2upGamers End-Of-Year Wrapup

By: Mandy J Watson
Posted: 27 December 2013
Category: Features
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2upGamers ended off the year with two Trenchtown tournament days and an anniversary celebration for the community that featured showcases of popular games from 2013 - and a Couples Doubles event that, mercifully, didn't involve dancing.

Up first is November's events in Cape Town. It was a low key, but still busy, month for 2upGamers, with a Trenchtown event on the 23rd and a two-year-anniversary celebration a week later. I unfortunately missed the Trenchtown event as I was at two other functions that day and by the time I arrived at Trenchtown they had already packed up. The tournament comprised the first Call Of Duty: Ghosts event, plus a FIFA 14 competition and another free Injustice: Gods Among Us 1v1 event. You can read all about it at Zombiegamer and see Zombie's photo album from the day on Facebook.

2upGamers Two-Year Anniversary
2upGamers 2013 Wrapup

2upGamers celebrated two years in November with a gathering at the Southern Sun The Cullinan hotel on the foreshore in Cape Town.

Glenn Alexander, who started 2upGamers two years ago, spoke about the initiative and reminded us of some of the venues we've gathered in - everything from sports halls in Rondebosch, Newlands, and Parow to the University of Cape Town and, my personal favourite, Trinity night club in Cape Town - and thanked various people who have helped to make 2upGamers a success, including Clint, Astrid, and Dylan. He also reminded us that the community event is about giving back as well and that in 2014 2upGamers' new charity will be the Cape Town Society For The Blind. In the past it has supported initiatives such as the Peninsula School Feeding Association.

2upGamers 2013 Wrapup

It was then time for some gaming. The big event for the evening was a Couples Doubles competition but for those afraid of guitars and virtual bowling (or... er... playing with friends) there were Xbox 360s set up around the room with Call Of Duty: Ghosts, Forza 4, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and FIFA 14.

2upGamers 2013 Wrapup: FIFA 14

2upGamers 2013 Wrapup: Call Of Duty: Ghosts

These gaming stations allowed for fun free-for-all events and gave people a chance to try out some of the games that are usually the big draws at the e-sports tournaments. (It also gave them a chance to try out the games without getting their butts kicked by the pro players.)

2upGamers 2013 Wrapup: Guitar Hero

2upGamers 2013 Wrapup: Guitar Hero

2upGamers 2013 Wrapup: Guitar Hero

The Couples Doubles event comprised Guitar Hero on the Xbox 360 with guitar controllers and a 10-pin bowling game on the PlayStation 3 using the PlayStation Move controllers. Teams had to compete in both events and then their scores were added together to determine the winners, which I thought was an unequal way to do it as the Guitar Hero scores are massive and the bowling scores are tiny so you could conceivably still win the tournament even with an entire game of gutter balls.

2upGamers 2013 Wrapup: 10-pin bowling

2upGamers 2013 Wrapup: 10-pin bowling

Nevertheless, the teams seemed to enjoy the competition although the term "couple" is no longer accurate (it just rhymes well and makes for some good jokes). Initially Couples Doubles was designed as a couples event for casual fun amongst the more intense competitive gaming when it debuted in May, and to give gamers a chance to have a gaming evening out together with their girlfriend or boyfriend, but now it really is about pairing up with any gaming friend to compete in a competition and have fun as a team rather than as an individual.

2upGamers 2013 Wrapup: Star Wars Tiny Death Star

(In case you're wondering what I was doing, I got distracted playing Star Wars Tiny Death Star on a Nokia Lumia 1020 I'm busy testing - but hey, gaming is gaming. As an aside, the bowling picture above the Star Wars Tiny Death Star photograph was taken with the Nokia Lumia 1020.)

2upGamers 2013 Wrapup: Couples Doubles winners

At the end of the evening Glenn manifested two large trophies to give to the winners of the Couples Doubles events, Hanko and Quinton, who had a combined score of 232259. Second were Sharl and Derryn with a score of 201099, and Kenzi and Nico were third with a score of 133188. (They are all pictured above with Dylan and Astrid, who ran the tournament.)

That wrapped up a really enjoyable event, in a comfortable room that had lots of seating (and amazing hotel bathrooms just around the corner), with the only down side being the hotel's ridiculous menu prices for both food and drinks - I paid R14 for a 200ml Coke (for perspective, you can buy two litres for about R12/R13 at a supermarket when it's on special, which seems to be most of the time) to go with an even more expensive shot of rum.

I think, for that reason, it's unlikely that there will be more 2upGamers events there so we'll have to see what's in store for 2014. The venue hunt is always a nightmare and has been the reason that some community gatherings have had to be postponed or cancelled - usually because the venue has let Glenn down after he thought an agreement was in place. Let's hope that Cape Town can do better next year!

(Read Zombiegamer's anniversary report here and view the Facebook photo album here.)

Trenchtown December
2upGamers Trenchtown December: FIFA 14

2upGamers' final event for the year was a Trenchtown e-sports event held in mid December, which featured FIFA 14, a free-for-all Halo 4 individual tournament, and Injustice: Gods Among Us. The event was scheduled weeks beforehand so it was a surprise to everyone that FIFAChamps then decided to schedule a FIFA 14 tournament on the same day, which resulted in the community, disappointingly, but understandably, being split between the two tournaments.

The FIFA 14 tournament was adapted to a double elimination, home and away event and comprised nine players. Asheer Dollie powered through on the winners' bracket to meet Sean from the losers' bracket in the final, where Asheer won the two-match event 4-3 on aggregate. (View the full results here.)

2upGamers Trenchtown December: Injustice: Gods Among Us

The Injustice: Gods Among Us tournament, played on the Xbox 360, was once again free to enter, and also comprised nine gamers. Each round was a best-of-three attempt with the winners moving along in the brackets. Gamers were free to pick any character they wanted for each match.

2upGamers Trenchtown December: Injustice: Gods Among Us

I watched most of Tim's matches (Tim is pictured above, on the left) as he powered through his bracket playing most of his matches as Superman, which is an unusual choice in that Superman isn't one of the more popular characters to use but he can be very effective if you know how to... play with him properly. When Tim eventually faced Warren Green, however, he switched characters and that broke his win streak, with Warren taking the matchup 2-0 to meet Jody in the final.

2upGamers Trenchtown December: Injustice: Gods Among Us

The first match in the final saw Warren opting for the Stryker's Island arena, while Jody wanted Atlantis, and the game's random draw picked Stryker's Island. Warren played as The Joker, while Jody picked Catwoman. The Joker gained an early lead and kept lobbing grenades and taking shots at Catwoman, who was soon outclassed and then decimated by The Joker's super move, which involves a pie in the face and more guns, resulting in Warren taking the first match. He obviously has a lot of experience playing as The Joker and has mastered the character.

In the second match Warren decided to stick with The Joker, while Jody switched to Sinestro, who is a very strong character if you know how to use him. This time Warren chose the Arkham Asylum arena, while Jody picked the Watchtower, and, once again, Warren's luck held and his area was chosen by the randomisation system. Once again The Joker took an early lead and Sinestro never got anywhere (my notes from the day just say "absolute massacre"), resulting in another win, and tournament honours, for Warren.

2upGamers Trenchtown December: Halo 4

The Halo 4 tournament comprised 11 players each playing individually in nine matches for cumulative kill totals. The top eight players then went through to a three-match final.

2upGamers Trenchtown December: Halo 4

That sounds simple but on paper it looked like Dylan's hieroglyphics above, which were too complicated for Challonge (or my brain).

2upGamers Trenchtown December: Halo 4

In the nine-match round Pupsky, the favourite, won each match with a large margin, assuring him a place in the final. Ziyaad also did well, placing second in most of the matches. It was a close call for some of the other players, however, and often came down to a handful of points.

2upGamers Trenchtown December: Halo 4

The final, featuring the top eight of Pupsky, Ziyaad, Capital Gainz, Dashburner, Sokies, Stefan, Pen6uin 2000, and Griffin, comprised three maps and the highest cumulative total determined the overall winner. Once again Pupsky demonstrated his skill, with a score of 139 (48, 44, and 47), with Ziyaad placing a distant second with a score of 97 (33, 29, and 35) and Capital Gainz, a gamer all the way from Knysna, scoring 85 (32, 22, and 31). All three won cash and gaming prizes.

That brought us to the end of the 2upGamers events for 2013 - and what a fantastic gaming year it has been. Congratulations to Glenn, Clint, Dylan, and Astrid for organising the events and making sure they run smoothly. Special thanks, also, to the gamers for giving me some interesting matches to write about.

Keep an eye on the 2upGamers Facebook page and Twitter feed for upcoming events. The next Trenchtown e-sports event has been scheduled for 18 and 19 January (respectively, Call Of Duty: Ghosts 4v4, and FIFA 14 and Injustice: Gods Among Us).

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