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Debra Fotheringham
The second track for Music To Note comes from a great independent singer/songwriter from American Fork, Utah. I first heard Debra Fotheringham four years ago, and recently met up with her after a Salt Lake City performance where I acquired her first full-length album. Debra is now embarking on an exhaustive tour through Utah, Seattle, New York, Germany, and various other European cities.
Posted: 2 July 2007  |  Category: Music > Music To Note

Boy In Static
It's winter in South Africa, so half of us are suffering from seasonal affective disorder and feeling gloomy. So am I, but I like this song more just because I'm having a really bad year and it somehow feels my pain. If you're lucky enough to be somewhere where there is summer, this song is for your next relationship breakup or general moment of depression. Stick it in your iTunes playlist. You'll need it one day when you least expect it!
Posted: 11 June 2007  |  Category: Music > Music To Note

Site News > New Section: Music To Note
Today we're introducing a new section on the site, Music To Note, which has been in the planning stages for months. [I know! You're thinking: "What the hell happened about the Cappuccino Quest backlog?" We're getting there. Blame me. It's all my fault.] In each post in Music To Note we will showcase a favourite track from an album that we haven't yet reviewed, an album we won't be reviewing, or a random track that we've found online - while researching music and investigating interesting artists - that just captured our imaginations. There is so much great music out there that doesn't receive airplay or is struggling to be noticed, and this is our way of bringing it to your attention. Each Music To Note entry will include a link to file that you can download or stream, so you'll also be able to listen to the track and decide if you like it. Feel free to leave comments to tell us what you think of our selections.
Posted: 11 June 2007  |  By: Mandy J Watson  |  Category: News

Tasty Apps Red Snapper
Sometimes you need to archive a web page for offline viewing or permanent archiving, and the PDF function in Safari on the Mac just doesn't get it right. Enter Red Snapper: a perfect little browser plug-in for preserving almost everything on the Web. Well, if you have a Mac. Don't complain. [ Read all about it ]
Posted: 24 April 2007  |  Category: Tech > Software > Reviews

Site News > Sometimes Life Gets In The Way
We'd like to introduce Paul Pregnolato, who has joined the team. He's already written a review of a Mac utility for us while the rest of us have been off having life or career crises (or, in Jase's case, also on vacation in Hawaii) so that you don't think we've all died or something. We will be resuming our slightly more reliable sporadic schedule shortly. We promise.
Posted: 24 April 2007  |  By: Mandy J Watson  |  Category: News

Cappuccino Quest & Dining > Chai-Yo, Cape Town, South Africa
Chai-Yo: vegetarian dining review
Chai-Yo, a Thai restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa, is the perfect restaurant to visit with a group of friends on a laid-back Friday evening in order to wind down after a hectic work week. Read the review or have a look at the Cappuccino Quest entry.
Posted: 28 February 2007  |  Category: Dining | Cappuccino Quest

Women's Bodies: A User's Guide
To acknowledge Valentine's Day we thought we'd skip all the boring mushy stuff and head straight for the sex, and what better way than with a manual designed to answer all your pressing questions? We recently sat down with Kerry Rogers, author of Women's Bodies: A User's Manual, and asked pressing questions about her new-found career as a sex-manual writer. (Please note that this article is not suitable for minors.) [ Read all about it ]
Posted: 14 February 2007  |  Category: Books > Features

Matt Wertz: Everything In Between
After receiving a promotional copy of Matt Wertz's latest release Everything In Between, we at are having an exceptionally difficult time picking our jaws up from off the floor. The album is a delight to listen to, and we're happy to have it join our CD library. [ Read all about it ]
Posted: 9 February 2007  |  Category: Music > Reviews

For The Bible Tells Me So recently attended a Sundance Film Festival screening and Q&A session for For The Bible Tells Me So, a thought-provoking American documentary that examines how the religious right uses biblical references to justify its condemnation of the homosexual "lifestyle" and how religious gays and lesbians struggle to reconcile their faith with their sexual identity. [ Read all about it ]
Posted: 7 February 2007  |  Category: Screen > Film > Reviews

Secret Location, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Here's a bit of an oddity: great coffee made at a friend's house by a machine that was never in view. How do you review such a thing? With great difficulty, although we've tried. In fact, we couldn't even manage to get a picture, so you will have to imagine how absolutely coffee-like this cappuccino looked. Don't forget not to imagine the foam, because there wasn't any due to a malfunction. [ Read all about it ]
Posted: 25 January 2007  |  Category: Cappuccino Quest

Kauai: Regular Cappuccino - Takeaway, Cape Town, South Africa
Happy new year from! We're going to start off the year by publishing the Cappuccino Quest backlog (among other things), starting with this review of the takeaway option from Kauai. At the same time we will be tweaking settings and interface elements on the site so you will see some changes happening. Do not be alarmed! Anyway, back to the Cappuccino Quest. We don't really recommend that you try this option, judging by our experience, but you'll have to read on to find out why. [ Read all about it ]
Posted: 15 January 2007  |  Category: Cappuccino Quest