Velocity Graphic Anthology 4 Is Out - And Heading For San Diego Comic-Con

By: Mandy J Watson
Posted: 18 July 2014
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South African and Australian comics are once again heading to San Diego Comic-Con to feature during a panel discussion on comics from the Southern Hemisphere, which will be presented by Velocity Graphic Anthology's publishers. This year, among other stand-out local comics, Velocity Graphic Anthology 4 will be showcased, which was launched earlier this month in Cape Town.

Velocity Graphic Anthology 4 was launched earlier this month at Readers Den Comic Shop in Claremont, Cape Town. The anthology collects a new group of stories by artists and writers from South Africa and Australia and, this time, South America is also represented in the form of Luciano Fleitas from Argentina, making the compilation an even more inclusive Southern Hemisphere collaboration.

Velocity Graphic Anthology 4 Is Out - And Heading For San Diego Comic-Con
Above: Daniël Hugo and Vincent Sammy at the Velocity Graphic Anthology 4 launch

This collection's wrap-around cover art is by Lynton Levengood, who is known for his wonderful, often whimsical, dragon art, although he also produces fantastic fantasy landscapes. In Cape Town we got to see a preview of the art last year at Free Comic Book Day (that's how long this anthology has been in production) so it's been quite a wait for the final product. (In the meantime, however, the Velocity team did publish the fascinating Darker Forces Degeneration/Devastation flipbook, in which 32 artists each tackled a page from one of two halves of an interlinking story that's set in the Darker Forces universe that debuted in Velocity Graphic Anthology 1.)

The Velocity Graphic Anthology 4 launch was, sadly, quite quiet but those of us who attended were able to get our books signed by a few of the Cape Town contributors who are otherwise rather difficult to find in one place. The launch also served as a fund-raising mechanism to help with the costs of sending a small team to Comic-Con International: San Diego this year.

Velocity Graphic Anthology 4 Is Out - And Heading For San Diego Comic-Con
Above: Moray Rhoda and Karl Mostert at the Velocity Graphic Anthology 4 launch

This is the second year that comics creators from South Africa and Australia have been invited to present a panel at San Diego Comic-Con. Last year the invitation, which was extended quite close to the time, resulted in a flurry of activity to raise funding via various crowd-funding platforms in order to help with the costs of getting the panelists there - two from South Africa, Moray Rhoda and Ray Whitcher, and one from Australia, Neville Howard. Moray and Neville are, respectively, the South African and Australian publishers of Velocity Graphic Anthology and Ray is a comic-book scholar.

YouTube link

(PSA: Turn down the sound before you watch the video.)

This year a team is once again presenting on South African and Australian comics, this time in an even better slot: next Saturday, 26 July, at 17:30 (although it's up against a J Michael Straczynski event).

Moray and Neville will once again be attending, as will Daniël Hugo, who was one of the presenters at Design Indaba this year for the The Secret Identity Of South African Comics presentation, and Rupert Greyling, a South African artist who is now living and working in the UK. Both artists are also contributors to Velocity Graphic Anthology 4.

Velocity Graphic Anthology 4 Is Out - And Heading For San Diego Comic-Con

The team will once again be discussing Velocity, its history, its aims, and its contributors, as well as the local comics scenes in both South Africa and Australia. South African comics that will be represented include Deon de Lange's Gofu; the work of Daniël Hugo, which is collected in The Oneironaut & Other Tales and also features prominently in the Velocity anthologies; The Souvenir, Daniël Hugo's recent comic collaboration with Jayson Geyland; The Lil' Five volumes 1 and 2, which are graphic novels for kids by They Did This!; and Ma: Book One Of The Tree Of Life Trilogy, an African tale by Mark McKeown and Andre Human, based on Credo Mutwa's Indaba, My Children.

Velocity Graphic Anthology 4 Is Out - And Heading For San Diego Comic-Con
Above: Nicolas Rix and Michael Crafford at the Velocity Graphic Anthology 4 launch

Copies of these publications, plus comics from Australia, will be given out at the presentation, as will Velocity Graphic Anthology 4 and Darker Forces, to help to promote our comics industries. Hopefully the panel will be as successful as last year and the team will have a good time promoting the Southern Hemisphere's fledgling indie comics scenes.

I know I'm looking forward to hearing all about it when they return!

Velocity Graphic Anthology 4 Is Out - And Heading For San Diego Comic-Con

If you're not going to Comic-Con don't despair - in South Africa Velocity Graphic Anthology 4 and Darker Forces are available at Readers Den, as well as various comics shops in Johannesburg. If you're in Australia, you already have Darker Forces, which was launched there at the beginning of the year, and Velocity Graphic Anthology 4 will be launching tomorrow at All Star Comics in Melbourne.

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