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Fazielah Williams
Fazielah Williams is a born and bred Capetonian award-winning publicist, social media manager, and blogger.

A rehabilitated socialite, Fazielah could once be found attending and reporting on nearly every event ever hosted in the Mother City as Cape Town Tourism's resident content officer. These days, in addition to turning into a hermit and conjuring publicity for a magical arts organisation, she's (wom)manning the social media accounts for a top tourist attraction.

A bibliophile who regularly travels to cities and continents she has read about and a die-hard chocoholic, Fazielah occasionally bothers to run a five kilometre fun race every now and then. A love for theatre shows and watching movies on an actual cinema screen occupies the rest of her free time, along with cosplaying a few of her favourite comic book and TV series characters at fan conventions and premieres.

She is trying to find the Steve Trevor to her Wonder Woman but, as her How I Met Your Father blog series will attest to, fighting the dire dating struggle in Cape Town is her super power.

South Africa
 City: Cape Town, South Africa
Email: fazielahw at (this domain)
Twitter: @FazielahW Posts

Film Review: Aladdin
Director Guy Ritchie conjures a live action remake of Disney's magical tale that offers a few charming surprises of its own but, in spite of the fact that it has a big budget and a capable cast, it does not quite recapture the wonder and creativity of the original.
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Comic Con Africa In A Day
The inaugural Comic Con Africa was held earlier this month at the Kyalami Convention Centre in Johannesburg. Although there were some first day glitches, and there is definitely room for improvement in some areas, it brought South Africa's geeks together in a grand, and ultimately satisfying, celebration of comics, film, television, gaming, e-sports, and cosplay.
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