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United States of Americaby Jase Luttrell
Posted: 24 October 2008
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Close your eyes (after reading this). Now imagine: it's sometime in the future. The near future. The US elections are over. The Republicans are in power. But oh, no! John McCain has died of complications related to being very old. There's a new president in the White House. It's a woman. Who is it? Could it be... Sarah Palin? What would it be like to visit the Oval Office with Sarah Palin in charge? Well, wonder no more as you experience Palin As President.

There is no surprise that this year's election on 4 November for the presidency of the United States of America is attracting world-wide attention. This time around the election is little more than a circus, but the absolute best part of this has been the comedic response, in the form of great Saturday Night Live parodies and web sites such as The Great Schlep ( - comedian Sarah Silverman's hilarious grassroots efforts to get people to vote. Certainly the simplest way for most of us to partake in the entertainment spectacle that is this election is the web site Palin As President:

Naturally, Palin's credibility (and ability) as a president is of serious concern to many, but few can escape the pop-culture phenomenon that now marks the McCain/Palin campaign. As a result, even those few people who have been unfortunate enough to miss the Tina Fey impersonations on SNL will still laugh at the quick jabs that can be found at Palin As President.

Palin As President

This (approximately 1 MB Flash-based) web site is a fun interactive experience that should realistically only take up five to ten minutes of a person's time. Simply enough, open your browser window as wide as it will go (the presentation unfortunately doesn't scroll and it's designed for an odd screen width that's more than 1150 pixels), turn up the volume, explore with your mouse, and click on everything you possibly can. You can have a hearty laugh as a document titled "Roe v. Wade" goes through the shredder or when you accidentally knock the toy army man on the ground. My favourite is the stock ticker on the computer screen, which indicates that while suicide, literacy, and the Dow and Nasdaq are all down, fear and intolerance are on the rise. I will refrain from giving away all the jokes, of course, but I must say that you'll need to click on some things several times, as they do change.

A note on the site says that it will continue to be updated until election day, so you will have new items to explore and look forward to for another few weeks.

Finally, a nod to Sean Ohlenkamp, art director and programmer/animator; Steve Yee, art director; Forrest Boleyn, writer; and Rebekkah Voss, voice artist, who put this site together. Opinion
Rating: 6/10
Time-Wasting Value: 10-15 minutes
Learning Curve: 1/10
Entertainment Value: 8/10

Key Facts
Price: Free
Requirements: Adobe Flash Player
Recommendations: Speakers or headphones, large computer screen, access to bandwidth

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