E-Sports Report: FIFA 15 R10K Tournament At Trenchtown

By: Mandy J Watson
Posted: 22 December 2014
Category: Features
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A massive first-prize payout of R10 000 tempted gamers from all over South Africa to a FIFA 15 tournament at Trenchtown but the challenge wasn't just going to be beating some very skilled opponents - Eskom was threatening to initiate load shedding in the middle of the event, which could potentially derail the tournament.

E-Sports Report: FIFA 15 R10K Tournament At Trenchtown

Eighty FIFA 15 players, including two from Johannesburg, but sadly no women, met at Trenchtown, in Cape Town, on a Saturday this month to compete in a 1v1 tournament that offered a first prize of R10 000 and a second prize of R1000.

The tournament was organised by the team from Zombiegamer using eight Xbox 360s and eight Xbox Ones, courtesy of MWEB and Microsoft. The event happened to occur in the middle of some of the worst load shedding days, with Trenchtown sitting in a region that frequently lost power at 14:00, so the team had an extra challenge for the day to ensure that the competition ran smoothly and no time was lost. It organised for generators to take over that could manage eight consoles in the event that the power was switched off and made sure that everything was set up by 13:55 for the power to cut out at 14:00 but, thankfully, the electricity remained on for the duration of the event, which was just as well as a cable snapped on one of the generators, making it inoperable.

The tournament took the form of a single-elimination event with each pairing playing a home and away game for an aggregate score. In the event of a tie the away goals carried more weight. The tournament was set up for 128 players, with gamers randomly assigned a slot, so a number were able to skip through the first round on a bye. The rest were whittled down until the second round started with 64 players.

Play continued for the next few hours until it reached the semifinals, which featured some familiar faces: Mubeen Gaffoor faced off against Yazeed Dollie while Mikaeel Dollie (no relation) faced off against Jayson Morgan.

E-Sports Report: FIFA 15 R10K Tournament At Trenchtown
Above: Yazeed Dollie playing against Mubeen Gaffoor.
The matchup between Mubeen and Yazeed saw both players opting to play as FCB (Barcelona). The first game was played on the Xbox One, with Mubeen as the away team. The match was largely uneventful as the gamers are well matched, and it ended in a 0-0 draw. The next game was played on the Xbox 360 with Yazeed as the away player. Again the match was largely uneventful, although Yazeed managed a goal in the 59th minute, putting the pressure on Mubeen who was the home player and therefore would need to score two goals to win. In the 82nd minute he equalised but, unfortunately, could not manage more and the match ended on a 1-1 draw and 1-1 on aggregate, with Yazeed going through to the finals due to the away-goal rule.

At the same time Jayson Morgan and Mikaeel Dollie were battling it out for the other place in the final. Both players opted for Real Madrid and played their first match on the Xbox 360, with Jayson playing as the away team. In the 80th minute Jayson finally managed to score, ultimately winning the game 1-0. As with the other semifinal the two players were evenly matched, which resulted in very little scoring action but lots of even, close play and subdued emotions (unlike the usual outbursts in Call Of Duty tournaments) as the two concentrated hard on the game.

E-Sports Report: FIFA 15 R10K Tournament At Trenchtown
Above: Mikaeel Dollie playing against Jayson Morgan.
The two then switched to the Xbox One for their final match, with Mikaeel now playing as the away team. This proved to be one of the most exciting matches of the day as both players upped their game and began to battle it out on the field for the second spot in the final. The first goal was scored, by Mikaeel, in the 3rd minute, which he followed a while later with a second in the 19th minute, finally putting the pressure on Jayson, who scored soon after and then equalised in the 34th minute. After half time the pressure was now on Mikaeel to find the net but Jayson scored again in the 64th minute, bringing the score to 3-2 to Jayson. Mikaeel was not ready to concede defeat and instead fought back, scoring three minutes later. Jayson scored again five minutes later and a final time in the 90th minute, bringing the final score to 5-3 and a convincing win for Jayson after a slow start for both gamers.

The third and fourth playoff event saw Mubeen duking it out with Mikaeel, first on the Xbox 360 with Mubeen playing as the home team. Unsurprisingly, Mubeen chose to play as FCB and Mikaeel opted for REA. After a long period of even play Mubeen scored in the 22nd minute and then again in the 44th minute as a penalty kick bounced off the Real Madrid goalie as he dived and into the net. Three minutes after half time Mikaeel came back to score, bringing the total to 2-1 to Mubeen but giving Mikaeel a boost due to the away-game rule. In the 57th minute Mikaeel adjusted his squad but unfortunately it wasn't enough and after a lot more even play Mubeen scored again in the 83rd minute to bring the final score to 3-1.

E-Sports Report: FIFA 15 R10K Tournament At Trenchtown
Above: The third/fourth playoff: Mikaeel Dollie versus Mubeen Gaffoor.
The gamers then switched to the Xbox One, with Mikaeel playing as the home team. In the fifth minute Mikaeel scored but soon after Mubeen equalised, and then scored again in the 23rd minute, bringing the score to 2-1 to Mubeen. There was, once again, a lot of even play, bar a thwarted penalty kick, until the 87th minute, when Mikaeel finally equalised. His achievement was shortlived, however, as Mubeen scored for a final time during the five minutes of stoppage time, bringing the match's score to 3-2 and the aggregate score to 5-4 to Mubeen and giving Mubeen third place in the tournament.

The final, featuring Jayson and Yazeed, was run at the same time as the playoff, with Jayson once again playing as Real Madrid and Yazeed opting for FCB. The first match was played on the Xbox One, with Yazeed as the home player. Yazeed was quick to score in the fourth minute but soon after Jayson equalised and then scored again in the 30th minute after a free kick, and then he scored for a third time in the 40th minute.

After half time it was up to Yazeed to make some moves, with Jayson at a 3-1 and away-team advantage but it took him until the 54th minute to do so, with a beautiful shot at the goal that planted itself firmly in the corner. Unfortunately that was all he was able to achieve and Jayson won the match 3-2.

The final match was played on the Xbox 360, with Jayson as the home team. With so much money on the line it was crucial that both players had their perfect squad so there was a lot of substitution of players and rearranging of team lineups in preparation for the match. Play was quite even at the beginning until the 19th minute, when Jayson managed to score. The rest of the half and much of the second half were again characterised by even play. It was a joy to watch the skilled footwork, passing, and interceptions of both gamers, though both were struggling to get the upper hand. In the 76th minute there was again a flurry of activity as both players rearranged their squads and substituted players for the final few minutes of the match. The strategy proved successful for Jayson, who scored again in the 80th minute via Ronaldo. Sadly, Yazeed was unable to come back and, after one minute of stoppage time, Jayson became the match winner at 2-0 and the tournament winner with a score of 5-4 against Yazeed.

E-Sports Report: FIFA 15 R10K Tournament At Trenchtown
Above: Yazeed Dollie came second and won R1000.
After a quick break it was time for the prize giving, in which Yazeed Dollie was awarded R1000 for coming second and Jayson Morgan, who is only 15 years old, was awarded his well deserved R10 000 for besting 79 players and winning the tournament.

E-Sports Report: FIFA 15 R10K Tournament At Trenchtown
Above: Jayson Morgan won the tournament.
For more coverage of the event read Zombie Dredd's tournament report at the Zombiegamer web site and the team's photo album for the day on its Facebook page.

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