurance Hair & Body Wash
Old Spice High Endurance Hair & Body Wash
Old Spice's all-in-one hair and body wash product is perfect for travellers with a limited luggage capacity. [ Read all about it ]
Posted: 5 September 2006

Eclectica > Kelty Coyote 4750 Extended-Trip Pack
Kelty Coyote 4750 Extended-Trip Pack
brainwavez.org Note: Today we are launching a new section on this site, "Eclectica". For weeks we argued about the name and wasted so much time that we haven't finished putting together the section, so fancy things will be coming soon. The Kelty Coyote 4750 Extended-Trip Pack is on sale at the moment, though, so it forced our hand and the section is thus born today! [ Read all about it ]
Posted: 31 August 2006

Music > Kyler England: Live Wire
Posted: 10 July 2006
About three years ago, CD Baby had a $5 CD sale. Since Jase Luttrell had just received his tax return, he had some extra money to spend. This is how he stumbled across Kyler England. Now considered a "longtime fan", he has decided to throw some words together to describe Kyler's latest CD Live Wire. [ Read the review ]

Music > Maren Ord: Pretty Things
Posted: 6 July 2006
Jase Luttrell went to a Maren Ord concert held earlier this year in Utah and, because he's such a fan, he knew some obscure facts and won himself a copy of her third album, which hasn't even been released yet. Super! [ Read the review ]