Tomb Raider: Underworld Wii - How To Deal With The Thailand Lever Bug
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South Africaby Mandy J Watson
Posted: 11 February 2009

If you're stuck in Thailand with Lara Croft, with no lever in sight, follow our as-complete-as-it's-ever-going-to-be guide to getting her out of this very fine mess. After all, you still have about eight (less buggy?) levels to go before you finally finish this Wii game.

Tomb Raider Underworld WiiTomb Raider: Underworld for the Wii has a critical bug that manifests (seemingly randomly) at the end of the Thailand level (for both the PAL and NTSC versions of the game). The lever, which is located (or not...) in the final "room" of the level activates an underwater door. This door enables Lara to exit the Thailand gaming area and return to her boat, where she goes on to the next level of the game. There is no other way to complete or exit the level - you have to go through the door.

When I first started playing the game I wasn't aware that there was a bug. In going through the Thailand level I got stuck on a puzzle sequence so I went online to find a walkthrough or forum posting discussing my problem, and ran across mentions of a random lever bug. By then I was halfway through the level so I did my best to complete it as is, hoping that I would be one of the (claimed) majority that isn't affected but, unfortunately, when I hit that last room, there was no lever.

As you can imagine, I was miffed, and went searching for answers that would get me past this problem as fast as possible, as I wanted to know how to do it without having to resort to the save-file fix (which also can't be used by people that don't have an SD card). All I found was often contradictory information that rarely helped, so I decided to test some of the theories and see what what might happen. I'll spare you the rest of the (long) experimenting story and instead just offer my conclusions (and confusions).

You can use this guide to help you get through the level with a minimal amount of frustration if you wish to experience the whole level properly or if you don't have an SD card to download and transfer the save-file fix. If you're lazy and have an SD card, details about the save-file fix are at the end of this article.

The Cave Under The Water
Under the water, to the right of the rock pillar you have to climb right at the beginning of the level, you will find a submerged cave, which has a door at the back. This cave is actually how Lara exits the level after using the lever to open the door. It is guaranteed that if you swim into this cave at the beginning of the level you will trigger the lever bug. Stay away! However...

Swimming Under Water
The first time I played the level, not knowing about the bug, I swam around all over looking for the Bond-homage sharks I'd heard about, which I later found out aren't actually in the Wii version. However, I - weirdly - didn't find the cave while swimming before continuing on with the level, but something I did still triggered the lever bug.

The recommendation on a few sites is to avoid swimming under water. However, it's easier said than done because you can fall into the water off a number of ledges and platforms, and this is likely to happen until you perfect the level.

To test this theory I swam under water (including very near, but not in, the underwater cave) and I jumped off a number of ledges, including from the above-water cave that houses the first treasure piece, which is actually placed pretty much above the underwater cave. Result? No bug, so I'm not sure if swimming, or not swimming, under water makes a difference, but something did trigger the bug for me on my first attempt at the level, and the closest thing to it seems to be swimming under water.

The Precise Gem-Puzzles Solution
GameSpot user Yami_Link3500 posted a long sequence of steps for the gem-puzzles section of the level on the GameSpot forums, which he found solved the lever bug for him. His work was based on an earlier post by user Rygar000001 on the Eidos Interactive forums. (The circle of life continues....)

When I followed Yami_Link3500's steps correctly and swam into the cave, I triggered the bug. When I didn't quite follow his steps correctly and didn't swim into the cave, I didn't trigger the bug. However, the sequence of steps is very long and there's no knowing if only one tiny misstep triggers the bug. The number of variables for how you could mix up the steps and potentially trigger the bug is huge, and almost impossible to test, so I remain unsure as to whether his sequence helps. To be safe it's probably best to follow them so here is my (slightly better written and therefore easier to read) transcription of his steps. Please note that this is not a how-to walkthrough to get through the level - I won't be explaining where every pole and ledge is. Play the level to learn about its mechanics.
• Save right before you hit the adrenalin-mode moment. Don't delete this file until you've finished the level. Try not to save again but if you have to, use a different save slot.
• After you fall, ignore the two statues with the fans right in front of you and instead go to the right. (You will have to fight two enemies.) You'll reach the broken scale at the main statue's left arm. Climb the pillar and swing across the bars to cause the arm to drop. Climb down to the crystal puzzle. It's broken but you can still turn the pieces if you want to.
• Go all the way across the level to the other arm (you will fight another two more enemies along the way.) Jump on the scale to lower the statue's right arm. Complete the gem puzzle. Grab the pickup. Take the middle crystal from the puzzle. Put the pickup in the statue's right arm.
• If you want to, go behind the statue to grab the treasure pickup but then return the way you came, don't continue along the path.
• Return to the scales and jump on the other scale to raise the right arm.
• Go all the way back across the level to the left arm with the broken scale. Complete the broken gem puzzle using the crystal you picked up. Grab the pickup and place it in the statue's left hand. Return to the scales and jump on the one that's not broken to raise the left arm.
• Return to the bottom of the level with the two statues with the fans. Facing the main statue, move the fan statue that is on the right through the middle of the circle and then clockwise across the top of the circle until it is in position. Try to do it in one smooth move. Let go, grab the other fan statue, push it anti-clockwise along the bottom of the circle and up to the middle. Be careful and accurate here - the point of view is a bit off and you may think you have pushed the statues further than you actually have, which might cause you to try and overcorrect, which might make you bump them together. Push the left fan statue through the centre of the circle and then upwards until it is in place.
• Watch or skip the cinematic.
• From here on you can play normally but make sure that when you climb down the pillar after the tree and move the bridge all the way to the left that you continue to move it until it says "checkpoint".
• Save your game here in a different slot. You can check it's name -if it says "Puppet No Longer" you'll be fine - no bug. If it says "The Ancient World" you will find that the lever bug has been activated. Delete the save file, reload from the adrenaline-mode save point, and try again.

Conclusion: My Best-Guess Recommendations
If you adhere to all of the following, it is very unlikely that you will trigger the bug. It looks daunting, but once you are in the level you will find that these points are easy to follow:
• Save your game as soon as the Thailand level starts.
• If you can, back up that save file immediately.
• Don't save over this save file until you have finished the level.
• Don't swim into the cave.
• Try not to swim under water. It's unclear as to whether it has an effect but it's better to be safe. If you do fall into the water consider practicing what you're struggling with, then restarting the level. Having to redo the little bit at the beginning is much less effort than having to replay the entire level.
• Follow the precise steps above for the gem-puzzles section of the level. Again, my testing doesn't support the theory that it works but a number of people have posted online to say that it helped them. Better safe than sorry.

Tomb Raider Underworld Wii Thailand Lever Bug

The Easy Way Out: Using The Save-File Fix
Eidos Interactive made a save-file fix available [ download it here ] for people who have hit the lever bug. You need to download it, copy it on to an SD card, and then copy it to your Wii. There is only one saved game in the file and it places Lara at the checkpoint right before she has to run across the bridge, open the double doors, and enter the room with the lever.

If you use this file as a workaround you need to be aware that Lara doesn't have any of the treasure pickups in her backpack from the two levels you've played so far (The Mediterranean Sea and Thailand) so if you found any of them you will lose them and, as a result, any extras you may have unlocked by having the treasures. You can, of course, go back once you have finished the game to pick them up again, which you may have been intending to do anyway if you haven't found all the treasures, but if you have found them all it means going back and having to try and find them all over again.

Ultimately, the choice of save file versus attentive gaming in Thailand is yours.

The review copy of Tomb Raider: Underworld was supplied by Nu Metro Interactive in South Africa.

Key Facts
Year: 2008
Genre: Action, adventure, platform, puzzle
Requirements: Nunchuk, 5 to 17 save blocks
Developer: Crystal Dynamics

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