Effing Worms 2

By: Mandy J Watson
Posted: 13 August 2012
Category: Reviews
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Instead of being the one running away from the horror you can be the horror in this action-packed free casual game (that only has one worm, although the title would lead you to believe otherwise). Bonus fun: eat bazooka marines riding cows.

Effing Worms 2In Effing Worms 2 you begin life as a "small" burrowing worm (by usual worm standards you're freakishly large) with hunger pangs - in the form of a health bar that starts dropping - that must be satiated, otherwise you'll die. Around you are small lizards that seem to have the same nutritional content as a piece of cardboard and above ground are the occasional farm animals, businessmen, and teenagers. In other words: lunch.

This is a keyboard-controlled game and, using the arrow keys, you can navigate, trailing around underground before bursting through the earth and scaring the hell out of the neighbours (who you'll need to eat). Their screams will fuel your lust for lunch and if you eat enough enemies you'll start to grow in size and gain speed. If you get up enough speed you can leap out of the ground and, while you're up there doing aerial manoeuvres, if you hold down the up key and either the left or right arrows keys you'll be able to fly in a Zen-like undulating wave, in time reaching high enough to take out planes, although they don't count towards your feeding quota as there's no nutritional value - you need lifeforms. If you eat enough enemies fast enough a rampage moment will kick in, which, of course, just becomes an exciting bloodbath of panic and terror. (In practical terms the screen goes red and people scream more but I don't know that anything actually affects the gameplay.)

Effing Worms 2

After you complete each "feeding" (a wave) by eating the required number of enemies your score will be tallied and then you'll be presented with two options that will allow you to evolve and gain greater powers. Some are for show (should you be into that) while others have practical applications that make the game easier in the later levels.

As the game progresses the military (with the help of little boys with BB guns in frying-pan helmets) starts chucking more and more of its firepower at you (no problem: just eat it). It's possible that you might die either by being blasted too much, which reduces your hunger-bar life, or by succumbing to the hunger due to not eating the wave's required number of enemies in time. The latter can be avoided either if you opt for the evolutionary path that'll allow you to ignore the hunger or if you eat enemies fast enough, which replenishes your hunger bar.

Effing Worms 2

At this point you might be wondering about Effing Worms 1. Don't. It's basically Effing Worms 2 with horrible graphics and therefore not really worth playing. Effing Worms 2 is far superior and the graphics are cute (you read that right), with a few pop-culture references thrown in to entertain and amuse. The game uses parallax scrolling quite adeptly to give the game environment the illusion of depth as you really are just playing on a 2D field that scroll-loops endlessly.

The music is equally charming, with a horror/thriller lilt to it until you emerge from the ground. Then, as all hell breaks loose, the music changes to something more 80s-esque adrenalin pumping as the civilians start screaming and running away. As you return underground the music calms down while the people are slowly lulled back into their false sense of security.

This is a silly game that doesn't take itself seriously and can be completed in 15 minutes if you put your mind to it. The controls are easy to master and the game isn't at all taxing. Most importantly, it's fun.

Tags: #games, #horror

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brainwavez.org Opinion
Rating: 7/10
Time-Wasting Value: A few minutes per level and about 15 minutes to complete the game.
Learning Curve: Easy
Entertainment Value: 8/10
Replayability: 7/10

Key Facts: Effing Worms 2
Price: Free
Year: 2012 (3 July)
Genre: Action
Keywords: action, casual, horror
Resolution: 640x480
Requirements: Internet connection, Adobe Flash Player, web browser, mouse, keyboard
Developer: Effing Games
Programming: Rob Graeber
Art: Leigh Christian (3DLeigh)
Music: Symphony Of Specters

On The Internet
Rob Graeber:
Effing Games
Symphony Of Specters:
Official Site | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

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