2upGamers January E-Sports Roundup

By: Mandy J Watson
Posted: 29 January 2014
Category: Features
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In January, at the 2upGamers e-sports events in Cape Town, Call Of Duty: Ghosts was a featured tournament for the second time and FIFA players were given another day (almost) all to themselves.

2upGamers e-sports got off to a great start this year with a two-day event at Trenchtown in Observatory, Cape Town. First up, on Saturday the 18th, was a Call Of Duty: Ghosts 4v4 team tournament, followed by individual FIFA 14 and Injustice: Gods Among Us tournaments on the Sunday.

Call Of Duty: Ghosts
2upGamers January E-Sports Roundup

This time the 2upGamers team decided to run the event the same way they do in the US, so the entire winners' bracket was run first, followed by the losers' bracket. The losing team in the winners' bracket semifinal was then assigned a place in the losers' bracket semifinal. The winner of that semifinal was then placed against the winners' bracket finalist to determine the outcome of the competition. As per usual, in order to win, the losers' bracket finalist would have to win two finals matches against the winners' bracket finalist, while the winners' bracket finalist would only need to win one finals match to secure victory.

The team also did some experimenting with Twitch.tv streaming, which was partly successful - there was an issue with the sound that they struggled to resolve - so friends and fans were able to watch some of the action streamed live over the Internet.

2upGamers January E-Sports Roundup

Here's what happened on the day:

With a cap of 12 teams for the competition, a few were left disappointed that they couldn't participate this time around. The tournament was run on the Xbox 360 and each competition pairing comprised a series of matches - a Domination, Blitz, and Search & Destroy event, each on one of five maps (Freight, Octane, Sovereign, Strikezone, and Warhawk) - to determine the winner.

2upGamers January E-Sports Roundup

LOST (pictured below), comprising gamers TheW0Rm, W3RN3R, SaMuRaI ChIcKoN, and shibobo, beat teams FLS, ViNCO, and High 5 to meet AA Gaming (pictured above) in the winners' bracket final. AA Gaming, which beat Opulence and Concept Gaming to reach the final, was an amalgamation of gamers from two highly ranked teams: Hazardz and Damage from Team Adept and Viper and Frost from Team Astra. (I wrote about one of their epic Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 encounters in October last year.)

AA Gaming beat LOST to secure its place in the tournament final and LOST, in turn, was assured a place in the losers' bracket final. The rest of the teams were then given a chance to fight their way through the losers' bracket competition to meet LOST in the final, the winner of which would face AA Gaming.

2upGamers January E-Sports Roundup

Team Agency, Concept Gaming, High 5, and Opulence were strong contenders, with Opulence, which had originally been beaten by AA Gaming in the winners' bracket round of the competition, ultimately making it through to the match against LOST.

Opulence, which comprised team members Savage, Apex Predator, Brutal, and Phenom, fought valiantly and ultimately was the better team. Therefore it went on to face AA Gaming once again, this time in the best-of-five final.

In the final Opulence only lost the Domination match by a small margin but AA Gaming's experience then began to show and it comfortably won both the Search & Destroy and Blitz events (therefore the final Search & Destroy and Domination events didn't need to be played) and took the tournament and a prize amount of R1600, with Damage and Apex Predator both receiving a special tournament MVP award. [ Full results ]

[ Youtube link ]

This event was valuable experience for AA Gaming's Hazardz and Damage, as they, as well as the rest of their team, Team Adept, will be participating in the invite-only Afrihost Call of Duty: Ghosts Invitational tournament in Johannesburg this Saturday.

An Aside: Trenchtown - You're A Disappointment
Update: In February when I was back at Trenchtown covering the e-sports events the manager came to speak to me about the "service fee" and told me that it was a practice that had been going on without his knowledge and when he found out he put a stop to it. He apologised, which I really appreciate, and said customers must just ask to speak to him should this happen again.

(Should you be in the area, I highly recommend the chilli poppers - just tell the waiter you want the sauce as well as they sometimes forget to add it to the takeaway order.)

I experienced an unpleasant customer-service issue at Trenchtown while I was covering the Call Of Duty: Ghosts event and it has completely soured me to the restaurant.

Trenchtown's ridiculous service feeTrenchtown makes good chilli poppers (usually - I once had a really dud order) so I often order them to take away with me when I leave. This time, however, for some reason I was charged a mandatory R4.20 (10%) "service fee" for the takeaway.

When I queried it I got some sob story about how the waiters have to pay the kitchen 2% and it comes out of their salary, or something, none of which made much sense, and I was told that this fee has always been in place.

Except it hasn't. In a year of ordering these to go I've never been charged a service fee - unless someone secretly built it into the price and didn't say anything. In South Africa 10% is what you give when you've had adequate to good service at a restaurant having a sit-down meal that lasts hours. In contrast, I placed a takeaway order with a waiter (who paid attention after two others had ignored me), stood around waiting for it, a second waiter dropped it off for me from the kitchen, and a third waiter processed the payment.

For that I'm supposed to pay a service fee? I may not spend a lot of money at Trenchtown but I can guarantee that I will never spend any money there ever again. Your "service fee" is rubbish.

FIFA 14 And Injustice: Gods Among Us
2upGamers January E-Sports Roundup

The FIFA 14 and Injustice: Gods Among Us tournaments were held the next day, on Sunday the 19th. It turns out that Sundays are not good days for FIFA players, due to family and church commitments, so there were fewer players than expected and I suspect that after this second Sunday experiment 2upGamers will return to holding these tournaments on Saturdays.

Nevertheless, 18 dedicated gamers still entered, with eight players on the PlayStation 3 and 10 on the Xbox 360. There was also a separate PlayStation 4 tournament (pictured above and below; see the results here) that was free to enter and held just for fun so that the gamers could try out the game on the new console.

2upGamers January E-Sports Roundup

Regular faces fared well on both competition consoles. On the PlayStation 3 (results) Mubeen Gaffoor won, with Talieb coming second, and on the Xbox 360 (results) Andrew-Lee Tobias won, with Yazeed Dollie placing second. This meant that Mubeen and Andrew would face each other in the final with a match on each console, and Talieb and Yazeed would compete in the 3rd/4th playoff, also with a match on each console.

As both the final and the 3rd/4th playoff matches were held at the same time I chose to watch Mubeen and Andrew compete in the finals. All four players frequently do well in the competition so the spectators were sure to be treated to some skilled gameplay, no matter which pairing they chose to watch.

2upGamers January E-Sports Roundup

The first match of the final was held on the PlayStation 3 (pictured above), which is Mubeen's home console. He opted to play as FC Bayern München AG in a 4-1-4-1 formation, while Andrew chose Real Madrid CF in a 4-4-2 diamond wide formation.

The match got off to a solid but uneventful start, with both players demonstrating good footwork and passing but neither managing to get anywhere at the goals until the 22nd minute, when Andrew had a shot at the goal that missed. Three game minutes later, at the other end of the field, Mubeen attempted to score (though it was a bit of an outside chance) and he, too, was unsuccessful but then in the 30th minute a kick from the corner to a well positioned player in the goal area saw the ball head straight into the net, resulting in a score of 1-0.

Mubeen was then on a roll and in the 39th minute the ball was manoeuvred by the players from the far side side of the field all the way across, and back, before Mubeen found the net yet again for a score of 2-0.

Once again in the second half there was lots of passing and the two players planned and manoeuvred but with no clear paths through the defences for most of the game. In the 85th minute Andrew's shot at the goal just missed but he recovered quickly and found the net in the 86th minute, bringing the score to 2-1.

A few minutes of extra time were awarded but he was, unfortunately, unable to equalise and Mubeen therefore won the match 2-1.

2upGamers January E-Sports Roundup

The players then switched to the Xbox 360 (pictured above). Once again Mubeen picked FC Bayern and the 4-1-4-1 formation and Andrew opted for Real Madrid and the 4-4-2 diamond wide formation.

With the pressure on for Andrew to score, and this being his home console, the action intensified in this game. In the 5th minute Mubeen made an early attempt to score but missed and then in the 22nd minute it was Andrew's turn to try but the ball bounced off a nearby player. Two game minutes later he tried again but once more luck was not with him and he just missed. In the 28th minute a third attempt looked like it had succeeded but it, too, shot past the goal just on the outside of the net.

In the 37th minute Mubeen also just missed another shot and then soon after the players were sent into three minutes of extra time. During this period he succeeded, getting the score to 1-0 at the close of the first half.

The second half opened with more excellent gameplay and passing and then in the 56th minute Mubeen scored again, bringing the score to 2-0. Although he was now well ahead it didn't slow him down and he attempted two more shots at the goal in the 72nd and 74th minutes, although neither were successful.

Meanwhile, time was running out for Andrew. He made a valiant attempt in the 81st minute but, again, his luck just wasn't there and the ball missed, to everyone's disbelief and frustration.

Five game minutes later Mubeen was at it again and scored for a third time bringing in the ball from the corner to a well grouped selection of players at the goal, one of whom shot it straight into the net.

2upGamers January E-Sports Roundup

No more goals were scored after that, making Mubeen very decisively the tournament winner with 3-0 in the game and 5-1 on aggregate, leaving Andrew with second place and Talieb, who beat Yazeed 4-2 on aggregate in their matches, in third.

Meanwhile the Injustice: Gods Among Us tournament, which comprised a disappointing six players, was held in the background during the afternoon and often had to be paused, mainly because most of the entrants were competing in the FIFA tournament and the matchups had to wait until the FIFA players became available between rounds. Warren was the eventual victor and you can see the full results here.

2upGamers January E-Sports Roundup

Once again it was a very eventful weekend of e-sports gaming, well organised by the 2upGamers team of Glenn Alexander, Clint O'Shea, Dylan Rosser, and Astrid Lochner.

The next 2upGamers e-sports event is likely to be held on Saturday 15 February 2014. Keep an eye on Zombiegamer and 2upGamers' Twitter and Facebook pages for details. For more coverage of the January events, visit Zombiegamer and MWEB GameZone.

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