E-Sports Report: Call Of Duty: Black Ops II At Trenchtown In August

By: Mandy J Watson
Posted: 17 September 2015
Category: Features
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Call Of Duty: Black Ops II is back - well, it was, briefly. A recent flashback tournament at Trenchtown, organised by Zombiegamer Events, saw 16 teams of two compete on the Xbox 360 for the honour of winning what will likely be the final time the game is seen in action. (Unless there's a flashback flashback tournament sometime....)

E-Sports Report: Call Of Duty: Black Ops II At Trenchtown In August

Zombiegamer Events' e-sports event at Trenchtown in Observatory, Cape Town, at the end of August was a flashback tournament featuring Call Of Duty: Black Ops II, which I haven't seen at an e-sports event since October 2013 at a 2upGamers meetup that said farewell to the game. Call Of Duty: Black Ops III is expected to be released soon, hence the flashback tournament to say goodbye, likely forever, to the second game in the Black Ops sub series.

The Trenchtown event took the form of a 2v2 double-elimination tournament on the Xbox 360 and was limited to 16 preregistered teams. As usual a few didn't arrive and so their spots were given to teams on the waiting list. The long time rival teams of eN_F34R and Astra were both represented in some form and, for a change, there was a team that featured a woman, which was a welcome change as women are very underrepresented at the tournaments.

E-Sports Report: Call Of Duty: Black Ops II At Trenchtown In August

Most matchups were a best-of-three affair featuring Hardpoint, Search and Destroy (the FBI versus mercenaries), and Kill Confirmed game types, although a few of the early losers' bracket matches featured just one event, Hardpoint, to speed up the process. Kill Confirmed, in which players have to collect the dog tags of enemies they have killed in order to earn points, was an unusual inclusion that doesn't usually feature in tournaments but it was a welcome change as something watch and the players seemed to enjoy it too.

Going into the tournament Astra Infinite (Alton Coetzee and Arië Lawrence) and eN_F34R (Andrew Harris and Rory Burmeister) were both favourites and the teams easily made it to the third round, where eN_F34R met Doppel (Jessica Maij and Damian Buchanan), beating the team 2-0, and Astra infinite met My Favourite Team (Luc Ellis and Oliver Erskine), which it also beat 2-0. Doppel and My Favourite Team were sent to the losers' bracket, where they had a second chance to make it to the tournament finals - if they could keep winning.

Meanwhile, in round four of the winners' bracket, Astra Infinite finally faced eN_F34R, eventually winning 2-1 and sending eN_F34R into the losers' bracket to fight its way back to the tournament final, which Astra Infinite had now qualified for.

E-Sports Report: Call Of Duty: Black Ops II At Trenchtown In August

In the losers' bracket things were heating up. In the fourth round Doppel faced the team Fisherman And Farmer Killers and won 2-1, then it faced My Favourite Team in the fifth round and won 2-1. In the sixth round the team faced eN_F34R again, which had just fallen into the losers' bracket after losing the match against Astra Infinite.

The sixth round was a crucial match as it would determine which team would go into the tournament final to face Astra Infinite and which team would place third in the event. It seemed that an eN_F34R win was guaranteed - after all, the team had beaten Doppel in the third round of the winners' bracket - but it soon became apparent that Doppel wasn't going to be knocked out quite so easily.

The first map was Slums, featuring Hardpoint (10 minutes or 250 points to win). To everyone's surprise Doppel pulled away from the beginning, generally keeping a double point lead against eN_F34R. eN_F34R eventually secured the hardpoint for a more significant amount of time and began to score points but the success was shortlived as Doppel soon won back the hardpoint and its score continued to increase. With only four minutes left in the game it passed the 200 point mark, with eN_F34R only in the 50s. The match eventually ended when Doppel reached 250 (against eN_F34R's 62) and secured a convincing win against its opponent.

E-Sports Report: Call Of Duty: Black Ops II At Trenchtown In August

Next was Search And Destroy (first to six points) on Standoff. Doppel took the first round very swiftly and then won the second and third rounds. The pressure was now on eN_F24R to score some points or it would be out of the tournament. It took the next round, bringing the score to 3-1 to Doppel, but then Doppel won again (4-1). eN_F34R finally pulled itself together and began to work as a team by showing some strategic thinking and restraint, and the effort paid off. The team scored three more points in a row and equalised at 4-4. Unfortunately the cohesion didn't last and Doppel took the next two points, and the match, while eN_F34R's members argued and snapped at each other as their lack of teamwork and focus unravelled their chances at winning the tournament.

It was then time for the final, featuring Doppel versus Astra Infinite in a best-of-five matchup. The first game featured Hardpoint on Raid. The action was intense but Astra Infinite was clearly a superior team and easily grabbed the hardpoint and outscored Doppel, winning 250 to 107. Unfortunately, during the match, one of the members of Astra Infinite (as far as I know it was Alton Coetzee) began teabagging Jessica Maij after each kill. Clint O'Shea of Zombiegamer immediately made it clear that the practice was unacceptable and must stop, which it did, for a while, but towards the end of the match there were a few more incidents.

The next match was Search And Destroy on Meltdown. Doppel scored the first point but after that Astra Infinite demonstrated why it is a top team by scoring the next six points in succession and winning the match.

[ Challonge link ]
Above: (Note: You can click and drag to see more of the bracket information.)

Next was Capture The Flag on Raid (two timed rounds or 10 points to win), which Doppel had to win or Astra Infinite would take the tournament. The team played well and showed some excellent defensive skills but, unfortunately, it lost the first round 1-3 and the second round 0-1, resulting in a match and tournament win for Astra Infinite.

As usual the tournament ended with prize giving, although the third place team, eN_F34R, wasn't around to collect the prize money under some pretense of having to be elsewhere but it was generally assumed to be a case of bad sportsmanship due to the fact that the team had lost "to a girl". Doppel won R250 and Astra Infinite won R600.

I'll be honest. I'm not a fan of Call Of Duty or FIFA (yet, somehow, those are the tournaments I end up covering most frequently...) but I found watching Jessica play quite fascinating as her thinking and strategic movement was different to how I have seen most other players play Call Of Duty. Jessica and Damian work well together as a team and I enjoyed watching them play. Their second place win was well deserved as they kept their cool, visibly improved with every matchup in the tournament, and weren't fazed at the stumbling block of falling into the losers' bracket.

What I didn't enjoy was the behaviour of some of the other participants in the tournament. It's really unfortunate that members of eN_F34R and Astra, notably, feel that they can act in the manner in which they did. I have really been hoping that Cape Town gamers would be above the sexism that's prevalent in e-sports but it seems as if our community still comprises a few people who behave like children. It brings down the tone of the tournaments, which the Zombiegamer team members work very hard to organise every month at little or no financial gain and with the added cost of sacrificed personal time, and it shows utter disrespect for them, as well as fellow e-sports gamers and enthusiasts and the other tournament entrants.

It's 2015 - I expect better.

You can read Zombiegamer's coverage of the tournament on the web site and view the photos from the day on the Zombiegamer Facebook page.

There are a lot of Zombiegamer events coming up at Trenchtown in the next two weeks. First is a
FIFA 15 tournament this Saturday, 19 September, which includes a prize of a ticket to the FIFA 16 launch at MWEB's MCave on 25 September. Then, the monthly Trenchtown event is on Saturday 26 September and will feature Halo 2 (LAN and online), Injustice: Gods Among Us, and FIFA 16. Finally, on Sunday 27 September Zombiegamer will be helping MainGaming SA with its Electronic Sport World Cup (ESWC) South African qualifiers for FIFA 16. The Cape Town winner will compete in Johannesburg in October and the winner of that event will represent South Africa in Paris at the end of October.

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