The Rating rating is the reviewer's overall opinion of the item being reviewed. It is totally subjective and unscientific (until we can come up with a better system), but we try to be sensible. Ratings are out of 10. Items rated at 5 are average and unexciting. Below 5 you should definitely be wary. Because most of the items on this site are currently personal purchases by individual reviewers, you will find that ratings tend to be favourable since, like you, we don't want to waste our money on crap. However, should we do so by accident, the review will certainly reflect this. Items rated 7 and higher are definitely worth spending money on. Items spectacular enough to be rated 10 are things we love so much that if you break into our houses and steal them (if that's possible) or we lend them to you (which we won't) and you break them (if they can be broken) we will track you down and thump you (and not in a good way). Essentially, 10 means that we see no way that the product could (or should) be improved in any way. Additionally, if the review item in question happens to be a restaurant or other intangible element, reread the previous text and mentally substitute the appropriate changes to the text so that it will make sense. Huzzah! [Back]

Value For Money
This rating is based on quality and quantity versus price. In other words: however cool this product or restaurant may be, is it worth your money? Conversely, for products that really suck, is the price so low that it's in a bizarre (or "one redeeming factor") way still worth buying? If it's a CD, is it still worth it at 32 minutes long, even though those 32 minutes are really good? Was there special bonus content? Ratings are out of 10. Sometimes more than one rating will be given to reflect different countries (primarily South Africa/International and the United States/Canada, if we can get pricing opinions from reviewers in the locations), which usually has to do with postal costs messing up the value in the price. The rating is also dependent on the exchange rate at the time of purchase (for international purchases), so it's really just a guideline. Don't be sending us hate mail. [Back]

This rating is mainly for movies and DVDs. Is the movie pretty bad but at the same time quite enjoyable - so much so that it's worth watching more than once? Is it so good that you can actually watch it over and over and get something new out of it every time? Conversely, is the movie really good, but so draining, taxing, or depressing (for example), that watching it once in your lifetime is really enough? Ratings are out of 10. [Back]

Enjoyment Factor
This special rating is only mentioned for certain movies and DVDs (for which the "rewatchability factor" rating alone just won't do it justice) and is a combination of rewatchability and entertainment value. Is it so damn bad that it's good? Ratings are out of 10. [Back]

In One Word
Sometimes we write a very long review but we could actually summarise the entire product or experience with one word. So then you'll get both. If there's no word that will encapsulate everything, we won't try. Then you'll have to read the review. [Back]

Gunge Factor
There are two basic criterions with which one can quite accurately gauge the quality of a restaurant. The state of the restrooms (if there are any) and the state of the condiments and seasonings on the table. Too many times we have picked up the little salt or pepper dispenser on the table and gone "Eeew!" because we could feel the gunge [for our American readers, "gunge" is synonymous with "gunk"]. Yuck. Therefore, if we can, we'll rate it. Ratings are out of 10 (but in this case lower is better). [Back]

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