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"The Metabots": "In a dragon-filled Atlantis, a young schlub with mild OCD stumbles across an otherworldly portal which spurs him into conflict with a government conspiracy, with the help of a sarcastic female techno-geek and her wacky pet, culminating in a fistfight atop a tower."

This is the title and premise of my next (and, technically, first...) gripping novel, and I threw it together singlehandedly using a working model of Wondermark's Electro-Plasmic Hydrocephalic Genre-Fiction Generator 2000 that was created by Liam Cooke from Ireland. I'm quite blown away by the genius of it all.

The generator is based on the 22 September 2009 strip (number 554) of Wondermark, which you may recall is the Internet's only comic, by David Malki !. The strip presents a chart that enables any aspiring writer to develop a premise, and title, for a likely bestseller without time-wasting effort employed thereby opening up more of that author's time to bask in various glories. Now, of course, the effort has been streamlined even further via this automated one-click process. It could not be quicker to achieve greatness unless one could just think about it until it manifests (I think that's what The Secret was about, actually, but unfortunately for us it has not been employed - or deployed? - here).

Engraved on the front is the following:

a working model
of the
Electro-Plasmic Hydrocephalic
Genre-Fiction Generator

and to activate the device you will need to insert one thrupenny bit (in 21st-century English this means "click", thankfully, because I didn't have any thrupenny bits, or a threepence, which is the same thing, and I used the machine quite a few times).

Now I just need something to generate the novel for me.

Fiction Generator

You can download the source code for the generator, along with all the images it uses (they are in the public domain), from if you want to play in a geekier manner, otherwise go! Create! (And post some of your better ones in the comments below.)

Posted: 22 January 2010 in CFEA under humour, randomisers.
Tags: Wondermark OpinionShare/Bookmark
Rating: 7/10
Time-Wasting Value: 5 minutes
Learning Curve: 1/10 ("click")
Entertainment Value: 6/10

Key Facts
Official Site: Fiction Generator
    Story & Content: David Malki !
    Code & Design: Liam Cooke

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