The Simpsons Library Of Wisdom: Comic Book Guy's Book Of Pop Culture
27 January 2006
by Mandy J Watson
South AfricaCape Town, South Africa

The Simpson's Library Of Wisdom: Comic Book Guy's Guide To Pop CultureA family member (who obviously knows me too well) recently gave me this book as a gift. It turned out to be both a wonderful trip down memory lane (and my present...and probable future...) and a rather shocking revelation as to how much of a geek I really am, as I closely identified with much of what was in the book, as far as even noticing the Dr Who references, even though I have never seen the show. I had no idea I was so well versed in pop culture. I'm a little disturbed by what I have learnt about myself through reading this book.

The Simpsons Library Of Wisdom: Comic Book Guy's Book Of Pop Culture takes the reader deep into the life and mindset of Comic Book Guy, the proprietor of The Android's Dungeon And Baseball Cards in Springfield.

Topics covered include comics, science fiction and fantasy, the Internet, fantasy gaming, baseball-card conventions, wrestling, film culture, and the all-important novelty T-shirt (and underwear). He provides an essential guide for those fanboys wanting to achieve successful romantic encounters (theoretically), a lesson in the anatomy of Tuberosum broyhilleus rotundomus: the great American couch potato (subject showcased: Homer Simpson), and a guide to comic-book retailing and putting the competition out of business. You will learn, from his personal experiences and professional expertise, how to survive conventions (a handy guide to the essential backpack is included) and how to keep and store your collection, amongst other things.

The book is so well written that I could actually hear the voice of Comic Book Guy (who is voiced by Hank Azaria) as I read Comic Book Guy's dialogue boxes. His trademark sarcasm and sense of superiority shines through and the illustrations beautifully capture his inner emotions, from the nervous single geek ready for a romantic night out to the frozen-in-awe (occasionally) fanboy experiencing a brush with greatness (Stan Lee, William Shatner and Adam West, amongst others).

I hope to see a second edition, or a sequel, to this book in the future as, although it was faily comprehensive in most respects, to my disappointment certain aspects of popular culture were glossed over, such as collectable toys - although collectable food (eew!) was covered rather comprehensively - costumes, and films, and there was absolutely no reference to LEGO (and there should be!).

This book makes for a great gift, either for yourself or for the geek in your life, as well as for fans of The Simpsons, although other titles in the series, which include The Bart Book, The Homer Book, and The Ralph Wiggum Book, may be more accessible to these fans. Comments Opinion
Rating: 7/10
Key Facts (Review Copy)
ISBN: 0-00-720815-4
Publisher: HarperCollinsEntertainment
Year: 2005
Format: Hardcover book with dust jacket; full colour
Pages: 96
Size: 148x168x12mm (WxHxD)
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