5 Zombie Questions: Nathan Sawaya

By: Mandy J Watson
Posted: 6 January 2015
Category: Features
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In a world that's zombie apocalyptic, sacrifices will need to be made. Those include LEGO bricks... and therefore possibly the will to live. Brick artist Nathan Sawaya offers his LEGO-inspired ideas for surviving the zombie apocalypse.

5 Zombie Questions: Nathan Sawaya

We're kicking off our 2015 posts with zombies and LEGO, which is pretty much how every year should start, except not with real zombies because that would not be a happy new year, that would be an apocalypse.

5 Zombie Questions: Nathan Sawaya

Brick artist Nathan Sawaya's The Art Of The Brick exhibition is now in Cape Town and will be moving to Johannesburg later this year. It's a whimsical collection of 74 large artworks made entirely of LEGO pieces, many of which are recent additions to his vast catalogue of works so even if you've seen the exhibition before elsewhere in the world there will be something new to explore and enjoy.

As I am an intrepid journalist I felt it was my duty to corner Nathan Sawaya at the opening last month in Cape Town to ask him some LEGO-themed zombie questions. They were tough ones because, after all, when the apocalypse hits we're all going to face moral dilemmas and will be required to make sacrifices - as well as think on our feet.

5 Zombie Questions: Nathan Sawaya

Here are his spontaneous responses to five zombie questions:

Question 1: A zombie horde is approaching and the only tools - or possibly weapons - at your disposal are LEGO bricks. What do you do?

Nathan Sawaya: I gather them up - and run - because I'm not leaving a LEGO brick behind. As many people know, I'm not leaving a brick down. I'm taking all those bricks with me but, yeah, then I'm running at that point. I'll find a place later on to create a useful tool out of it.

Question 2: If you had to burn one of your artworks so that you could use smoke signals during the apocalypse, which one would you burn?

Nathan Sawaya: Well I can't really choose a favourite one because I think of all of these sculptures as my child. People ask me "What's your favourite sculpture?" - well, how do you pick your favourite child? I put everything into it. So, to pick one that I would have to destroy is kind of the same question. It would probably just be the nearest one at that point.

5 Zombie Questions: Nathan Sawaya

Question 3: Assuming you had the speed of a Master Builder from The LEGO Movie (in other words, time is not an issue), what would you build that would be the ultimate something - whatever the something is - to defeat the zombies?

Nathan Sawaya: It would be a fortress - because I'm not building the weapons. I'm not a big weapon builder out of LEGO bricks so it would be something like a fortress to protect myself and my friends and family... and anyone else who wants to hang out as long as they're not from Terminus.

Question 4: How would a fight between a horde of LEGO zombies and LEGO Batman play out?

Nathan Sawaya: I think we all know LEGO Batman would do just fine. That guy's resourceful.

Question 5: Which LEGO minifig accessories are in your apocalypse bunker?

Nathan Sawaya: Can I have all of the bat accessories that LEGO Batman uses? And probably a lightsaber.

5 Zombie Questions: Nathan Sawaya

The brainwavez.org team wishes all our readers a happy LEGO- and zombie-filled new year!

The Art Of The Brick South Africa: Official Site, Facebook, Twitter

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