E-Sports Report: FIFA 15 At Trenchtown In July

By: Mandy J Watson
Posted: 27 August 2015
Category: Features
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The Trenchtown e-sports events in Cape Town are back - and more popular than ever if July's attendance is anything to go by. The tournament featured a FIFA 15 event across two platforms and some great prize money to sweeten the taste of victory.

E-Sports Report: FIFA 15 At Trenchtown In July

The Zombiegamer Events team took a break for a few months after EGE 2015 (our coverage of that is still coming) and then was back at Trenchtown in Observatory, Cape Town, at the end of July to host a FIFA 15 tournament.

The break seemed to do the community good, as around 60 people pre registered for the event, half of whom actually then showed up (this, while incredibly rude, is apparently normal), and another 30-odd players then appeared as walk ins on the day, many of whom had never participated in a Trenchtown event before, so it was great to see that word has spread and more people are discovering the tournaments.

The FIFA 15 tournament was split into separate Xbox 360 and Xbox One double-elimination tournaments, with the top two from each going through to the finals, which comprised home and away tournaments on both consoles. Particularly interesting was the fact that many of the players still don't understand the rules of double elimination and this caused a bit of chaos with players who were still in the tournament disappearing because they thought they were out and, in one particularly bizarre case, a player staying in the game for an additional round even though he was knocked out (that was rectified by the organisers with no detrimental effects to the tournament scoring).

E-Sports Report: FIFA 15 At Trenchtown In July
Above: Brandon Bowers and Casey Conradie competing against each other in the tournament finals.
In short, in double elimination there are two tracks (you can see them clearly below in the actual tournament results from both events) - the winners' bracket and the losers' bracket. If you play and keep winning you stay in the winners' bracket and hopefully make it to the final. If you lose at any point you drop into the losers' bracket, where you have another chance to win. If you win you keep moving through the losers' bracket until you're the last person standing. If you lose at any point you're permanently out of the tournament. Eventually the king of the losers meets the king of the winners in the tournament final and that decides the ultimate winner. (In the case of this tournament, with both an Xbox 360 and Xbox One event, both the top winner and the top loser from each console moved through to the tournament final.)

(Hopefully this is the last time I have to explain this too.)

Back to the tournament. Thirty-two players battled it out on the Xbox 360 with Sean Olajide finally taking first place against Brandon Bowers. Both, of course, qualified for the tournament final.

[ Challonge link ]
(Note: You can click and drag to see more of the bracket information.)

Meanwhile, on the Xbox One side, 31 players competed for first and second place, with Casey Conradie eventually beating Mubeen Gaffoor before they both moved through to the tournament final. Mubeen previously made it to the finals of the FIFA 15 R10K tournament at Trenchtown in December and generally does well in tournaments.

[ Challonge link ]
(Note: You can click and drag to see more of the bracket information.)

The tournament finals began with Sean Olajide from the Xbox 360 tournament facing Mubeen Gaffoor from the Xbox One tournament and Brandon Bowers from the Xbox 360 tournament facing Casey Conradie from the Xbox One tournament. The Sean-Mubeen encounter was a subdued affair, with Mubeen scoring two goals in his away match and the second match leading to a goalless draw, giving Mubeen the overall victory.

At the same, and in great contrast, the Brandon-Casey encounter was a bit of a slaughter that resulted in a 9-5 aggregate win to Brandon.

The losses for both Casey and Sean resulted in them battling it out for the third and fourth positions in the tournament. Casey, playing as FC Bayern München, eventually took third against Sean's Real Madrid with a 3-2 aggregate score across the two games.

As the finals and third/fourth playoff occurred at the same time I opted to watch the finals between Mubeen and Brandon. The first match was played on the Xbox One, Mubeen's home platform, which meant that any goals Brandon scored would be worth more on aggregate.

E-Sports Report: FIFA 15 At Trenchtown In July

Both gamers opted for FC Bayern München, which made following the match more complicated. There was also quite a long period of setup as they configured their squad configuration and formation but then the match began with an almost immediate goal by Mubeen's Xabi Alonso in the fourth minute. A minute and a half later Brandon equalised and then Mubeen pulled ahead in the 13th minute with a goal by Arjen Robben. Brandon tried to equalise in the 19th minute but the attack was deflected by Mubeen's defense. Four minutes later Mubeen found the net again, bringing the score to 3-1. For the rest of the first half there were some spectacular attempts by both gamers that were thwarted by excellent defensive moves and use of the goalies until the 45th minute, when Mubeen finally found the back of the net again for a score of 4-1 at half time.

Although it had been a fast-paced game the play had been clean so no stoppage time was added. Brandon played aggressively in the second half in an attempt to score but all his attempts for the first 30 minutes failed due to Mubeen's defensive skills or, in some cases, just bad luck. In the 77th minute Mubeen scored for a fifth time, leaving Brandon with very little time to catch up. There were further attempts from both players and then Mubeen scored again in the 87th minute with a beautiful flick at the goal that was missed by all Brandon's defenders and the goalie.

Brandon didn't give up, however. At full time four minutes of stoppage time were added and he continued his attempts to score even in the final moments - and he eventually managed to find the net with a wonderfully planted goal in the corner... until we realised there was an offside infraction. The goal didn't count and the match was over. Mubeen had won with a convincing score of 6-1.

E-Sports Report: FIFA 15 At Trenchtown In July
Above: Mubeen Gaffoor and Sean Olajide (left) and Casey Conradie and Brandon Bowers (right) competing against each other in the tournament finals.
The tournament wasn't over, however; the Xbox 360 match was up next. This was Brandon's home platform, which meant that Mubeen had the advantage in aggregate scoring and Brandon would have to work hard to catch up - he needed five goals, without conceding one, to win the tournament.

Once again both players spent quite a bit of time configuring their setups and once again both players picked FC Bayern München. The match began at a much slower pace as Mubeen had no need to be aggressive and his likely best strategy was just to prevent Brandon from scoring too often. Brandon's prospects began to look a little better in the 23rd minute, when he scored via Franck Ribéy, but that success was soon wiped out by a goal from Mubeen via Robert Lewandowski in the 27th minute. In the 37th minute a close attempt by Brandon was thwarted by Mubeen and then play continued with great skill displayed by both players but with few noteworthy moments until half time, when no stoppage time was added.

In the second half Mubeen scored again in the 52nd minute, bringing to score to 2-1 to him, and in the 73rd minute another of his attempts just missed. The match play was much more subdued than the previous encounter, though both players demonstrated great footwork, passing, and jockeying for position, with no one really gaining the upper hand. The play also remained clean, with few incidents or problems.

In the 90th minute, just before the final whistle, Brandon made one more attempt to score that most unfortunately hit the top bar of the goal and then it was full time, with no stoppage time added to give him any more chances. With a match score of 2-1 to Mubeen and an aggregate score of 8-2 for the tournament final, the winner was very clear.

[ Challonge link ]

As a result, Mubeen won R750 for himself as the tournament champion, Brandon was awarded R400 for coming second, Casey received R200 for his third place ranking, and Sean was given R150 for coming fourth. The prize giving then brought what was another successful tournament to an end but if you're interested in more you can read the Zombiegamer report on the tournament at the Zombiegamer web site and view the photo collection on Facebook.

The next Zombiegamer Events e-sports event at Trenchtown will be taking place this Saturday, 26 August, and will comprise a Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 2v2 flashback tournament. Find more details, plus the registration form, on the Zombiegamer web site.

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