E-Sports Report: End-Of-Year FIFA 15 2v2 Tournament At Trenchtown

By: Mandy J Watson
Posted: 9 January 2015
Category: Features
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Cape Town's e-sports tournaments for 2014 wound down with a FIFA 15 team event at Trenchtown that featured both Xbox and PlayStation consoles and a decent number of teams vying for a respectable first prize.

E-Sports Report: End-Of-Year FIFA 15 2v2 Tournament At Trenchtown

To round off the e-sports year at Trenchtown, in Observatory, Cape Town, and the fantastic FIFA 15 R10K tournament a (slightly) more demure two-player-team event was held just before Christmas by FifaChamps, in collaboration with Zombiegamer, although the first prize was still a decent amount, at R2000, with R1000 offered for second place.

Twenty-one teams, totalling 42 players, turned out for the event, which comprised home and away games with aggregate scores determining the winners that would move on to later rounds. The event started with the teams divided into three groups of five and one group of six, where they battled it out on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles to make it to the knockout stages, which comprised the top two teams from each group.

After that the teams were whittled down to the finals, which featured the brothers Anees and Naaib Vawda taking on another team of brothers, Yazeed and Asheer Dollie. Yazeed Dollie placed second in the FIFA 15 R10K tournament and regularly does well in FIFA tournaments so it was no surprise to see him in one of the top two teams.

E-Sports Report: End-Of-Year FIFA 15 2v2 Tournament At Trenchtown
Above: The Dollie brothers (centre, wearing grey and red) take on the Vawda brothers (right, wearing yellow and blue) on the PlayStation 4.
The first match was held on a PlayStation 4 with both teams opting to play as Real Madrid and the Vawda brothers playing as the home team. Play was pretty even and uneventful until the 23rd minute, when the Vawda brothers scored. The match continued to be uneventful until the 48th minute, when the brothers scored for a second time and then nearly managed a third goal in the 56th minute. Surprisingly most of the action of the match took place in the Vawda brother's goal area yet the Dollie brothers were never able to score and in the 74th minute they even embarrassingly earned a yellow card.

With the match ending at 2-0 to the Vawda brothers things were looking a little dire for the Dollie brothers but the second match was to be held on their turf - the Xbox platform, in this case an Xbox 360 - which meant that anything could happen. The pressure was on, however, as the Vawda brothers were now two points up and playing as the away team so any goal in this second match would count even more so in their favour.

E-Sports Report: End-Of-Year FIFA 15 2v2 Tournament At Trenchtown
Above: The second match of the final, between the Vawda brothers, left, and the Dollie brothers, right, was held on the Xbox 360.
Again both teams opted to play as Real Madrid and there was a lot of squad rearranging by both teams before the match began to ensure that they had the optimal setup. The first half of the match featured more even play but nothing particularly eventful bar a yellow card that was awarded to one of the Ronaldos (I'm not sure which) and at half time the score was still 0-0.

During half time there was more squad rearranging by both teams and then, back on the field, the match was finally on. The Dollie brothers stepped up, wasting no time to score, via Toni Kroos, in the 51st minute. Then it was Ronaldo's turn in the 55th minute, followed by Gareth Bale in the 60th minute. Just like that the tide had turned and the Dollie brothers were in the lead with a match score of 3-0, although even one goal by the Vawda brothers would push them to a loss on aggregate so it didn't mean they could rest after their very swift scoring achievement, two goals of which were scored by Yazeed Dollie.

The Vawda brothers, meanwhile, jumped into more squad rearranging as soon as the third goal had been scored in an effort to improve their game, and it may have helped as a fourth attempt by the Dollie brothers to score, in the 66th minute, was thwarted by the Vawda brothers' goalie. After that the Vawda brothers had only one decent shot at scoring, in the 72nd minute, which turned into a bit of a physics farce as the ball just missed the inside of the goal and instead hit a side post, bounced back towards the players, and bounced off a player and straight towards the goal, where, unfortunately, the Dollie brother's goalie was now waiting to catch it.

E-Sports Report: End-Of-Year FIFA 15 2v2 Tournament At Trenchtown

That was the last memorable action of the match, which finally ended with the score still at 3-0, and the Dollie brothers taking the tournament with 3-2 on aggregate.

E-Sports Report: End-Of-Year FIFA 15 2v2 Tournament At Trenchtown

With that, Trenchtown's official e-sports events for the year came to a close. I haven't posted about many of the tournaments, though I did attend them, but I can attest to the fact that 2014 was a busy year, almost entirely due to the efforts of the Zombiegamer team, with a wide variety of games in play, both as official paid-entry tournaments and as casual free events for everyone to enjoy. Games have ranged from the staples, such as FIFA 14/FIFA 15, Call Of Duty: Ghost/Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Gears Of War 3, and Halo 4 to a wide variety of other games, from many other genres, including Plants Versus Zombies: Garden Warfare, Titanfall, Forza Motorsport 4/Forza Motorsport 5, Destiny, Killer Instinct, Alien: Isolation, DriveClub, and Kinect Star Wars.

It's been an interesting selection and the more welcoming format of the T-Fest events, which were introduced midway through 2014 to allow casual players to try out new games for free without the intimidation of having to take part in a tournament, meant that many more games were on offer for people to experience and enjoy.

We'll be covering e-sports events more vigilantly this year so look out for future posts on the site, starting with highlights of tomorrow's Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare team tournament that's taking place at Kamimodo eSports Cafe in Observatory, which the help of Zombiegamer.

Read Zombiegamer's roundup of the FifaChamps 2v2 FIFA 15 tournament here and view the photo album from the day on Facebook here.

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