Clash Of The Titles: Call Of Duty: Ghosts Faces Off Against Battlefield 4

Posted: 14 November 2013
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This month the latest games in two popular e-sports first-person-shooter franchises launched. To celebrate, MWEB GameZone in Cape Town hosted a showdown between the two to see which game - and its fans - would triumph.

'Tis the season for premium-title game events and launches. A month ago MWEB GameZone hosted a very successful FIFA 14 launch at the MCave in Cape Town and last week it celebrated the recent launches of first-person shooters Call Of Duty: Ghosts (Activision) and Battlefield 4 (EA Games) with a showdown event aptly named "Clash Of The Titles".

Clash Of The Titles: Call Of Duty: Ghosts Faces Off Against Battlefield 4

Pro gamers and fans, as well as journalists, were invited to try out the two titles and participate in a fans-versus-fans competition to see which game would come out on top. The lucky participants who gained access to the event did so via a Golden Ticket competition that was run in October.

Clash Of The Titles: Call Of Duty: Ghosts

Upon arrival Call Of Duty fans were given a black branded beanie and a black neck balaclava and Battlefield fans were given a camouflage cap and a green neck balaclava.

It felt a bit like a terrorist gathering... but for a good cause.

(That's obviously a joke, which I feel I need to point out because I am now worried I might be arrested by... some entity.)

Clash Of The Titles: Call Of Duty: Ghosts Faces Off Against Battlefield 4

Anyway, PCs and Xbox 360s were set up on either side of the MCave and the evening kicked off with the Call Of Duty gamers (and journalists) facing off against the Battlefield gamers (and journalists), first in a 15-minute free-for-all Search & Destroy tournament in Call Of Duty: Ghosts and then in a 15-minute free-for-all Defuse tournament in Battlefield 4.

The Call Of Duty fans won three Call Of Duty: Ghosts matches and the Battlefield fans won two Call Of Duty: Ghosts matches and one Battlefield 4 match, which tied the wins score to 3-3 after both 15-minute segments.

Clash Of The Titles: Battlefield 4

Next it was the turn of the evening's predetermined competition squads. There were two representing each game and they swapped in and out after each match. I watched the Battlefield teams compete in the last two matches between the squads, which were both Call Of Duty: Ghosts Search & Destroy games. The first match was incredibly close, with each side scoring back and forth while the Battlefield team quipped amusingly about the bad graphics and terrible controls - and then went on to win 6-5 anyway.

The teams switched for the final match, which was another one that was incredibly close with the wins once again bouncing back and forth. This time, however, the Call Of Duty players held their own and took the match 6-5.

Clash Of The Titles: Call Of Duty: Ghosts

The match scores were then totalled up. The Call Of Duty professionals won two Call Of Duty: Ghosts matches and two Battlefield 4 matches, while the Battlefield professionals won one Call Of Duty: Ghosts match and three Battlefield 4 matches. This resulted in a tied score of 4-4 and, added to the fan scores, a final score of 7-7.

Clash Of The Titles: Call Of Duty: Ghosts squad events

It was a surprise to everyone - Clash Of The Titles could not have had a result that was more benignly even - but it was still a great outcome because e-sports gaming ended up being the ultimate winner at an event where everyone had fun trying out the new games.

[ YouTube link ]

[ YouTube link ]

Read more about the event at MWEB GameZone and view its Facebook album for more photographs.

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