M&M's "50 Dark Movies Hidden In A Painting"
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Posted: 2 November 2006
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Halloween is over for another year, but if you're still in the mood for ghosts and ghouls you may want to test your knowledge of frightening movies by playing M&M's "50 Dark Movies Hidden In A Painting". It's not particularly scary (unless you're freaked out by timers) but it'll have you working that grey matter to try to figure out the literal translation of the visual clues. (It's harder than it sounds.)

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50 Dark Movies Hidden In A PaintingMy assistant told me about this game in mid-October, which aims to promote the new M&M's Dark Chocolate candies. I was purely interested in the game because it killed some downtime at work. The boss was out of town, so I spent a good amount of time trying to figure out all of the answers, although I only managed to answer 34 of the 50 clues (so far).

The premise is that the entire screen is a painting, and within the painting are the clues for 50 creepy, scary movies that have come out in the last fifty years. The game is complete with haunting ambient music and a clock so you can time yourself. A nice added feature is that you can save your game by registering your email address (it just remembers your email address and doesn't send you spam or information about M&M's promotions, unless you tick the box that says you wish to receive these notifications*), so you can return to the game if you suddenly come up with an answer while away from your computer.

50 Dark Movies Hidden In A PaintingScrolling through the painting is slow, especially around the outer fringes of the picture, which is annoying, since there are several clues towards the bottom and left-hand side of the picture. Another annoying factor is that when a wrong answer is inputted by the player, the wrong answer doesn't automatically delete, so you either have to click on the outside of the box to make it go away, or you have to select and delete all the text in the box to type something else. Once you have entered the correct answer, the picture clue turns black and white, but the answer disappears, meaning the player has to remember what answers he or she has correctly entered. I would like it better if the answers remained on the puzzle, but they don't, for some arbitrary reason.

After about twenty seconds the creepy music becomes very annoying but, thankfully, the good folks at M&M's allow you to turn it off. Another kind feature is the ability for you to pause the game, which blacks out the screen so you can't stare at the clues, but stops the timer (in case you actually are competing to finish the puzzle in the fastest time).

Even with these shortcomings, the game eats away a few minutes of your boring day while the boss is away (creepily enough, that rhyme was intended).

*As with all online subscriptions and signups, you provide your contact details, if you wish to, at your own peril, although we're never received spam at a unique email address that we've used at an M&M's site (unlike Sony, but that's another story).

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Rating: 4/10
Time-Wasting Value: 30+ minutes if you don't know all the answers immediately.
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