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Comics To Note: Man-Eaters By Chelsea Cain, Kate Niemczyk, Rachelle Rosenberg, Joe Caramagna, And Lia Miternique
Something in Portland is on a killing spree. The government will need to round up the suspects while the specialists in the Pacific Northwest's Strategic Cat Apprehension Team will have to work with local law enforcement to catch the killer. The likely suspect is an adolescent girl - but which one?
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 1 November 2018  |  View Comments

To understand the genius of a new comics series being published by Image Comics I need to delve into a little science history for context.

In 1908 French scientists Charles Nicolle and Louis Manceaux discovered a parasitic organism, which became known as Toxoplasma gondii, in a hamster like rodent called a gundi. Thirty years later the organism was first discovered in humans. Researchers eventually noted that the organism can survive in almost all warm blooded animals, which act as intermediate hosts, due to it being transmitted through the placenta, via consumption of infected meat, or through an organ transplant (in humans, obviously) but in 1970 researchers found it in cat faeces and realised that felines are the definitive host (the only species group in which the organism can reproduce sexually) and the ones responsible for another method of transmission - through an intermediate host ingesting soil, water, or vegetables that have been infected with contaminated cat faeces. Read on...

Theatre Review: Monday Night Magic Season 7, Cape Town
A new season of Monday Night Magic has debuted in Cape Town, once again hosted by the Cape Town Magic Club. This season is being held in the Artscape theatre complex and will be running until the end of November 2018.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 18 October 2018  |  View Comments

Season 7 of the Cape Town Magic Club's Monday Night Magic events has opened in a new venue with a lineup that includes old favourites as well as some new faces. Monday Night Magic was launched nearly three years ago by magician Marcel Oudejans and part of each season's intrigue has been the fascinating venue in which each one will be held. Read on...

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News: Walking Dead Day Celebrates 15 Years Of The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead (the comic) turns 15 this year - the first issue was published in October 2003 - and that means a celebration with all sorts of collectibles for fans of the series. Many comic stores around the world will also be taking part in the event, including Cosmic Comics in South Africa. Read on...
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 11 October 2018  |  View Comments

New On airwavezWatch on airwavez
Comic Con Africa 2018: Ziyaad Rahman.

Bill Masuku and Gushwell Brooks

Comic Con Africa In A Day
The inaugural Comic Con Africa was held earlier this month at the Kyalami Convention Centre in Johannesburg. Although there were some first day glitches, and there is definitely room for improvement in some areas, it brought South Africa's geeks together in a grand, and ultimately satisfying, celebration of comics, film, television, gaming, e-sports, and cosplay.
By: Fazielah Williams  |  Posted: 28 September 2018  |  View Comments

Comic Con Africa, the continental edition of the widely popular comic book, science fiction, and gaming convention, was precipitated by a deluge of huge promises and daily news updates: 40 000 tickets sold, a revolving roster of much anticipated international talent, photo opportunities, exclusive launches, and so much more. The opening day on Friday (the only day I could attend due to family commitments) opened to rousing and well deserved fanfare. This, despite there being few technical glitches in the gaming section, including a breakdown in the Doctor Who immersive experience's technology, less than amazing film and TV marketing events, and yet another star - this time The Avengers' Anthony Mackie - dropping out at the last minute after Justice League and Aquaman star Jason Momoa had previously disappointed fans by having to cancel his appearance at the convention. Read on...

Let Me School You Cats On How To Read Comic Books When You Live In A Small Town And You're Poor
While the Marvel and DC film studios flood cinemas worldwide with their superhero adaptations one comics fan recalls a past in which comic books and graphic novels were both expensive and inaccessible to a whole generation of readers and were frowned upon as being relevant reading material by the literature orthodoxy.
By: Rémy Ngamije  |  Posted: 31 August 2018  |  View Comments

When you are 12 years old in Windhoek, Namibia, in that faraway year of 2000, this is what you do when you want to read comic books.

First you wake up early to go shopping with your parents on a Saturday morning. Your father will drop your mother in town so she can buy the groceries for the family while he goes to the bank to do, well, whatever it is fathers do in their mysterious universes. Your mother's world, though, is quite familiar. Following carefully highlighted flyers advertising discounted items she will begin her shopping trip at the Shoprite in Independence Avenue and then work her way to the Gustav Voigts Centre and its OK Bazaars. When you hear she needs to go to the OK Bazaars you tell your younger brother - the one with the same fantasy, science fiction, and superhero addiction - that today will be a good day. This is not because you are going to be helpful or dutiful sons, helping her pick up the items she needs to keep your family well fed and contentedly middle class. Nor is it because the OK Bazaars is some hidden teenage Mecca of fun and distraction. You hate the place, personally. No, the reason you are both excited about going to the Gustav Voigts Centre is because of the shop across from the OK Bazaars on the bottom floor: the local CNA. Read on...

News: Are You The Best Fighter In Sub-Saharan Africa? Prove It In ACGL's Injustice 2 Legendary Series Tournament

PlayStation 4 gamers in Sub-Saharan Africa are invited to compete in a free three stage Injustice 2 online tournament being run by ACGL, with a cash prize pool that's worth more than R12 000. Read on...
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 28 August 2018  |  View Comments

Mistique Volume II Offers Advice To Soothe The Psyche Of The Modern Woman Of The Universe
What should you do if you find yourself suddenly single? Which colours suit your alignment towards order or chaos? What's your dating style? Do you have the appropriate equipment for a self-care moment? Maya LeMaitre's new humour zine, which was launched at Blank Books, has all the answers you are looking for.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 23 August 2018  |  View Comments

The universe decided to gift Cape Town with more rain than it had seen in weeks on the evening slated for the launch of Maya LeMaitre's Mistique Volume II at Blank Books in Woodstock, Cape Town, but those who braved the weather were rewarded with the first look at the second issue of a smart, entertaining zine that - of course - every modern woman should have within easy reach in her handbag. Read on...

Exclusive: Sneak A Peek At The First Page Of Captain South Africa #2 Ahead Of Comic Con Africa
Captain South Africa #1 ended on a cliffhanger but the comic's creator, Bill Masuku, is offering a little teaser of what's to come in the next issue. You can see it here, exclusively, on brainwavez.org.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 17 August 2018  |  View Comments

Bill Masuku is one of the special guests at the inaugural Comic Con Africa, which is taking place in Johannesburg next month, where he will be launching two comics - Captain South Africa #2, and Razor-Man 10.

The first issue of Captain South Africa, which he launched at UCON in Cape Town in January, sees a new, and female, Captain South Africa take up the mantle after the original disappeared. The comic ended on a cliffhanger as Captain South Africa worked to intervene in a showdown that was brewing in Cape Town between the police and a self-described freedom fighter who is also a heterosapien (a person who is a subspecies of humans that has special powers) who had taken over an unoccupied building in the city centre. Read on...

South African Comics News Roundup: Girl Talk, Sean Izaakse On The Radio, More Werewolves, And Highlights From EGE

In this roundup, learn how comics are being used for cancer awareness and education, listen to Sean Izaakse fly the South African comics (and Marvel) flag on local radio, see who was at EGE, and find out how to read the first issue of James Bond: Eidolon for free. Read on...
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 16 August 2018  |  View Comments

See Inside The LEGO Certified Store In Sandton
What can LEGO fans expect to find in South Africa's first LEGO Certified Store? Here are some details, including pricing of the fan favourites: the Pick A Brick Wall and the Build A Minifigure Station. Plus, see some photographs from the opening day.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 1 August 2018  |  View Comments

The first LEGO Certified Store in South Africa opened in Sandton City Shopping Centre in Johannesburg on Saturday. South Africa is the 21st country (and the first in Africa) to have a LEGO Certified Store, which means that the store can offer exclusive sets and activities that other stores can't and that it has to adhere to The LEGO Group's high standards for shop fitting and store layouts.

There are five standout features of the Sandton LEGO Certified Store that you won't find anywhere else in South Africa: the Pick A Brick Wall, the Build A Minifigure Station, the 3D augmented reality displays, the Johannesburg and African themed LEGO art that was constructed especially for the store, and, to come, the monthly mini builds. Read on...

A Library In The USA Had A Stuffed-Animal Sleepover And It Was Adorable
The stuffed-animal sleepover, an endearing initiative that started in a library in the USA 11 years ago, has expanded to libraries and book stores across the world. It's an exercise that is proving to have a positive influence on children and their reading habits in a world dominated by screens.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 26 July 2018  |  View Comments

This past weekend Lake Forest Library in Illinois in the USA held a sleepover for the stuffed-animal friends of its young patrons. The children were instructed to drop off their toys on the Friday night and the library staff then spent the evening posting updates on Facebook and Instagram with photos of what the stuffed animals were "getting up to". The children could enjoy the events from home by sneaking a peek into the library with the help of social media. Read on...

News: LEGO Certified Stores Are Coming To South Africa

Africa's first LEGO Certified Store will be opening in Sandton City Shopping Centre, in Johannesburg, later this month with more to follow in the rest of the country. This means that local LEGO fans will finally have access to a Pick A Brick Wall! Read on...
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 12 July 2018  |  View Comments

Film Review: Deadpool 2
Fourth-wall-breaking protagonist Deadpool has returned to the big screen in a sequel to his 2016 cinematic superhero caper. This time he assembles a group of mutants to neutralise the kind of threat that can only manifest due to the raging anger hormones and nonsensical brain thought patterns of a teenage boy in full bloom.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 1 June 2018  |  View Comments

If you read my review of the first Deadpool movie you'll know that I (contrary to popular opinion) didn't like it so you may be wondering why I subjected myself to watching, and writing a review of, the sequel.

It's all in the name of comics journalism, plus I thought I would give the franchise a second chance as, every once in a while, cinema offers surprises. Read on...

Theatre Review: Die Avonture Van Bal-Oog En Brommel: Moord In Ixiastraat
A murder may have been committed in Ixia Street. Teenagers Bal-Oog and Brommel are on the case to solve the mystery in a comedic theatrical adaptation of an Afrikaans graphic novel that was published last year.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 31 May 2018  |  View Comments

Die Avonture Van Bal-Oog & Brommel: Moord In Ixiastraat, an Afrikaans graphic novel by Sjaka S Septembir, Swart Streep, and Willem Samuel that was launched last year, has been adapted by Septembir into a stage production that has been touring arts festivals and theatres.

It stars De Klerk Oelofse and Richard September with Gertjie Besselsen providing the soundtrack (plus a few surprise moments on stage), as he did last week in Skop!, which also featured Septembir. Read on...

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Gear: Han In Carbonite MimoPowerDeck Star Wars Power Bank
Whether you're fighting, fast talking, or sneaking your way through the galaxy you're going to need power to keep your personal communication device going during those unexpected outages or when you're stranded in an alien location with foreign charging ports.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 25 May 2018  |  View Comments

Unlike Fyre Festival attendees, who seemed to think power manifests out of the ether like their trust funds, South Africans know a lot about the need to conserve power and have an emergency supply on hand due to load shedding and holiday adventures out in the bush or off in the wilderness. Read on...

Theatre Review: Skop!
A live-performance artist, a musician, and an Afrikaans slam poet spend just under an hour crafting sound, playing with your attention, and offering you ruminations on life in the experimental theatre piece Skop!.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 24 May 2018  |  View Comments

I first saw Skop! last year when it debuted at the Cape Town Fringe Festival. It is one of the most interesting live theatre shows I've ever watched and I was thoroughly entertained even though I wasn't sure that I understood anything that was going on.

I've been waiting months to be able to watch it again - partly because it is so interesting and partly to see if I could derive more meaning and understanding upon a second viewing. Thankfully it has finally appeared at Alexander Upstairs, which gave me a chance to go deeper into the rabbit hole. Read on...

India Makes Very Good Single Malt Whiskies - Learn More About Paul John
India is the world's largest producer of whisky, though it's not considered as such by connoisseurs as most of what's produced is molasses based. Enter Paul John - a single malt brand made from organic barley grown at the foot of the Himalayas.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 18 May 2018  |  View Comments

One of the most interesting brands represented at this year's Whisky Live Celebration, which I attended in Cape Town last month, was Paul John, a brand of single-malt whiskies from India.

The whiskies are produced at a distillery in Goa, India, owned by John Distilleries, a distilled beverages company that was founded by Paul P John. The brand was introduced to the market in 2012 after the distillery was built in 2004 and started the single malt process in 2008. The company had previously produced only blended whiskies. Read on...

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News: Whisky Live Heads To Cape Town, Pretoria, And Durban

The Whisky Live Celebration, a boutique festival experience for whisky lovers, will be touring three cities during autumn/winter 2018. Here's a list of some highlights to seek out, as well as ticketing information. Read on...
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 10 April 2018  |  View Comments

South African Comics News Roundup: FanCon Teasers, Johannesburg Gets Comic Con Africa, And A Crowdfunding Update

Here's a quick news update from the world of South African comics, with a special focus on news from some of the creators who will be appearing at FanCon Cape Town Comic Con later this month. Read on...
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 6 April 2018  |  View Comments

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