E-Sports Report: Call Of Duty: Black Ops III At Trenchtown In June

By: Mandy J Watson
Posted: 28 July 2016
Category: Features
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We feared that the May e-sports tournament at Trenchtown might be a one off occurrence but the Zombiegamer Events team was back in June to facilitate the welcome return of Call Of Duty, which resulted in a tense, close final. Here's a quick rundown of the day, with photos and a highlights reel.

The June 2016 e-sports event facilitated by Zombiegamer Events and hosted at Trenchtown in Observatory, Cape Town, took the form of a 2v2 Call Of Duty: Black Ops III tournament.

E-Sports Report: Call Of Duty: Black Ops III At Trenchtown In June

Call Of Duty is usually played as a 4v4 event so the regular teams couldn't participate as is and team members had to form new teams for the tournament, while other gamers who aren't in formal clans joined forces to enter, which resulted in some creative names, such as "Hottest Mixtape 2016 feat. DJ Drew", which comprised members of Hi5, "Lil Kids", which comprised Kyle Nortje/Frost from eN_F34R and Patrick Allott/PaTee (who, at the time was part of Vinco), and "Josh sucks at zombies", which included Jessica Maij who was, once again, the only woman in the tournament.

I found it interesting that this time many of the gamers were under age, which I asked about, and the organisers said that the players were dropped off by their parents who, in some cases, came in to introduce themselves. (There were also a few parents who stayed for the tournament to support their kids.)

The competition comprised 20 teams and took the form of a double-elimination event with best-of-three matches (Search And Destroy, Hardpoint, and then Search And Destroy again) on various pre-chosen maps.

YouTube link ]
Above: Highlights from the Trenchtown Call Of Duty: Black Ops III tournament.

You can see all the results in the Challonge bracket below. I'm starting here with the winners' bracket semi finals, in which Vinco Duo (comprising Mikail Latib/Miki and Dale Dolpire/Twist) and Lil Kids met each other. Lil Kids won 2-0, which sent Vinco Duo to the losers' final to face VentusCOD, where the winner would be sent back up to the winners' bracket to face Lil Kids and, as per the rules, would have to win a double match in order to secure the tournament win.

Vinco Duo battled hard against VentusCOD, initially losing the first few rounds in Search And Destroy on the Fringe map before recovering and then steadily taking round after round until the team eventually won 6-2. Next was Hardpoint on Stronghold, where Vinco Duo took an early lead, while VentusCOD was just never able to catch up, although the team made good attempts and was within 30 points of the lead a few times. The round ended with a 250-178 win to Vinco Duo, which sent the team back to the winners' bracket.

E-Sports Report: Call Of Duty: Black Ops III At Trenchtown In June
Above: Lil Kids competing in the final.
The final, between Vinco Duo and Lil Kids, was a repeat performance of their semi final matchup. First up was Search And Destroy on Breach, which was a very close and tense match. Lil Kids scored the first point but then the teams began to match and supersede each other until Vinco Duo finally took a 3-2 lead halfway through. Lil Kids then equalised and took the next point, then Vinco Duo equalised and took the next point. Lil Kids then equalised at 5-5, which meant there was one point left for either side to secure the round win. Lil Kids took it and, as a result, won the round.

E-Sports Report: Call Of Duty: Black Ops III At Trenchtown In June
Above: Vinco Duo during the tournament.
The next round featured Hardpoint on Stronghold. Lil Kids immediately took the lead and Vinco Duo was only able to grab a few points at a time here and there before Lil Kids would take over again. It remained steadily in the lead with at a least a 30 point margin until the end of the round, which Lil Kids won convincingly to secure the tournament win. (I missed the final score because I got up to film the end of the tournament but it was something like 212 to 250.) It was a hard won final and exciting to watch as the teams were well matched and played to win.

As tournament winners Lil Kids was awarded R1000 in prize money, while Vinco Duo received R600 and VentusCOD received R400.

[ Challonge link ]
(Note: You can click and drag to see more of the bracket information.)

As with the May FIFA 16 tournament I, unfortunately, have to point out that there was some unpleasant behaviour from some of the players. This included some teams arriving late, which delayed the start and had a knock-on effect that caused the final to happen far later than it should have and resulted in a number of people's evening plans (including mine and those of some of the organisers) to be messed up.

E-Sports Report: Call Of Duty: Black Ops III At Trenchtown In June

There was also a lot of loud, sometimes inappropriately worded, shouting and taunting from some of the players (notably more often the younger ones who are, presumably, lacking self-control that comes with age) that ranged from being merely annoying to being completely unpleasant and offensive. I know Call Of Duty players can get over excited sometimes but this was a new level that crossed the line into inappropriate behaviour.

Having said that, there was also a good level of camaraderie among the players (I tried to capture some of it in the video above), with no visible negative behaviour when teams lost, and, to my knowledge, no teabagging, which, although banned, was still practiced by at least one of the players at a tournament last year and marred that event.

E-Sports Report: Call Of Duty: Black Ops III At Trenchtown In June

Some of the gamers who participated in the Trenchtown event will be taking part in the Call Of Duty e-sports event at EGE, at the CTICC in Cape Town, from tomorrow.

We'll see what happens with everybody's parents and random strangers watching and hopefully the players who arrived late for the Trenchtown tournament will have learnt some time keeping in the past month.

E-Sports Report: Call Of Duty: Black Ops III At Trenchtown In June

E-Sports Report: Call Of Duty: Black Ops III At Trenchtown In June

You can view Zombiegamer's photos from the tournament on Facebook. There is no event in July at Trenchtown because everyone will be at EGE, where most of the e-sports is being organised by the Zombiegamer team. The Trenchtown events are expected to resume at the end of August.

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