E-Sports Report: FIFA 16 At Trenchtown In May

By: Mandy J Watson
Posted: 28 June 2016
Category: Features
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E-sports events hosted by Zombiegamer returned to Trenchtown last month after quite a hiatus. The first tournament for the year was a FIFA 16 event, in which the first prize was R1000. Here's what happened on the day.

The monthly Zombiegamer-hosted e-sports events that grew out of the 2upGamers movement and which have been an institution at Trenchtown in Cape Town for years died down towards the end of last year as the establishment changed ownership (or management (or something)) and the place started being refurbished. As of last month, however, the tournaments are back, along with the monthly craft market, even though not all the renovations have been completed.

E-Sports Report: FIFA 16 At Trenchtown In May
Above: Masoom Fakie and Waseem Moerat compete during the tournament semi finals.
The new e-sports season kicked off with a FIFA 16 tournament on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, with 58 players competing (30 on the PlayStation 4 and 28 on the Xbox One). Originally 80 people signed up, and 12 of the actual players on the day were walk ins, which means that about half the people who signed up didn't pitch and didn't cancel their spots.

On the plus side there were some new faces, which means that the pool of gamers is growing in Cape Town.

YouTube link ]
Above: Highlights from the Trenchtown FIFA 16 tournament.

The tournament took the form of separate PlayStation 4 and Xbox One double-elimination events, with the top four players from each console entering a final single-elimination event that comprised a home and away match.

[ Challonge link: PlayStation 4 ]
(Note: You can click and drag to see more of the bracket information.)

There were early upsets, with some players who have previously won, or placed well, going out early so that opened it up a bit for new people to show their stuff. I couldn't say whether the early exits were due to people being out of practice or because FIFA 16 is vastly different to FIFA 15 so we'll have to see what happens in future tournaments.

[ Challonge link: Xbox One ]
(Note: You can click and drag to see more of the bracket information.)

The two console-specific rounds ended with Brandon Bowers placing first on the Xbox One with Masoom Fakie placing second, Hassan Sheikh placing third, and Keenan Morgan placing fourth, and Waseem Moerat placing first on the PlayStation 4 with Jody Boggenpoel placing second, Darren Daniels placing third, and Yashen Moodley placing fourth.

E-Sports Report: FIFA 16 At Trenchtown In May
Above: Jody Boggenpoel and Darren Daniels compete during the PlayStation 4 losers' bracket final.
All eight went through to the tournament finals, where Brandon Bowers decimated Yashen Moodley and outplayed Hassan Sheikh to meet Masoom Fakie in the finals, who had fought his way past Darren Daniels and Waseem Moerat. Hassan Sheikh and Waseem Moerat, meanwhile, competed in the third/fourth playoff, which Waseem won comfortably.

The finals turned into a slow battle for supremacy. Both players came from the Xbox One side of the tournament so Brandon opted for the PlayStation 4 as his home console. The first game was played on the PlayStation 4, with both players picking FC Bayern München.

The first half was largely uneventful, with Brandon unsuccessfully attacking the goal twice, in the first and fifteenth minutes. A minute of stoppage time was added at half time.

The second half was more eventful, and included a bizarre moment in the 49th minute (you can see it in the video above at the 15 second mark) during which Brandon tried twice to score a goal and both times the ball just beelined straight for Masoom's goalie and bounced off him.

In the 65th minute Brandon finally made it through Masoom's defenses to take the lead 1-0. He scored again six minutes later after his penalty kick flew over the defensive line, hit the top bar of the goal, landed on the ground, and just crossed the goal line.

Brandon made a few more attempts in the second half, which were ultimately unsuccessful, and the game ended 2-0 in his favour.

E-Sports Report: FIFA 16 At Trenchtown In May
Above: Hassan Sheikh competes against Brandon Bowers on the PlayStation 4 in the tournament semi finals.
The players then switched to the Xbox One, which was Masoom's home console, and once again both picked FC Bayern München. Masoom's greater level of comfort with this console immediately became apparent as he made his first attempt to score five minutes in, with a bit of a lazy lob at a goalie-free goal. Brandon's defensive players were close enough, however, and they were able to kick the ball away before it crossed the line.

Masoom made another attempt six minutes later but this attempt was also thwarted as the ball hit the top goal post and bounced away. Thirty-two minutes in, however, he finally found the net, bring the score for this match to 0-1 to Masoom. Brandon tried to equalise in the 41st minute but his attempt was caught easily by Masoom's goalie.

No stoppage time was added at half time and the next 15 minutes were uneventful, with even play not allowing either gamer to dominate, until Masoom managed a second goal in the 60th minute. With this, Brandon's lead in the match was officially lost and they were tied 2-2 on aggregate, having each scored two goals on their home consoles and no goals on their away consoles. Since the Xbox One was Brandon's away console, however, he had a great chance, in the 30 minutes that were left of the game, to score and take a firm lead that would be difficult for Masoom to catch up to.

Unfortunately, that was not to be. Masoom continued to dominate in the game, with unsuccessful shots at the goal that seemed to have a measure of bad luck. In the 70th minute a shot from the corner was intercepted by Brandon's goalie, who knocked it towards Masoom's attacking player, who managed to kick the ball but it flew just outside of the goal.

In the 83rd minute Masoom's attempt bounced off the goalie, bounced off a player, and was deflected by the goal post. A penalty kick in the 89th minute also amounted to nothing.

Three minutes of stoppage time were added at half time but neither player was able to score. Therefore, with the match score on 2-2 on aggregate, the players had to play another half, as per the tournament rules, in which the winner would take it all. Should the half end in a draw, then the second half would end with a golden goal - the first player to score would win the match and, therefore, the tournament.

E-Sports Report: FIFA 16 At Trenchtown In May
Above: Masoom Fakie competes against Brandon Bowers on the Xbox One in the tournament finals.
With no more time to mess around Brandon' focus intensified. Seven minutes in, after a great run to the goal, he planted the ball in the corner of the net to take the lead in the game. The pressure was now on Masoom to equalise and he came close two minutes later but was thwarted by defensive scuffles that kept the ball away from the goal. He refused to be defeated, however, and scored five minutes later to equalise.

Play became more intense as the time ticked away, although neither player was able to get much of an upper hand. In the 23rd minute Brandon tried to score again but the ball was far away from where it needed to be. In the 28th and 34th minutes yellow cards were awarded, although I don't know to whom they were awarded since both gamers were playing as the same team and it's really hard to tell when the action is happening so quickly.

In the 40th minute Brandon finally found the net again, bringing the score to 2-1 to him, and leaving Masoom with just five minutes to try and equalise. Unfortunately he was unable to do so. Just to prove that Brandon was the worthy winner, in the 44th minute he scored again, bringing the match total to a decisive 3-1.

E-Sports Report: FIFA 16 At Trenchtown In May
Above: Brandon Bowers, Waseem Moerat, and Masoom Fakie receive their prizes.
With that Brandon was declared the tournament winner (an advancement on his second place wins at Trenchtown in July 2015 and September 2015) and received R1000 in prize money, with Masoom receiving R600 for second place, Waseem receiving R300 for third place, and Hassan earning R100 for fourth place.

[ Challonge link: tournament finals ]
(Note: You can click and drag to see more of the bracket information.)

It's been a long break from Trenchtown and it's great to see the community events back in action but, unfortunately, the people who didn't pitch (or arrived late), besides being incredibly rude, marred the organisation of the tournament as it caused delays that affected everyone involved, from the organisers to the players who did arrive on time, so it's really not acceptable that people feel it's ok to behave that way. I think if gamers want e-sports to be taken seriously in this country it's time they started showing a little bit of professionalism. This may only have been a local tournament but it involved prizes and sponsors who are looking at the community to see if it's worth investing in it.

Admonishment over (for now - the Call Of Duty players have similar bad behaviour to answer for but I'll have more on that in a few weeks). Delays aside it was a successful tournament and it was encouraging to see new players taking part in the competition, as well as a bigger prize pool totalling R2000. Let's hope the events continue to grow.

If you're interested in more details on the tournament matchups you can peruse the Challonge results above. You can find more photos from the day in the Zombiegamer Facebook album. The next Zombiegamer Events e-sports tournaments in Cape Town will be taking place at EGE at the end of July.

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