Q: Where The Hell Is The Site?
The design for the site was completed in HTML in about six hours over a two-day period. Then I had the bright idea of converting the site to pure CSS and xhtml like we're all supposed to be doing as next-gen developers.

This is where my nightmare began (although I learnt a lot). After lots of tweaking and working around browser bugs as I found them, I managed to get the site to something I was happy with for IE 5.5, Opera, and Safari on the Mac. When I then moved to PC browsers, I hit a number of new (odd) headaches, and needed to take a break to regroup: hence the result of a site without a design, for the moment. Lovers of minimalism will be happy, I'm sure.

Q: How Often Is The Site Updated?
When I can - it's currently a labour of love, not an economically-viable venture. At the moment I have to fit it in with my freelance work and massive consumption of various forms of popular culture (which, in turn, enables me to contribute to this site - see how cyclical and cool that is?). I'm doing my best. If you have a way to add five hours to the day, please let me know (serious theories only, please).

Q: Can I Write For The Site?
More importantly - can you write? We are always on the lookout for additional contributors. Email "mandyw" at this domain with your idea(s) and a writing sample (which could even be your idea(s)...you know...completely written). Please send it in the body of the email - don't sent large attachments. We don't pay for submissions that we publish and we don't publish a submission just because it's been submitted. If we do publish your submission you may get a profile page, though. That's exciting, isn't it?

Q: I Haven't Been Asked Anything Else
Thank goodness (and yes, I know, that's not actually a question).

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