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South Africa By: Mandy J Watson on 11 June 2010
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The sound of a thousand angry bees, the bleats of a dying lamb - the vuvuzela, South Africa's traditional weapon (circa the 20th century) of mass aural destruction, is the embodiment of many things, Zen not being one of them. If you don't have one, or if you're currently out of breath from blowing your own horn a little too hard and a little too long, the Vuvuzela Button will be a vital addition to your virtual toolbox.

Hopefully by the time you've finished reading this paragraph the Vuvuzela Button widget will have loaded, so you can observe it in all its (Rasta-themed..?) glory. There's not much to say - pick a volume and then choose a colour for your virtual vuvuzela. Next, turn down the volume of your computer speakers before you click the vuvuzela to make it play - the "Ear Killer" setting is no joke.

The widget is a 360 KB SWF file that's 550x400 pixels. You can either embed it on your site (click on the "put this fun app on your blog or website" text above for the embed code) with it hosted remotely at or you can download a ZIP file that contains images and the swf, which you can host on your own web server as we have done here. Opinion Share/Bookmark
Rating: 3/10
Time-Wasting Value: 30 seconds
Learning Curve: 1/10
Entertainment Value: 5/10

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