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This is the index of book features, which includes photo essays and author interviews.
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5 Zombie Questions: Sarah Lotz
Today we debut a new feature on the site in which we ask someone five zombie questions. Author Sarah Lotz, who has zombies crawling out of all sorts of places in her back catalogue, kindly allowed us to use her as our inaugural guinea pig. Here are the results of the experiment.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 17 May 2011  |  View Comments

How International Best-Selling Author Jodi Picoult Writes One Book A Year
American commercial writer Jodi Picoult launched her new book, House Rules, at the Cape Town Book Fair last year. Thoroughly entertaining and captivating, Jodi knows how to wow her audience. South African authors could learn a thing or two from her unashamed self-confident style that ultimately results in people queuing to buy her books.
By: Anne Louise Taylor  |  Posted: 31 January 2011  |  View Comments

Crime: Fact Or Fiction
Everyone loves a well-written crime thriller, but in a country such as South Africa where crime is rampant, how exactly do local crime writers spin their yarns and at the same time captivate an audience that has become inured to violence? This was the topic of a Cape Town Book Fair panel discussion hosted by local author Andrew Brown. Best known for his Sunday Times Fiction Prize-winning work Coldsleep Lullaby, Brown is also an advocate at the Cape Bar as well as a South African Police Services reservist. Joining him were authors Margie Orford, Antony Altbeker, and Deon Meyer.
By: Paul Pregnolato  |  Posted: 24 December 2010  |  View Comments

The Recurring Supersleuth Of Crime Fiction
Mike Hammer. Ed McBain. John Rebus and Inspector Morse...a veritable pantheon of fictional supersleuths. To these can be added Benny Griessel, Clare Hart, and David "Kubu" Bengu. Their respective creators - Deon Meyer, Margie Orford and "Michael Stanley" - discussed their characters' virtues and vices with Mike Nicol of UCT's Department of English at this year's Cape Town Book Fair.
By: Paul Pregnolato  |  Posted: 23 December 2010  |  View Comments

10 Classic Speculative-Fiction Works Reinterpreted As Word Clouds
What happens when you take the text from 10 classic pieces of literature and use it to generate word clouds? The short answer is: some hits, some misses, and a few surprises. The longer answer is: rather attractive results (in most cases).
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 3 December 2010  |  View Comments

Chick Lit Or Women's Fiction: Is There A Difference?
Have you ever found yourself wondering what all the fuss is about when it comes to chick-lit novels, more precisely known as women's fiction? At this year's Cape Town Book Fair four South African writers demystifed the topic and why this type of literature is so thoroughly enjoyed.
By: Anne Taylor  |  Posted: 29 September 2010  |  View Comments

Wole Soyinka Urges Children To Fight For Access To Books
There is a Nigerian saying that "an old man is there to talk". Seventy-six-year-old Nigerian literary giant Wole Soyinka is never afraid to give his candid opinion. According to the Mail & Guardian newspaper, at a gala dinner hosted by the department of arts and culture during the Cape Town Book Fair, guest of honour Soyinka began his speech with an anecdote about what has always remained an important issue to him - access to books for the youth.
By: Anne Taylor  |  Posted: 7 September 2010  |  View Comments

Bid On The Zoo City Bares
Celebrate the launch of Lauren Beukes' latest novel with a bid on an artwork in a collaborative project designed to generate funds for a very important South African initiative.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 4 August 2010  |  View Comments

Designing The Zoo City Cover
In a (semi) exclusive, we examine the cover design for the South African edition of Lauren Beukes' forthcoming novel Zoo City, which is published by Jacana. We talk to the artist, Joey Hi-Fi, and bring you a behind-the-scenes gallery taken from the concept document that shows the evolution of the design.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 23 March 2010  |  View Comments

Interview: Lauren Beukes, South African Author Of Moxyland
Your phone is your lifeline but it can also be used to control you, art is (partly) alive, and corporations control (almost) everyone in Moxyland, Lauren Beukes' debut novel in which the lives of four characters intersect in an imagining of Cape Town, 2018, that will make most very uneasy. In this exclusive interview the author talks about her influences, her writing process, and exciting projects that were birthed as the book's release gained momentum.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 31 July 2009  |  View Comments

Photo Essay: Panel Discussions At The 2009 Cape Town Book Fair
In the last in our series of photo essays on the 2009 Cape Town Book Fair we highlight some of the interesting discussions that took place during various panel sessions with authors and academics. Visitors to the fair can attend almost all the panel discussions for free, which makes them a popular feature of the fair every year. As a special bonus for this essay we have included video clips from two of the most popular sessions.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 15 July 2009  |  View Comments

Photo Essay: Authors At The 2009 Cape Town Book Fair
The opportunity to meet authors - both local and international - and hear them talk about their writing processes and experiences is one of the most exciting aspects of the Cape Town Book Fair. Here is a selection of some of the authors that were manning stands, launching books, and signing autographs for fans at the 2009 fair.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 30 June 2009  |  View Comments

Photo Essay And Report: The 2009 Cape Town Book Fair
Thousands of people braved crazy winter weather over four days to attend the fourth Cape Town Book Fair, which was held earlier this month at the convention centre in Cape Town, South Africa. Here is a showcase of some of the highlights from the stands and exhibition areas, in the first of a few reports we have compiled.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 26 June 2009  |  View Comments

A Look At Earth - The Comprehensive World Atlas
In 500 years' time what will the legacy be that we have left on this planet? With wars, clashing religious ideologies, and climate change threatening to decimate the world as we know it Earth - The Comprehensive World Atlas, with its detailed descriptions of countries and cultures as they stand today may become one of the few remaining published records of the time we spent here during one of this planet's most tumultuous periods.
Posted: 15 June 2009

Is It Just Me Or Is Everything Kak? The Whinger's Guide To South Africa From AA To JZ
Now that we're over this year's Valentine's euphoria (you know, the five of you that were actually experiencing it) and sugar highs from Easter chocolate, it's back to the business of cynicism. Although most of us at are skilled practitioners of the art, we're not the only masters. Recently Two Dogs published Is It Just Me Or Is Everything Kak? The Whinger's Guide To South Africa From AA To JZ. We spoke to co-author Tim Richman about aspects of the South African experience that unite us all in a way that even Nelson Mandela couldn't.
Posted: 11 April 2008

An Interview With Kerry Rogers, Author Of Women's Bodies: A User's Manual
To acknowledge Valentine's Day we thought we'd skip all the boring mushy stuff and head straight for the sex, and what better way than with a manual designed to answer all your pressing questions? We recently sat down with Kerry Rogers, author of Women's Bodies: A User's Manual, and asked pressing questions about her new-found career as a sex-manual writer. (Please note that this article is not suitable for minors.)
Posted: 14 February 2007