2upGamers April: Call Of Duty, FIFA 13, Street Fighter, And Good Hope FM DJs Play Forza

Posted: 16 April 2013
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An atmosphere of intense concentration and some nail-biting close calls during a number of gaming challenges were counterbalanced by four Good Hope FM DJs enjoying the first MWEB GameZone Celebrity Challenge at April's 2upGamers event in Cape Town.

2upGamers is a casual get together of gamers in Cape Town that has been running for just over a year and which usually happens on the first Friday of each month. For the first year it skipped around at different venues all over the peninsula and the Northern Suburbs, partly because it kept outgrowing the venue sizes as it grew more popular, but now it has settled comfortably at Trinity in Green Point.

This month's event, which was held a little later than usual, last Friday, featured the first of an ongoing series of celebrity challenges, as well as tournaments for Call Of Duty: Black Ops II, FIFA 13, Street Fighter, and Tekken.

Events And Presentations
2upGamers April: Good Hope FM DJs
Above: Good Hope FM DJs Tamsyn Lee Brown, Ayanda Tini, Geri Olwagen, and Mixi.

At this month's event the MWEB GameZone Celebrity Challenge, which will be running for the next few months, was launched. Four DJs from Good Hope FM - Tamsyn Lee Brown, Ayanda Tini, Geri Olwagen, and Mixi - agreed to participate and set times on the Top Gear track in Forza 4 on the Xbox 360. Next month a another collection of celebrity guests will be invited to try to beat their times so that by the end of the challenge we'll have a full leaderboard of celebrity times. 2upGamers participants can also take part and set times for a separate challenge each month.

2upGamers April: Good Hope FM DJs

2upGamers April: Forza on the couch

Tamsyn Lee Brown (above), who is a gamer, set the fastest celebrity time at 1:29:420 and won an advanced driving course, as did 2upGamer Joey, who set the fastest attendee time of 1:18:700.

Most important, however, was that the DJs, some of whom had previously proclaimed not to be gamers, had fun, which is the whole point of 2upGamers - to promote gaming in an atmosphere that is welcoming to everyone, whether it's hard-core gamers intent on winning challenges, more casual gamers with very little experience who just enjoy gaming with their friends and having fun, or gamers who want to socialise with other gamers on the night.

2upGamers April: Genshiken.UCT Anime Club

Above: Zaid from Genshiken.UCT Anime Club.

Zaid and Aamina from Genshiken.UCT Anime Club introduced the society and spoke about some of the activities and events, focussing on anime and gaming, that will be happening later in the year. You can keep an eye on the web site and its forum for more information.

First-Person Shooter
2upGamers April: COD Tournament

The Call Of Duty: Black Ops II challenge, which was hosted by Zombie Gamer, comprised 18 two-man teams who participated in a search-and-destroy single-elimination tournament. You can read more about what happened over at Zombie Gamer.

2upGamers April: COD Tournament

The Wii U
2upGamers April
Above: The Wii U showcase.

Not everything was about challenges and tournaments - Assassin's Creed III was set up on a Wii U to allow people to play at their own pace and try out the new hardware: the Wii U Gamepad. Nintendo South Africa, via Core Group, has previously attended 2upGamers and at that event ran a Mario Kart challenge on the Nintendo 3DS XL. Hopefully there will be another one soon.

2upGamers April: Forza

Above: Good Hope FM DJ Tamsyn Lee Brown concentrates intensely to achieve a top lap time in Forza 4.

2upGamers April: EMA Tech

EMA Tech is a brand new local company that is importing and selling gamer gear, headphones, and peripherals. EMA's Andrew Botha set up a display stand at the event so that attendees could have a look at some of the merchandise from hardware manufacturers that included Roccat Studios, Razer, and Gunnar.

2upGamers April: Razer
Above: A Razer keyboard at the EMA Tech stand.

2upGamers April: Street Fighter
Above: Street Fighter 4.

Cape Town Showdown, a regular 2upGamers attendee that promotes and develops the fighting-game genre in South Africa, hosted both a Street Fighter 4 and Tekken Tag 2 tournament. Some of the more advanced gamers fought using a Fightstick, one of which was also given away as a prize.

2upGamers April: Street Fighter

2upGamers April
Above: FIFA 13.

eGamer hosted another FIFA 13 tournament in which 32 gamers competed for a cash prize of R1 500. The pool was reduced to semi finalists and then a final match between Mubeen and Morné. Mubeen won 4-2.

2upGamers April: FIFA 13

2upGamers April: The EFL Roster

Above: Glenn Alexander of 2upGamers and Good Hope FM DJ Geri Olwagen draw the roster for the upcoming EFL challenge.

Finally, Glenn Alexander of 2upGamers and Good Hope FM DJ Geri Olwagen ran the draw to decide the team assignments for The EFL's (Electronic Football League) closed beta, which is being held this Saturday, 20 April, at Lounge Relax Play in Canal Walk. The event, which is by invite only for the competitors as a first practice run for future events, will see 20 gamers playing a full English Premier League season on the day. Spectators are welcome.

2upGamers is held monthly in Cape Town. See the Facebook page and Twitter for more information, announcements, and to find out about registering for the next event.

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