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Although all the articles on can be loosely classified as either a review or a feature, within those labellings we have various subsections (some of which apply to both types of articles) just to make it more exciting. Some are very tongue in cheek while others are quite serious.

Anti-Connoisseur's Guides
Sometimes at we like to write about certain activities and experiences even though what we are writing is not a review or in an area in which we have any particular expertise or insight or anything of use to contribute to the collective consciousness. Rather than feel defeated at the prospect of choosing - for it is a choice - to write in a minefield, quagmire, or other inappropriate analogy and highlight how completely we are out of our depths, we're branding the articles "Anti-Connoisseur's Guides" and fearlessly plonking them on the Web for your amusement and our mortification. [ Back ]

A Quest is our attempt to review and rate a wide selection of a similar type of product (usually food or a beverage) in an effort to find the best (harder than you might think) and warn our readers about the worst (far too many of those).

At the moment the Cappuccino Quest is our only quest section. In time we may expand it. [ Back ]

Testing Notes Reviews
I usually write point-form notes when I review tech products (one of my profesional day jobs), some of which (phones specially) can go on for pages, and could theoretically form the basis of a review that's thousands of words long. In reality these notes are then condensed for a review I might write for a magazine (which is usually incredibly space constrained) or even for this site. The notes often contain information that one doesn't typically find in international reviews because the journalists are too busy geeking out over other points and they sometimes miss the little things that might interest the non-geek consumer the most.

Therefore occasionally (and most often for phones and cameras, which are extensively covered by the international press long before we get to see the units in South Africa) I will post testing notes, rather than full reviews, for various products on, which should contain a wealth of information but which aren't necessarily polished pieces of journalism (some of my notes capture half-formed thoughts that I don't always have the time to follow up on). It won't comprise everything I've noted - just some of the more interesting bits and observations - and sometimes the notes won't be very long if there's not much to say about the product. If you're more interested in the geek minutiae, you know where to go - GSM Arena, Engadget, and Gizmodo. These notes are for everyone else - the people who are always asking me about what phone they should buy and how to make things that they are having trouble with work on their devices. [ Back ]

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