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Kentucky Route Zero Showcase: 3D Models And Concept Renderings
A secret highway in Kentucky is the setting for the magical realist adventure Kentucky Route Zero, an independent game that is being developed by a small team in the US. The game's artist recently released a few screenshots of character and object renderings, some of which we are featuring in this showcase.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 4 February 2011  |  View Comments

Tomb Raider: Underworld Wii - How To Deal With The Thailand Lever Bug
If you're stuck in Thailand with Lara Croft, with no lever in sight, follow our as-complete-as-it's-ever-going-to-be guide to getting her out of this very fine mess. After all, you still have about eight (less buggy?) levels to go before you finally finish this Wii game.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 11 February 2009