Moleskine Announces LEGO-Themed Notebooks
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South Africa By: Mandy J Watson on 1 March 2012
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Moleskine + LEGO. It was inevitable that the two would be combined. Today the new range of notebooks is officially being launched worldwide with the release of an endearing stop-motion video to advertise the range. We've got that, and more, in this roundup of the new editions.

Moleskine has added a LEGO theme to its range of Limited Edition Notebooks, which already includes editions celebrating Star Wars, the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man, and the 40th anniversary of The Woodstock Festival, among other pop-culture phenomenons.

Moleskine Announces LEGO-Themed Notebooks

There are four hardcover notebooks in the series and each has a LEGO plate embedded in the cover, so you can actually build something onto the notebook's cover. Each edition also has an assigned colour theme that's reflected in the embedded plate colour and is most noticeable in the debossed, silkscreened cover details unique to each notebook:
• Moleskine Limited Edition Ruled Notebook (large size): 4x6 black plate

• Moleskine Limited Edition Ruled Notebook (pocket size): 2x4 yellow plate

• Moleskine Limited Edition Plain Notebook (large size): 4x6 red plate

• Moleskine Limited Edition Plain Notebook (pocket size): 2x4 lime-green plate

Moleskine Announces LEGO-Themed Notebooks

Included with each notebook are two sheets of flat stickers. (If they are anything like the ones in the Pac-Man notebooks they're disappointingly thin, matte paper stickers rather than the more pleasing plastic tab stickers that are included in the Moleskine Legendary City Notebooks range.) One sheet comprises nine LEGO bricks that are tabs, that you can stick on to the pages, which say things such as "to read", "to remember", "books", "fun", "events", and "best" (so, pretty useless, really).

Moleskine Announces LEGO-Themed Notebooks

The other is a sheet of five LEGO minifigs that you can build from separate parts (hairpiece, head, body, legs; there are no accessories) and then presumably use to decorate your notebook. I don't know if the sheets are the same for each notebook but in the sample images Moleskine supplied the minifig sheet contains a cowboy, scientist, knight, manual labourer, and guy wearing a bling necklace - there are, very unfortunately, no female minifigs. This does nothing to help LEGO's recent tarnished image of being a product that is made for, and marketed to, boys, which resulted in the production of the very disappointing and highly controversial new line of "girly" kits, but that's a story for another time (as an aside, have a look at the link for the "caption here" placeholder text under the one image, which amuses me immensely, although the grammar and punctuation errors in the text do not).

But I digress. Back to the notebooks.

Moleskine Announces LEGO-Themed Notebooks

Each notebook also has a printed themed flyleaf that says "think with your hands" and a colour-coordinated bookmark, as well as the standard Moleskine pocket at the back.

Moleskine Announces LEGO-Themed Notebooks

And here's the cute stop-motion announcement video made by ComboCut Film, an Italian video-production company:

YouTube link

If like what you see and are keen to buy the new notebooks, have a look at the bar on the right for direct links to various online stores.

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