Sector Issue 2 Launches In Cape Town (And An Unofficial Goodbye Of Sorts To Readers Den)

By: Mandy J Watson
Posted: 13 August 2015
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A new bimonthly comics anthology featuring the work of South African contributors has reached its second issue (on time, too) and to celebrate it was launched recently in Cape Town at Readers Den Comic Shop. The anthology features serialised speculative-fiction stories to showcase long form storytelling and, hopefully, stronger results due to a deeper, more considered approach to comics creation.

Sector Issue 2 Launches In Cape Town (And An Unofficial Goodbye Of Sorts To Readers Den)

At the end of July the second issue of the South African comics anthology Sector launched in Cape Town at Readers Den in Claremont after a successful initial launch in Johannesburg in mid July at ICON, a comics and gaming event. The anthology, the first issue of which was launched at Free Comic Book Day this year, is published bimonthly and contains a mix of serialised stories that span multiple issues and one-off self-contained stories.

The idea for Sector, which is printed in black and white to keep costs down, was inspired by publications such as 2000 AD. The intention is to give local writers and artists an opportunity to work on longer, meatier projects over more time by serialising them over numerous issues, as well as give the public a regular local-comic release to look forward to. Readers get stronger, more in-depth storytelling from a group of committed contributors, rather than haphazardly released standalone comics, which is currently the norm, as well as experience the anticipation of the continuation of the story every two months.

Meanwhile, the occasional self-contained tale offers a punchier piece for both instant gratification and a satisfying story resolution, while offering experienced creators a chance to experiment on smaller ideas and novice ones a chance to practice creating stories and art in comic form.

Sector Issue 2 Launches In Cape Town (And An Unofficial Goodbye Of Sorts To Readers Den)
Above: Artist Ben Rausch showcases some of his work.
The second issue features a very striking cover by Michael Smith and part two of The Illustrated Guide To The End of The World, by Michael Smith, Diorgo Jonkers, and Ian Wishart; part two of Uncharted Waters by Moray Rhoda and Daniël Hugo, which takes place in the world created by Daniël Hugo and Jayson Geland in The Souvenir, one of's gift-guide picks for 2014; and the start of a new story, Red Air, by Nas Who and Ben Rausch.

Moray Rhoda, Daniël Hugo, and Ben Rausch attended the launch to sign comics and meet the fans, as did Karl Mostert, who illustrated a standalone story in issue one, titled Katnipp, which was written by Nas Who.

Sector Issue 2 Launches In Cape Town (And An Unofficial Goodbye Of Sorts To Readers Den)
Above: Moray Rhoda and Daniël Hugo, the co-creators of Uncharted Waters.
If you missed the launch you can buy copies of both issues from Readers Den for R30 each. The third issue of Sector will be launched at the Open Book Comics Fest in Cape Town in September. Moray Rhoda and Daniël Hugo will be discussing Sector and their various other comics projects at the next Process gathering at Bibliophilia/Blank Books Obz (inside That Place Coffee & Books in Observatory, Cape Town). Keep an eye on the Facebook page for details.

In Other News, We Say Goodbye To Readers Den Claremont (Sort Of)

Due to the annual Free Comic Book Day festivities, nevermind general support of local-comics, geek, and gaming events, Readers Den Comic Shop - and the Claremont branch in particular - has become one of the hearts of comics geekery in Cape Town and South Africa. (There's another in the Open Book Comics Fest every September because a mutant double-hearted metaphor is the only way to acknowledge the important role that both these endeavours play in the local industry.)

Sector Issue 2 Launches In Cape Town (And An Unofficial Goodbye Of Sorts To Readers Den)

The Sector Issue 2 launch was my final opportunity to say goodbye to the Readers Den Claremont store as it now stands as it will be closing in a few days before reopening at the end of the month across the way, still inside Stadium On Main, in a new space that's more than double the size of the old store. (It's the area that used to be occupied by Wizards, which has unfortunately shrunk considerably and can now be found nearby in a teeny, depressing spot.)

I can remember when Readers Den used to be a large store with a shopfront on Long Street in the CBD (before Long Street was "cool") and it was devastating to see it shrink to the Claremont size years later so this is great news for comics and pop-culture fans as it means that there will be lots more of our favourite comics, figurines, and merchandise on display at any given moment, and hopefully now some tabletop games and gaming events, which have previously only featured at the Tyger Valley branch of the store.

Sector Issue 2 Launches In Cape Town (And An Unofficial Goodbye Of Sorts To Readers Den)

So cheers, tiny Claremont store. We look forward to the results of your metamorphosis on 29 August!

The Claremont branch of Readers Den Comic Shop will be reopening on 29 August with a day of festivities and special deals.

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