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South Africa By: Mandy J Watson on 23 June 2011
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In Burrito Bison you play a famous wrestler who is captured while at the supermarket and sucked into Candyland where the gummy bears expect you to wrestle for their entertainment... but you have other ideas in this amusing variation on the launcher game genre.

Burrito BisonAfter the short, introductory animation to Burrito Bison you find yourself in a wrestling ring, which is situated in the middle of Candyland, along with a spinning meter and an angry jawbreaker for an opponent. You don't want to wrestle, you want to escape, so you push against the elastic side of the ring and use the meter to launch yourself out of the ring. By bouncing on panicked gummy bears along the way you gain momentum and cash, both of which you'll need to further your escape. If you miss the gummy bears and hit the ground you lose momentum and eventually will slow down enough that your escape attempt will end naturally or a gummy cop will grab you. Either way, you'll find yourself back in the ring in the arena, primed for another launch attempt at freedom.

Speed is necessary to break through the doors that keep you trapped in Candyland or it's another trip back to the arena. You can't just get to the doors - it's imperative that you're moving fast enough to be able to break through. You use the cash to purchase upgrades, of which there are two types - those that enhance your abilities (such as more elasticity in the launch attempt) and those that result in more varied gummy bears appearing more often to give you access to special tools that you can use to your advantage.

The upgrades and tools at your disposal are intentionally comical (Burrito Bison on a pogo stick being one example) and are made all the more amusing due to the Burrito Bison's intense air of fortitude and determination as he glides gracefully through the air or accidentally slams into the ground (all the while wearing teeny wrestling underpants).

Burrito Bison

The game controls are simple - click the mouse. The tool you have will determine what the click will do but otherwise just enjoy the ride. You have access to a stomp ability that when correctly applied will give you a boost when you bounce off an obstacle, gummy bear, or the ground, and this adds greatly to the gameplay as you have some control over what happens rather than being at the mercy of random luck.

In terms of the interface, there is a pause button and controls to switch off the music or the sound (or both) but not one to get to the main menu. The "retry" option can be found in the pause menu but it's rare that you will want to use it as even a "bad" attempt will still gain you a useful amount of money and there are no achievements to unlock that are related to how quickly you get through the game. In fact, all the achievements, which you can view via the trophy icon in the shop window, are quite fun and attainable.

The sound design is well thought out, with squishy sounds as you hit the gummy bears and ringing bell and alarm sounds acting as auditory cues to tell you what's going on as sometimes you'll be moving so fast that you can't really see what's happened. The soundtrack, by Brian Holmes, is suitably epic and befitting of a magnificent wrestling legend on a mission. In fact, if you're sufficiently moved by it you can buy it for US$1.99 [?] (or more) via the composer's Bandcamp page.

Burrito Bison

Once you've escaped Candyland successfully you can continue to play Burrito Bison to try to beat your escape time, which adds a great replayability factor to the game after it usually would be finished.

Burrito Bison is a fun variation on the tossing/launch game genre. Some of those games get really tedious and drawn out after a while and reaching the end becomes more of a matter of luck than anything else. Burrito Bison's balance of pickups, obstacles, cash, and upgrades, along with the stomp ability and the superb visual design and complementary soundtrack, result in a quick, entertaining pace that makes it an absolute pleasure to play.

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brainwavez.org Opinion
Rating: 9/10
Time-Wasting Value: 30 seconds to a few minutes per game
Learning Curve: Easy
Entertainment Value: 8/10
Replayability: 9/10

Key Facts: Burrito Bison
Price: Free
Year: 2011 (February)
Genre: Action, launcher
Keywords: action, casual, flinging, launcher
Size: 8.3 MB embedded Flash file
Resolution: 720x480
Requirements: Internet connection, Adobe Flash Player, web browser, mouse
Created By: Juicy Beast
Music: Brian Holmes

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