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Lenina Rassool is a freelance writer and serial reader who has been known to feign stomach cramps as an excuse to lock herself in the loo and steal a few chapters - not a good thing when she has guests over! She holds a National Diploma in Journalism from Peninsula Technikon (now named The Cape Peninsula University of Technology) and started her career at Femina magazine reporting on women's issues. After three years she moved on to Cosmopolitan magazine and after one year and nine months made the insane decision to leave her day job to work from home. She now gets up in the morning, takes a one-minute stroll to her "office" and works harder than she ever thought possible while her bulging bookshelf tempts her constantly.
South Africa City: Cape Town, South Africa
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Ravens by George Dawes Green
On its jacket Ravens is described as a "terrifying, gripping, unique" work of "psychological suspense". Instead, I found an appealing but B-grade narrative with lacklustre characters and a predictable plot.
Posted: 2 June 2010  |  Category: Books > Reviews

Black Hills By Nora Roberts
Black Hills is a well-written, intriguing modern love story with an underlying plot of suspense. It cleverly weaves itself tighter and tighter until your focus has shifted to looking for a killer instead of rooting for the relationship.
Posted: 9 November 2009  |  Category: Books > Reviews