Trenchtown E-Sports Roundup: February And March

By: Mandy J Watson
Posted: 4 April 2014
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In February two players deftly dominated Halo 4 - no matter what everyone else threw at them - and in March an extended FIFA 14 tournament final ended in an unexpected manner.

February and March saw two quiet e-sports gaming events taking place at Trenchtown in Cape Town but many FIFA 14 players, especially, still gathered to support the tournaments even though Cape Town has now become saturated with events. Clint O'Shea from Zombiegamer, who is 2upGamers' e-sports head, organised both events but with the help of the Zombiegamer team so it doesn't really seem as if 2upGamers is doing much in the Cape Town gaming community anymore, as the monthly community events seemed to run out of steam after the two-year anniversary event in November. We'll have to see what happens in the coming months.

Trenchtown E-Sports Roundup: February And March

February: Halo 4 And FIFA 14
In February the main event was a Halo 4 2v2 team event and there was also a FIFA 14 competition. Unfortunately both tournaments were poorly attended, possibly because the event happen the day after Valentine's Day, in the middle of a heatwave, all of which might have resulted in people choosing either to stay home or go outside and enjoy the weather. Consequently, a planned Injustice: Gods Among Us tournament was cancelled because only one player pitched.

Only four teams (therefore eight players) entered the Halo 4 event so it was over before I got there to cover the proceedings. The tournament was organised as a round robin best of five, and you can see final results at Challonge.

Gamers Pupsky and Jsharp joined forces as "Team PupSharp" and turned out to be a formidable team that easily won the tournament, with SKGD Knights taking the runner-up position. Team PupSharp was so good, in fact, that after the tournament a casual game was set up with Team PupSharp as the one team and the remaining six players joining forces as the other team. Although theoretically that should have been a challenge Team PupSharp still won!

Trenchtown E-Sports Roundup: February And March

The FIFA 14 tournament comprised seven Xbox 360 players and five PlayStation 3 players so each group played in round robin tournaments (one for the Xbox 360 players [ results ] and two for the PlayStation 3 players [ round 1, round 2 ]), rather than an elimination event.

The top two from each group - Morne and Yazeed on the Xbox 360 and Sean and Mubeen on the PlayStation 3 - then headed to the finals, which comprised a round robin tournament on the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3, and the PlayStation 4.

Trenchtown E-Sports Roundup: February And March

After this the maths gets complicated so I don't know how Clint figured everything out but the results are here: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4. Ultimately Mubeen Gaffoor (pictured above on the left) triumphed, winning himself R750, and Yazeed Dollie (right) came second and earned R250.

You can view Zombiegamer's Facebook album for more photos from the day.

In February the manager of Trenchtown also came to speak to me about the "service fee" issue that I highlighted in the January roundup, which I have now updated to reflect what happened.

March: FIFA 14
The March event was solely devoted to FIFA 14 and featured a double elimination event for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Both groups had 10 competitors.

On the Xbox 360 side [ results ] Grant Morgan and Yazeed Dollie met each other in the winners' bracket semifinal, which Grant won, sending Yazeed to the losers' bracket final where he competed against Ismail, won, and then bounced back into the winners' bracket to face Grant again. To win the tournament Yazeed had to beat Grant twice in the Xbox 360 final to triumph, as per double elimination rules, which he did. The two then went through to the tournament final.

In the PlayStation 3 tournament [ results ] Mubeen Gaffoor met Jayson in the winners' bracket semifinal. Jayson won 4-2, sending Mubeen into the losers' bracket final, where he faced LordAqeel. Mubeen also won and returned to the winners' bracket to face Jayson again. Mubeen triumphed 2-1 in the first match against Jayson but lost 2-0 in the second, giving Jayson the PlayStation 3 tournament win. The two players then went on to meet Grant and Yazeed in the semifinals.

Trenchtown E-Sports Roundup: February And March

In the semifinals [ results ], which comprised home and away games on each console, Grant was pitted against Mubeen and Yazeed had to face Jayson. Grant scored 2-0 against Mubeen in both matches and Yazeed lost 0-1 to Jayson in his first match but won 2-0 in his second and therefore went through to the final.

Since the final was therefore an all Xbox 360-gamer event, they stuck to the Xbox 360 and just alternated calling a match a home or away match for aggregate-points purposes.

In the first match Yazeed played as the home team and chose Real Madrid. Grant played as Brazil. In the first half there were numerous attempts at the goal but neither team succeeded, instead only managing a few very close calls.

After half time, with the score still at 0-0, the gamers once again had numerous shots at the goal that just missed until the 88th minute, when Grant managed to kick the ball straight over Yazeed's goalie and into the goal, for a score of 1-0. Although two minutes of stoppage time were added Yazeed wasn't able to equalise so the match ended at 1-0 to Grant.

In the second match Grant played as the home team. Both gamers picked the same teams again and prepped with lineup substitutions before the match began.

Once again it was an even match with neither player able to get the upper hand and some expert scoring attempts foiled by some skilled goalie work. After half time the play became a little messier, notably at the goal areas, but neither player was able to score. It seemed as if Grant, with his previous last-minute win, was going to take the tournament but then, in a surprise upset that once again took place in the 88th minute, a terrible scramble at the goal resulted in what I think was an own goal caused by Brazil, which gave Yazeed the lead at 1-0.

Again there was no more progress during the few minutes of stoppage time, and therefore Yazeed won 1-0.

This left the tournament in a bit of a predicament as each player had won their away game with a score of 1-0, making it dead even. After a discussion it was decided that they would play another game as a way to determine an outcome as the console game's programming doesn't have any mechanism in place to deal with this kind of scenario.

Yazeed entered the new game more focussed and managed to score in the 14th minute. In the 20th minute Neymar received a yellow card for Brazil, giving Yazeed a free kick that was thwarted by Brazil's defence. Two minutes later, however, Grant was able to score via Silva, bringing the result to 1-1. In the 41st minute a well-placed kick by Ronaldo bounced off Grant's goalie into the corner of the goal, giving Yazeed the lead once again at 2-1.

Four minutes of stoppage time were added before half time and then the pressure was on Grant to score, which he deftly did, via Luiz, bringing the result to 2-2.

The play after that got messier and the gamers, Grant in particular, seemed tired and were distracted (by a soccer match on TV). No further progress was made by either player and the match ended on the 2-2 draw.

Trenchtown E-Sports Roundup: February And March

It had been a long day and therefore it was decided to award Yazeed first place based on the away goal rule as in the final match he had played as the away team, so Grant came second. Mubeen placed third, having beaten Jayson in the third/fourth playoff. The four finalists are pictured above with a gamer who came all the way from East London and eventually placed fifth, if I recall correctly, in the tournament.

View Zombiegamer's Facebook album for more photos from the day.

Arts And Crafts At Trenchtown
March's tournament coincided with the arts and crafts market that is regularly held on Saturdays at Trenchtown so I took a couple of photos of that too because the various stands had some fun products for sale.

Trenchtown E-Sports Roundup: February And March

Krafts By Witch Knight (Facebook) sells handcrafted bags, cushions, accessories, and jewellery by Emma Knight.

Trenchtown E-Sports Roundup: February And March

Astrid Lochner, of Rebel Monkey Photography (Facebook) sells wares by a few people and paints small anime- and gaming-related portraits, as well as abstract works.

The next Trenchtown e-sports event will be taking place on 26 April and will feature a free Gears Of War 3 Wingman (2v2v2v2) event on the Xbox 360. Find out more and register at Zombiegamer, which will be running the tournament.

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