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South Africaby Mandy J Watson
Posted: 8 August 2008
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Experience the mesmerising, luminescent, floaty happiness of decades gone by with a few mouse clicks. Okay, it's not really the same thing at all but it's something to do for five minutes, and who doesn't need something to do for five minutes? Plus, there's lava! (...Sort of.)

I still don't own a lava lamp but I'm only half complaining because it seems the only ones you can find in stores these days are cheap plastic crap that you wouldn't want to admit to owning anyway.

So, while I wait for my next birthday to come and go so that I can experience more lava-lamp disappointment, I'll settle for being able to generate my own lamp, virtually. At least I can pick the most appropriate colour and change it to suit my web-page theme, if I wish. The only thing worse than not receiving a lava lamp is getting a bright-pink one that you then have to display somewhere....

(Bright pink does not go with anything. Don't let anyone persuade you otherwise.)

The LavaLamp Generator Flash-based widget by FancyGens is very easy to use. Pick colours for the glass, lava goop, and lamp, choose a sign of the zodiac* to decorate the base in true Age Of Aquarius style (or choose not to display a symbol if you wish to reject your inner hippie), tweak the size of your lamp using a slider to scale it (the maximum size is 100x387 and the minimum is 12x46), tweak the down-light and up-light settings to decide on the lighting intensity (or switch one or both off entirely), play with the "Light Mode" setting (I don't know what it does, so I have nothing else to say here) until it does something you're happy with, and click the "Get HTML Code" button.

Your code will instantly be generated and then you can place your new lamp on your web site, blog, MySpace page, Flickr profile page, or any other site where HTML code is accepted and Flash (swf) files can be viewed. The code is generated to place the lamp in the middle of your page, with nothing surrounding it, but I've tweaked it for some of the examples on this page for obvious reasons. The "Get Your Lamp" text is also automatically formatted to your page's font style.

Now for some interactive fun. You'll notice, if you glance very quickly to the lamp on the left, and then very quickly to the lamp on the right, and then back (do that for a bit, just don't make yourself nauseous in the process) that the lava flow unfortunately does not use a randomising algorithm, which is rather disappointing but, well, you know - how much should we be expecting here?

*Please note that you're out of luck if you're an Aquarian or Taurean, since there are inexplicably no graphics for those signs, and you'll have to settle for a lobster if you're a Cancerian. I guess the developers were smoking a virtual lava lamp when they worked on that section. Opinion
Rating: 3/10
Time-Wasting Value: 10+ minutes to tweak your settings and play with the colours.
Learning Curve: 2/10
Entertainment Value: 2/10 (but hey, it's still something to do, right?)

Key Facts
Price: Free

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