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Paul Pregnolato
Paul is a qualified attorney who works for the Road Accident Fund (RAF) in Cape Town. When he is not doing ambulance chasers out of their ill-gotten gains he can often be found behind his iMac "working" and trying out Mac software and game demos ("strictly for research purposes only"). Other hobbies include reading, completing a Masters in IT Law, Wing Chun kung fu, drinking Nescafé Gold coffee by the gallon, and chasing his five cats around the house when bored.
South Africa City: Cape Town, South Africa
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Derryn Campbell's Quest To Make South Africa Awesome
If there is one thing that South Africans can do - and do well - it is grouse about everything from crooked politicians to the less-than-stellar performance of Bafana Bafana, the national men's soccer team. Derryn Campbell's vision of unifying South Africans via her best-selling book Awesome South Africa is a refreshing alternative and visitors to this year's Cape Town Book Fair were able to hear her describe how the book came into being as well as expand upon her vision.
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Crime: Fact Or Fiction
Everyone loves a well-written crime thriller, but in a country such as South Africa where crime is rampant, how exactly do local crime writers spin their yarns and at the same time captivate an audience that has become inured to violence? This was the topic of a Cape Town Book Fair panel discussion hosted by local author Andrew Brown. Best known for his Sunday Times Fiction Prize-winning work Coldsleep Lullaby, Brown is also an advocate at the Cape Bar as well as a South African Police Services reservist. Joining him were authors Margie Orford, Antony Altbeker, and Deon Meyer.
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The Recurring Supersleuth Of Crime Fiction
Mike Hammer. Ed McBain. John Rebus and Inspector Morse...a veritable pantheon of fictional supersleuths. To these can be added Benny Griessel, Clare Hart, and David "Kubu" Bengu. Their respective creators - Deon Meyer, Margie Orford and "Michael Stanley" - discussed their characters' virtues and vices with Mike Nicol of UCT's Department of English at this year's Cape Town Book Fair.
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Zombie Gunship v1.1
The Zombie Apocalypse is nigh and your mission is to protect human survivors fleeing for the safety of an isolated bunker. What better way to annihilate the ranks of the undead than with ridiculously powerful weapons mounted on the angriest bird of them all?
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Bombproof By Michael Robotham
Beat the worst of London's underworld at their game. Rescue your sister. Clear your name - and not necessarily in that sequence. A tall order for anyone - but especially for someone being hunted by every military and police agency in the United Kingdom as a suspected Al-Qaeda terrorist....
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Giles: The Collection 2010
Voted Britain's Favourite Cartoonist of the 20th Century, Giles' career at the Daily Express and Sunday Express spanned almost fifty years. Giles: The Collection 2010 brings together some of his best loved cartoons in the ideal Yuletide stocking filler... and what Christmas would be complete without Grandma?
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Stubbs The Zombie In Rebel Without A Pulse
Satisfy your inner zombie's craving for B-R-A-I-N-S, find the ghoul of your dreams, and take your revenge on society at large in an ode to gleefully over-the-top carnage and bad taste. Our anti hero feasts on brains, has a real problem with authority, and turns everyone he meets into a zombie - and if that isn't bad enough, he (shock! horror!) even smokes....
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House Of War by Hamilton Wende
Intelligent, well-crafted and multi-layered, Hamilton Wende's latest work manages to straddle both the spy-thriller and psychological genres with a healthy dollop of history, drama, and romance thrown in for good measure.
Posted: 16 October 2009 | Category: Books > Reviews