Gear: Reebok Alien Stomper (2017 Edition: Final Battle Double Pack)

By: Mandy J Watson
Posted: 13 July 2017
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If you can afford it you can stomp around the neighbourhood fighting off any and all manner of horrors like Ellen Ripley would in one of Reebok's new sneaker designs that celebrate an iconic scene in the now classic 1986 action/horror science-fiction film Aliens.

Gear: Reebok Alien Stomper (2017 Edition: Final Battle Double Pack)

Last year Reebok celebrated the 30th anniversary of the action/horror science-fiction film Aliens, and the first annual "Alien Day" on 26 April, with the release of the Alien Stomper, a sneaker design based on the original red, white, and grey Reebok shoes that were created for Sigourney Weaver to wear as Ellen Ripley in the movie in a high-top form and for Lance Henricksen to wear as the android Bishop in a mid-top form.

(26 April, or "426" in American terms, was chosen as the date to honour the movies as it references the name of the exomoon, LV-426, on which events in Alien and Aliens take place.)

YouTube link
Above: You can see a great close-up shot of Ripley's shoes (in the Power Loader) in the Aliens clip above.
The limited edition shoes, which cost US$175, sold out immediately but Reebok became mired in controversy because the shoes were only made available in men's sizes, although a Reebok representative claimed that the sizes were "unisex". Ellen Ripley may have left big shoes to fill (and, yes, this terrible pun was necessary) but to dismiss an entire gender in your product design - the gender represented by the character Reebok was attempting to celebrate profit off - was rather reprehensible.

A year has gone by and Reebok has chosen to erase our memories of this blunder (I say, kindly) by releasing new shoes that are once again inspired by Aliens and the Alien Stomper design - and these ones will be made available in actual unisex sizes. The shoes were announced on Alien Day this year and will be out next week - specifically on 18 July to celebrate the 31st anniversary of the movie's release date.

Gear: Reebok Alien Stomper (2017 Edition: Final Battle Double Pack)

The new shoes are variations on the originals and are packaged as the "Final Battle" double pack because they're an homage to the Ripley-xenomorph queen battle that forms the climax of the movie.

The box, which was designed by Chris Hill and has design elements on the outside sleeve that reference the loading bay airlock into which the Power Loader and the queen fall during the fight scene, as well as other Easter eggs for fans of the film to discover, is divided by flaps that keep the two pairs separate and help to fold it open to reveal the shoes. The flap next to the Power Loader pair has Ripley's iconic exclamation "Get away from her, you bitch!" written on it and the flap next to the alien queen pair seems to have the words "The queen hiss" written on it.

Gear: Reebok Alien Stomper (2017 Edition: Final Battle Double Pack)

The Power Loader shoe design, by Xavier Jones, in safety yellow and black detailing with an icy orange sole, is inspired by the Caterpillar P-5000 Power Loader exosuit that Ripley uses to defeat the queen.

It includes some nuanced details that fans will appreciate, such as the text "P-5000" above the Reebok logo on the straps, the letters "PWL" on the backs, and the text "N-1725" on the high-top sides, which is a reference to a serial number that appears on the arm of one of the Power Loaders (presumably the one Ripley uses in the battle). There are also other small design touches taken from the Power Loaders, such as the black stripes, red triangles, and red arrows that can be seen on the machinery. In the case of the shoes the red arrows are used in a clever manner to indicate the direction in which the fastening straps must be lifted or placed.

Gear: Reebok Alien Stomper (2017 Edition: Final Battle Double Pack)

Gear: Reebok Alien Stomper (2017 Edition: Final Battle Double Pack)

Gear: Reebok Alien Stomper (2017 Edition: Final Battle Double Pack)

Gear: Reebok Alien Stomper (2017 Edition: Final Battle Double Pack)

The Queen Alien shoe design, by Chris Hill, in glossy black with green-glow detailing and glow-in-the-dark features, is inspired by the alien queen herself.

It features the text "XX121" as a design element because the species' original full colloquial name was Xenomorph XX121. (It also has the scientific names Internecivus raptus and Linguafoeda acheronsis.)

Gear: Reebok Alien Stomper (2017 Edition: Final Battle Double Pack)

Both pairs are made using leather, however, (patent leather in the case of the Queen Alien design, in a reference to the "black slimy wet look of the alien") so vegan fans will be disappointed (again) this year.

Customers will get both designs in the Final Battle pack, which will cost US$325 (roughly lots and lots and lots of rands at the current exchange rate).

YouTube link
Above: The rather underwhelming announcement video.
You can attempt to purchase the shoes online on the Reebok web site from 18 July 2017 but if last year is anything to go by you'll only have about an hour to grab a box before they sell out.

Via Syfy Wire and Reebok

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