Old Spice High Endurance Hair & Body Wash
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United States of Americaby Jase Luttrell
Posted: 5 September 2006

Old Spice's all-in-one hair and body wash product is perfect for travellers with a limited luggage capacity.

Old Spice High Endurance Hair & Body Wash I saw this product briefly marketed on a TV commercial some months ago. Being a guy, my instant reaction was "Finally! Now I don't have to have shampoo and soap!" When I actually bought this, most of my female friends cringed at the thought of washing hair with soap, but this is designed for your hair and body, and I have to say: it works well.

I know it's a little strange to review soap (liquid soap, of all things), but here's why I am writing this: the Old Spice High Endurance Hair & Body Wash made my recent trip in New Zealand a lot easier. With this, I didn't have to take a large bottle of shampoo and a large bottle of liquid soap (I don't like bar soap, because it tends to dry out the skin). This had two great benefits: 1) I had extra room in my luggage for souvenirs and duty-free alcohol (which I wasn't able to buy because of the new flight restrictions) and 2) this is one less bottle of liquid that could explode in my luggage and cause a (rather clean) disaster while backpacking in a foreign country.

As I said previously, the soap works well; it doesn't dry out my skin or my scalp, there is no uncomfortable itching, and there's no dandruff. The bottle is fairly narrow and fits easily in luggage. For a three-week trip, I used only 2/3 of the bottle, so I don't doubt that a traveller could make it an entire month with one bottle.

I only have two minor complaints about the soap: the scent and the type of lid used for the bottle. First, the scent is too sweet for my liking. Americans may know the various Old Spice High Endurance scents; they are ubiquitous in any market, and the scents are usually strong and musky. While the scent is not off-putting, I would have preferred a muskier scent. As for the lid, it is a flip-top lid. This is consistent with the other Old Spice soap products, and is not necessarily a problem. Since I used this product for my travels, I would have liked the bottle to have a more secure lid that is less capable of opening easily. I wrapped the bottle in a plastic sack just to avoid any catastrophes, but my efforts were unnecessary; the bottle didn't leak a drop.

In short, yes, this is a strange product, but I found it to be very useful while travelling, and I encourage any mildly intrepid travellers to do the same. It is marketed towards men, but the scent is sweet enough for any woman daring to risk her high-maintenance hair-care regimen.

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