NinJump v1.02
A iOS Game Review

South Africa By: Mandy J Watson on 3 February 2011
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You're a ninja on a mission to scale an infinite wall. Why? Who knows - it's a ninja mystery. Do not let that philosophical conundrum stop you, however. Instead, use your favourite finger to jump past obstacles and progress ever upwards.

NinJump v1.02NinJump is a fast-paced casual game for iOS 3.0 or higher, which can run on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (though HD versions designed especially for the iPad are available separately from the iTunes App Store).

The very simple purpose of the game is to avoid obstacles as you run up an infinite wall that can be found on both sides of the screen. As you run your score increases and when you hit something you die unless you have the shield pickup (a blue ball of energy that surrounds you and which you will lose if it is hit), which gives you a reprieve. You control your red-clad ninja by tapping the screen softly to make him jump - he will jump to the left if he is on the right and to the right if he is on the left. The skill for the player presents itself in the timing of the jump, with the obstacles becoming increasingly difficult, faster (in applicable cases), and more numerous the longer you remain in the game.

The obstacles you have to dodge include ninjas running down the walls, architectural details of the wall that jut out, ninjas throwing shurikens, birds that dive at you, and squirrels that run towards you. Some obstacles can be "caught" with a correctly timed jump and will be collected at the bottom right of the screen. When you have collected three in a row of the same type you get a jump boost with special powers that will obliterate any foes in your path for a short period of time.

NinJump v1.02

The graphics are fantastic, and superbly aided by the 640x960 resolution and high quality of the iPhone's screen (in my case, anyway). The animations are beautifully rendered and the background scrolls by subtly using parallax scrolling to give it some depth. The music, appropriately, has Japanese influences and the menu music is especially catchy, with great bass that, unfortunately, you can only hear while wearing headphones. (The in-game music is much more subtle and provides ambience rather than distracts you when you are playing.) The sound effects are of high quality and are very crisp. Once again, they are a whole new experience if you listen to them through high-quality headphones.

NinJump v1.02

The game is ad supported (adware), so if you are connected to the Internet via a data connection or a Wi-Fi hot spot it will automatically display ads on the screen (you can see examples above). Unfortunately they cheapen the visual effect of the game but it's a tradeoff for having something for free . (If you really hate it you can either disable your connections or upgrade to the ad-free version of the game ($0.99 [?]).)

The game will remember your high score and actually display a special graphic when you surpass it in a game. You can also post your score to Facebook, Twitter, via email, or to the OpenFeint leaderboard system, if you so choose.

NinJump is incredibly addictive, especially since each game is quite short so it's easy to play while killing time... and you always want just one more shot at beating your high score. The game is, thankfully, well balanced in that it's easy to get in to but the difficulty increases the higher your score becomes to the point that you are likely to die before you start to feel bored by the simple, repetitive nature of the gameplay.

• NinJump Deluxe ($0.99 [?]) is also available for the iPod and iPhone. It features three levels (see the video below). NinJump HD and NinJump Deluxe HD ($1.99 [?]) are available for the iPad.

NinJump v1.02 was tested on an iPhone 4 on loan for review purposes from Core Group. Opinion
Rating: 9/10
Time-Wasting Value: 30 seconds to a minute per game
Learning Curve: Easy
Entertainment Value: 8/10
Replayability: 9/10

Key Facts: NinJump v1.02
Price: Free (or $0.99 [?] for the ad-free version)
Year: 2010 (v1.02: 30 November 2010)
Genre: Action
Keywords: action, casual
Size: Approximately 18.8 MB (.ipa file)
Resolution: 640x960
Requirements: iOS 3.0 or later
Credits: Backflip Studios
Executive Director: Julian Farrior
Technical Director: Dale Thoms
Lead Game Designer: Tom Blind
Lead Programmer: Kevin Depue
Ryan Drag
Annie Fodge
Tommy Chou
Music And SFX: Aubrey Hodges

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NinJump v1.02: iTunes Catalogue Page
Backflip Studios: Official Site | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

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