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Rich Mulholland Gets A Tattoo: Part 2
In this, the long-awaited second part of Rich Mulholland's tattoo experience, we visit tattoo artist Derek Baker's studio in Cape Town to watch the action and learn more about what goes on behind the scenes. Once again there's blood, colourful language, and art... which pretty much describes a day in the life of most South Africans....
Please Note: Some of the images and the video may not be suitable for sensitive people.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 9 February 2012  |  View Comments

Tattoos Inspire Art In Body Of Work
What do you get when you combine tattoo-inspired art with tattoo artists? Putt-putt, of course. (Also, art.) The 4th annual Cape Town International Tattoo Convention is about to begin, and festivities kicked off earlier this week with the exhibition Body Of Work.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 26 January 2012  |  View Comments

Turn On Captain America For $15
Turn your favourite (male) superhero or super villain on (or off) with a one-of-a-kind light switch. That's about all we're going to say as an introduction. (This post is not suitable for people with taste. Don't say we didn't warn you.)
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 14 November 2011  |  View Comments

The 2011 Whisky Live Festival, South Africa
Another year, another festival celebrating whisky. How time flies! We attended the opening night in Cape Town, where the festival ran for three days. Here's a rundown of what you missed, or what to expect if you will be attending in Johannesburg, where the festival will be running until the end of the week.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 10 November 2011  |  View Comments

In Pictures: The 2011 Cape Town Zombie Walk, Part 2
Passersby screamed in terror (well, some of them; most looked bewildered and a handful looked delighted) as the Capetonian zombie horde continued on its path of mayhem towards the V&A Waterfront. Here, in pictures, is part 2 of this now annual HorrorFest event.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 31 October 2011  |  View Comments

In Pictures: The 2011 Cape Town Zombie Walk, Part 1
The thirst for blood and braaaaiiiinnnnnsss led a shambling group of undead Capetonians across the city in a nightmarish zombie walk. Here, in pictures, is part 1 of this now annual HorrorFest event.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 31 October 2011  |  View Comments

Smash Putt Miniature Golf Apocalypse!
Mini golf. Putt-Putt. Iconic and awesome, this classic game is reworked as Smash Putt, a traveling Industrial Art exhibit full of mayhem and chaos. This isn't the post-Depression putt-putt with Dutch-style windmills you may have played as a kid. It is more impressive, and vastly improved with the dangerous additions of booze and power tools, giving you the perfect handicap for your bad score (and maybe more of a handicap, if you get too close to the power tools).
By: Jase Luttrell  |  Posted: 4 April 2011  |  View Comments

Rich Mulholland Gets A Tattoo: Part 1
At the 2011 Southern Ink Xposure tattoo convention in Cape Town, South Africa, Rich Mulholland sat with local tattoo artist Derek of Metal Machine Tattoo & Body Piercing to get the first half of an elaborate tattoo done, which is based on a design by US graphic designer Hydro74. We documented the process in this photo essay and video presentation. (There's blood, colourful language, and art - what more could you hope for?)
Please Note: Some of the images and the video may not be suitable for sensitive people.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 21 February 2011  |  View Comments

The Finer Points Of Whisky: A Connoisseur And Renegade Face Off
Last week, a few hours before the Whisky Live Festival kicked off in Cape Town, Brandhouse hosted a whisk(e)y tasting for members of the media and whisky aficionados, which was a great way to set the mood for this year's festival. The tasting was led by two experts in the field, South Africa's Rynard van Der Westhuizen and Scotland's Bruce Campbell.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 10 November 2010  |  View Comments

Keeping It Weird: The 2010 Portland Zombie Walk
The following is a photographic journey among some of Portland's hungriest, braaaaaainnnn-starved zombie citizens who wandered around the city in their effort to "Keep Portland Weird" (the city's unofficial motto), as well as an (obscured) experience of their comedic attempt at reviving Michael Jackson by dancing to "Thriller".
By: Jase Luttrell  |  Posted: 8 November 2010  |  View Comments

The 2010 Whisky Live Festival, South Africa
In South Africa, November means whisky festival time. Once again the three-day event is being held in Cape Town before it moves to Johannesburg and we attended the opening night event, sampled a variety of whiskies from around the world, and learnt more about the culture of whisky making.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 5 November 2010  |  View Comments

Alex Hamilton's Roadtrip
Roadtrip, in the words of the artist, is "an exhibition about memory, adventure, landscape, and the car that always broke down on the side of the road". It is running in Cape Town for the whole of July before it moves to other cities in South Africa.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 6 July 2010  |  View Comments

Halloween Pumpkin Carving
For Americans, pumpkin carving is an integral part of celebrating and enjoying Halloween, and has become a form of fine art. presents some interesting jack-o'-lantern and carved pumpkins from a massive collection available on Flickr. We hope these will serve as a source of inspiration (for the artistically minded) or consternation (for those who are artistically inept (or undead)).
By: Jase Luttrell  |  Posted: 19 November 2009  |  View Comments

The 2009 FNB Whisky Live Festival, South Africa
The 2009 FNB Whisky Live Festival is the largest whisky festival in the world. It's running in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa, this month so we went along on the opening night to bask in warm, golden glows and determine just how much whisky one can sample in an evening. (The answer: not nearly enough!)
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 6 November 2009  |  View Comments

2009 North American Organic Brewers Festival is taking a slight detour from a focus on books but is keeping the alliterative spirit alive by shifting to beer. It's summer in the United States, which means there are ample beer festivals aimed at quenching thirst, surviving heat waves, and making ugly people beautiful. The first festival of the summer in the Portland, Oregon, area was the North American Organic Brewers Festival, a delightful and sustainable romp through some of the best organic beers available today.
By: Jase Luttrell  |  Posted: 13 August 2009  |  View Comments

Cast & Crew: An Interview With South African Artist Alex Hamilton About His Exhibition Of Pop-Culture Icons
In an era of all-consuming mass media that craves and divides our attention, reality TV that increasingly scrapes the bottom of the barrel for shock value and ratings, and suspect role models made famous by the Internet, what is truly important to us? What gives us meaning? What do we relate to? How do we now define ourselves? Alex Hamilton's Cast & Crew exhibition presents 1000 icons of our modern times, from artists and musicians to politicians, media stars, and religious figures, and asks us to decide for ourselves.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 18 November 2008  |  View Comments

A Tale Of Terror: The Boise Zombie Walk
Halloween comes but once a year but zombies are forever (unless you hack them to bits, which is recommended). Celebrate the quest for braaaaainnnnsssss with's recent shuffle through Boise, Idaho, the potato capital of the world (not including Ireland...and possibly some other places).
By: Jase Luttrell  |  Posted: 12 November 2008

Bjork - Wanderlust
If you went down to the waterfront recently you were in for a big surprise. Björk was to be seen surfing down a mythical river of electric blue spaghetti, atop a giant yak. The occasion? The premiere of her new 3D music video, "Wanderlust".
By: Ambre Nicolson  |  Posted: 29 May 2008

Chicago - The Musical
Murder! Treachery! Deceit! Lies! Thrills! Although that's technically all in a day's work for some of South Africa's parliamentary ministers and their associates, in this case we're talking about Chicago - The Musical, which has returned to Cape Town and is at Artscape until 13 April. You still have two weeks, so if you missed it in 2005 you have no excuse now.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 28 March 2008

Art Decko 2: A South African Exhibition Of Skateboard Decks
Take some blank skateboard decks, invite a few South African artists to create artworks out of them, repeat for the second year and you have the exhibition Art Decko 2, which has been touring the major centres in South Africa and is now in Durban until next Friday.
Posted: 12 December 2006  |  By: Mandy J Watson

Bodies...The Exhibition
One might consider paying GBP17.50 to have a close-up look at preserved cadavers slightly macabre (and expensive), especially while on vacation, but I did it anyway. You can, too, until the end of the month.
Posted: 25 August 2006  |  Posted by: Mandy J Watson

Star Wars L'Expo
If you're in Paris at the moment you owe it to yourself to visit the Star Wars exhibition being held at the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie in the 19e. Whether you're a fan of science, science fiction, or movie making, there is sure to be something in this exhibition for you.
Posted: 22 August 2006  |  Posted by: Mandy J Watson

"The exhibition spans three rooms and comprises 84 of Pablo Picasso's paintings, drawings and sculptures and 29 African masks and sculptures that have been sourced from private collectors in South Africa as examples of African art that would have influenced his work and which reflects the spirit of his private collection, which remains in Paris as it is too fragile to travel. The sourced works originate from various African countries, including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, and Gabon. The exhibition has chosen, primarily, to exhibit masks, as Picasso's African-art collection mainly comprised these kinds of artworks, but his collection also included other items, such as a number of African musical instruments and a few pieces of jewellery."
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 20 April 2006