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South Africaby Mandy J Watson
South AfricaCape Town, South Africa
Posted: 25 July 2006
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I ran across this little site while online yesterday. It allows you to customise your own virtual pet, which you can then stick on your web site, MySpace page, LiveJournal entries, or a message board to give your visitors something to do (you know, besides read what you have to say).

The site didn't offer a customisable brain so I made a brainwavez-green spider instead.

He makes one of those "I am drunk" webs if you feed him flies. The flies can be found if you click on the "more" button - this is the usual way to feed the virtual pets, although the fish has a shaker sitting next to its tank that you have to pick up and shake over the tank. To play with your pet, click on it and move your mouse around it. Different pets have been programmed to do different things (the hedgehog jumps into the air if you click on it, while the hamster climbs onto his wheel).

There are presently 14 pets that you can customise including a hamster, as I mentioned (have a look at my profile page for an example), a kitten, a llama, a tiger, and a monkey who is quite fun to play with as you can move him through the branches in his box.

The customisation process is very simple and involves giving the pet a name and choosing its colour. You are then provided with code that is generated specifically for the pet that you have customised, and you can then use this code online. You need only copy and paste it into the code of the page on which you wish to display it.

The generated interactive space is about 250x300 pixels (unfortunately it cannot be scaled) and it is displayed as a swf (Flash-based) file on a web page via JavaScript.

The adoption site and coding is by Wayne A. Lee ("bunnyhero"). The adoption site is, unfortunately, a bit crowded with those awful "you have a message waiting for you!" banner ads and smilie skyscraper ads, so I would suggest disabling popups and cookies to be safe.

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Rating: 6/10
Time-Wasting Value: 30+ minutes if you make your own pet as well as play with other people's pets.
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Price: Free
Learning Curve: 2/10
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