Battlefield Hardline Launches In Cape Town At MWEB GameZone

By: Mandy J Watson
Posted: 8 April 2015
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To celebrate the release of Battlefield Hardline, the latest instalment in the Battlefield series of first-person shooters, MWEB GameZone hosted a launch party last month at the MCave in Cape Town that featured multiplayer action and lots of prizes, as well as goodie bag loot and spot giveaways.

Battlefield Hardline Launches In Cape Town At MWEB GameZone

Gamers (and any interested journalists) were invited to form teams of five to compete for one of six mystery prizes at the recent launch of Battlefield Hardline at MWEB GameZone's MCave in Cape Town. Some gamers had come prepared, with their teams all set and ready for action, while others happily formed a ragtag association by writing their names down on the night in free slots on the lists. Ultimately, eight teams entered the tournament and competed against each other in a variation of a double-elimination event - the winning team from each matched pair automatically qualified for a shot at a mystery prize while the losing team got a second chance to qualify with a second match against another losing team. Therefore, ultimately, only two teams wouldn't win a prize but even those two teams ended up receiving Red Bull and MSI caps so no one who competed left empty handed.

Battlefield Hardline Launches In Cape Town At MWEB GameZone

The tournament was managed by Clint O'Shea from Zombiegamer and Nick Holden and was set mainly on the Growhouse map, which features a SWAT raid of an illegal marijuana-growing operation operated by thugs who are holding hostages who need to be rescued in a game mode unsurprisingly called Rescue.

The tournament took place on PCs with each team having space on either side of the room to compete while spectators watched from the middle. Each round took the form of a best-of-nine scenario, with each match within that lasting up to three minutes as the SWAT officers and criminals battled it out before switching sides so that the teams got a chance to play as both the cops and the criminals.

Without going into the politics of a game that glorifies police violence at a time when it is a particularly topical and sensitive real-life issue, or the merits (or lack thereof) of the single-player game experience and the storytelling, which I have not played or even seen, I did find watching the multiplayer matches far more enjoyable than other first-person shooters that I've been covering over and over for the past few years at various local tournaments.

Battlefield Hardline Launches In Cape Town At MWEB GameZone

Battlefield Hardline Launches In Cape Town At MWEB GameZone

Battlefield Hardline Launches In Cape Town At MWEB GameZone

Watching also gave me a chance to look at the graphics, the nuances of which you generally miss when you're in the thick of it. There were also Xbox One consoles set up at the back of the room for casual players to jump in and try out the game in a live setting (the consoles were hooked up to the Internet and people from elsewhere in the world were playing in the games) so it was great for me to be able to see both PC and Xbox One versions of the games. Lighting and water effects have, of course, improved and the maps work very hard to showcase cool environmental design that you can only really appreciate when you're watching someone else play.

I watched a lot of gameplay on the Hollywood Heights map on the Xbox One, which has a raging wildfire going on in the background in the hills while players battle it out around a Hollywood mansion, and the effect really hit home as this launch was just a few weeks after the wild fires wiped out much of the south peninsula in Cape Town.

Battlefield Hardline Launches In Cape Town At MWEB GameZone

Meanwhile, back at the tournament, Growhouse, too, had some interesting effects, which I presume are part of the horribly named "Levolution" features. Through the course of one round of nine matches I watched as the marijuana plants in the grow house were accidentally set on fire by the surrounding battle about halfway through the round. In the next match they continued to burn, then, during the course of the next few matches the sprinklers came on to put out the fire and, eventually, all that was left were charred remains by the end of the round. It was a little disconcerting as the teams kept resetting and switching sides at the end of each match but the timeline of the environment continued linearly and uninterrupted through the entire round, yet it was also interesting to watch it progress in this fashion.

Battlefield Hardline Launches In Cape Town At MWEB GameZone

When the tournament ended we had four winners and two loser winners that had won their second matches, leaving two losers to receive the aforementioned caps. The six other teams were then given a shot at the mystery prizes in the six numbered boxes with a prize pool that collectively was worth over R30 000. Each team was asked to choose a box, some while being tempted with R250's worth of vouchers (per player) and threats of dud prizes if they opted to open their chosen box instead. Every team, though some with hesitation, chose to open their box, which revealed prizes that ranged from gaming peripherals to graphics cards and CPUs (in each case, one per player in the team). Even the two "dud" prizes (an "old" graphics card and an "old" CPU) were worth more than the vouchers so it was a great haul for (almost) everyone who participated in the tournament and lots of fun to see people win some great prizes.

With the pressure of the prizes out of the way, those who wanted to linger further to try out the game were welcome to do so but, for the rest, it was the end of another successful launch event at the MCave, with, once again, a little bit of healthy competition and a lot of casual fun.

Battlefield Hardline Launches In Cape Town At MWEB GameZone

Battlefield Hardline Launches In Cape Town At MWEB GameZone

For more on the event you can read coverage by Zombiegamer and ITF Gaming. More photos can be found in MWEB GameZone's Facebook album and Zombiegamer's Facebook album.

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