Rémy Ngamije
Rémy Ngamije is a writer, photographer, and graphic designer living and working in Windhoek, Namibia, with academic credentials in English literature and law from the University Of Cape Town. On the run from a career in law he has chosen to pursue his creative interests instead. Only time will tell if he has chosen wisely.

When he is indoors he enjoys reading long form journalism, composing short fiction, making playlists, finding obscurities from the Internet with which to distract friends, and, to his surprise, first-person shooters (even though he is quite terrible at them). Outdoors, he enjoys street photography, cycling, swimming, basketball, and hiking. He jogged. Once. Maybe twice.

As you can tell, Rémy is quite the third personist and this bio could harp on if given the chance. Suffice it to say the following:

1. He was born in Rwanda, raised in Namibia, but did most of his maturing in South Africa and considers himself an eternal outsider.

2. He enjoys a challenge and believes that what cannot be done will soon be.

3. He currently manages, an online hub for his creative projects and also owns and manages Salsa Windhoek, Windhoek’s only full-time salsa club and collective.

4. He has never turned down a sausage roll in his life. Ever.

South Africa City: Windhoek, Namibia
Email: remyn at (this domain)
Twitter: @remythequill Posts

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