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South African Comics News Roundup: Haunted Garage, Comic Con Cape Town, TEDx, And Crowdfunding (thumbnail)
This news update dives into the Comic Con Cape Town controversy, offers a little teaser of a new game co-created by Jean de Wet, and highlights Tegan Phillips at TEDx and two crowdfunding projects that need support, plus there's a quick roundup of some of the news highs and lows from 2018.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 15 March 2019  |  View Comments

The Chickening Is Everything Deadpool Isn't
Deadpool fans hoping for a humour-infused surreal experience will be disappointed with the new film, which opens tomorrow, but cheer yourself up with The Chickening, a reworking of The Shining that's dipped in saucy, NSFW poultry.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 11 February 2016  |  View Comments

Showcase: #inktober 2015, Day 8 To Day 15: Doodles, Horror, Typography, Judge Dredd, Star Wars, And More
Most of the South African comics creators who started creating daily works for The InkTober Initiative were still going strong in the second week of the project, as you can see in this, part two of's 2015 roundup.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 30 October 2015  |  View Comments Gift Guide 2014
It's time to sit behind your computer screen and shop till you drop (onto the keyboard from exhaustion). Skip the mall crowds, save your sanity, and use the annual Gift Guide as a jumping off point for gifting awesome. Your friends will appreciate your great taste.
By: The Editors  |  Posted: 11 December 2014  |  View Comments

Showcase: #inktober 2014, Day 25 To Day 31: Soldiers, Rock Stars, Cats, And Doodles
In the final post rounding up The Inktober Challenge for 2014 we see which South African comics creators fought fatigue with fortitude (and determination) to make it to the end(ish) and who was felled by the demands of the mighty pen.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 3 December 2014  |  View Comments

Indie Game News Roundup: Monument Valley Wins Awards, Indie Games To Shine At PAX Prime, And Gryphon Knight Epic Unveils More Teasers
It's a busy time for indie games (although, to be honest, when isn't it?). Monument Valley has been winning awards, indie games will be in the spotlight at the PAX Prime expo in Seattle, The Nightmare Cooperative has gone mobile, and find out how you can get the Duet soundtracks for free - it's all in this roundup.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 29 August 2014  |  View Comments

New Updates For Mountain Add Cool Items And Extra Features... But The Haters Keep Hating
Mountain, the game that gave reviewers all over the world an existential crisis last month, has recently received updates for iOS and desktop operating systems that not only fixed a few bugs but also added extra functionality and lots of new items. Additionally, last week the game was finally released on Steam and Amazon Apps, and for Android.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 25 August 2014  |  View Comments

News: Monument Valley Sells A Million Copies, Releases The Soundtrack, And Ignores (Paying) Fans' Complaining, Complaining, Complaining
Puzzle game Monument Valley, which is available for iOS and Android devices, recently passed the one-million-downloads milestone. Its success has meant that the development team is expanding (for a little while) and fans can now purchase the soundtrack to continue to enjoy the experience long after they've completed the levels.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 25 July 2014  |  View Comments

Indie Game News Roundup: Travel To The Edge Of Minecraft, Make Games SA, A Monument Valley Teaser, And An Existential Mountain Manifests
In our latest update we cover Shovel Knight's controversial release; examine a mountain simulator that is testing the sanity of gamers and games reviewers; watch a cart travel to the end of the world in Minecraft; and learn more about the Make Games SA initiative from Desktop Dungeons' developers.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 11 July 2014  |  View Comments

Indie Game News Roundup: March 2014
In our first indie game news roundup we have highlights of development news for Darkwood, AdventurOS, The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth, Mew-Genics, and more. Plus, there's a music based Humble Bundle running this week, and you can find out more about Drunken Robot Pornography.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 21 March 2014  |  View Comments

Foster The People Live At The Doug Fir Lounge In Portland
After a year hiding in a studio, one of 2011s biggest chart topping bands announced its new single, album release date, and a surprise show in Portland, Oregon, USA. The band thrilled the audience on a sleepy Monday evening playing a mix of its old familiar songs with the raucous beats of its freshest-but-still-surreptitious material.
By: Jase Luttrell  |  Posted: 19 February 2014  |  View Comments Gift Guide 2013
Once again, very proudly presents its annual gift guide - a selection of covetable items that will delight geeks and non geeks alike. This year we have a bumper selection of items to pile under trees and stuff stockings of both the naughty and nice.
By: The Team  |  Posted: 27 November 2013  |  View Comments

Fear Less!
A little pixelated girl plagued by nightmares of being chased by a grim reaper needs your help to find her way to peaceful dreams - so grab a sword and start running!
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 12 April 2013  |  View Comments

Escape The Red Giant
The sun has turned into a red giant so you need to jump from asteroid to asteroid performing tricks to build combos that will award you extra points as you try to outrun the red, burning death - for as long as you can because sun, sun, sun, here we come, come, come....
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 11 January 2013  |  View Comments Gift Guide 2012
Happy festive season! Whatever you are celebrating (or not) you'll probably need gifts. After all, isn't celebrating commercialism what holidays are all about? Therefore, here's our 2012 selection of stuff you'll definitely want to buy for yourself (and might considering giving to other people too).
By: The Team  |  Posted: 30 November 2012  |  View Comments 2011 Gift Guide
It's December already? That means it must be time for our 2011 roundup of stuff we have or stuff we want or (occasionally) stuff we might give to other people if they've been nice (or very, very naughty).
By: The Team  |  Posted: 12 December 2011  |  View Comments

Verbatim Bluetooth Audio Cube
Zap the audio from your phone, tablet, or computer to the Verbatim Bluetooth Audio Cube for instant amplification of your favourite tracks (and the odd system alert sound but that just adds to the excitement).
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 24 November 2011  |  View Comments

10 Classic Fictional Music Videos From TV's Past (And Present)
There have been many musical TV show episodes over the past few years but few fictional music acts have released their own music videos. We've tracked down a few of our favourites, starting with three that debuted in the 2010 TV season. Plus, two words: Robin Sparkles!
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 11 April 2011  |  View Comments

Donna Lewis: Sandcastles (Live On After Hours)
The free download of "Sandcastles" is a rare glimpse into a live performance by Welsh singer-songwriter Donna Lewis. Mostly known for rich productions and layered soundscapes, this live recording is the opposite: stark and full of despair, yet hauntingly beautiful and captivating.
By: Jase Luttrell  |  Posted: 11 March 2011  |  View Comments

LEGO Club Music Season 1 Videos
The LEGO Club Show is a show for kids that's produced a number of amazing music videos that can be appreciated by all ages. Here's season one's collection of LEGOfied rock, pop, metal, and rap, along with a whole lot of great animation.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 2 March 2011  |  View Comments

Review: Love
In Love you play a polyamorous square who derives happiness from being near others (the closer the better and the more the merrier). Yet one cannot have love without tragedy and actually touching one of the other blocks will end your game - and your shot at happiness - quite abruptly.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 14 February 2011  |  View Comments 2010 Gift Guide
Here's a roundup of some of our favourite things from the past few years, all of which would make excellent gifts. A few have been reviewed or featured on but many haven't so, among the familiar, expect some surprises that we think you'll love.
By: The Team  |  Posted: 10 December 2010  |  View Comments

An Introduction To Ovi Music And Ovi Music Unlimited
The Nokia Music Store, which is now called Ovi Music, and the Nokia Comes With Music service, which is now called Ovi Music Unlimited, have gone through some huge changes since their launch in 2009. Here's a look at what's on offer and what to expect if you are interested in either of the services.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 23 November 2010  |  View Comments

Saturday At Rocking The Daisies 2010
The Rocking The Daisies music festival, which takes place over a weekend each October on a wine farm near Cape Town, South Africa, and is now in its fifth year, was three days of sensory overload and great local music. Here's our showcase of some of the artists that performed on the main stage on the Saturday night.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 19 October 2010  |  View Comments

Eduardo Gouveia: Monkey Island Rocks (Two Versions)
Celebrate 20 years of piratey one liners and insult swordfighting*, secret immortality**, and repeatedly falling off a cliff ("rubber tree!"), with two great remixes of the theme tune to The Secret Of Monkey Island.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 15 October 2010  |  View Comments

Tom Smith: Zombie Pirates In Love
Break out your rum and eye patch, and train your parrot to groan for "braaaiins", because zombie pirates are searching for love on the high seas in this crazy composition in which their ultimate buried treasure is a zombie bride.
By: Jase Luttrell  |  Posted: 1 October 2010  |  View Comments

Music From The Motherland - Souvenirs To Take Home
To coincide with, and in celebration of, the 2010 World Cup, Sony Music Africa released two albums of official event songs and collaborations between African artists and international headlining acts. The albums were great souvenirs, whether you visited the country and wanted to take some musical memories home with you or even if you never left your couch (or sofa) and just enjoyed the spectacle from across an ocean. However, the two albums didn't tell the whole story - here's a more comprehensive roundup of music from, and by, Africans, with a special focus on South African artists.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 8 September 2010  |  View Comments

Mpemba Effect Presents Ambient Afrique
Mix sounds and rhythms deeply rooted in African culture with Western influences and the result is the laid-back aural journey of Mpemba Effect's Ambient Afrique. Let the groove generated by this South African producing duo lull you into an altered state of consciousness.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 26 April 2010  |  View Comments

Sushi Cat
Combine a lonely, hungry cat on a mission of the heart with sushi-consumption challenges, strange obstacles, a little bit of physics, and some outlandish music and you'll have an epic 45-minute(ish) tale with which to amaze no one in particular, unless you do really well, in which case you can be all, like, "Hey, I did well!"... which may, still, not exactly amaze anyone in particular.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 18 March 2010  |  View Comments

Stephen Kellogg And The Sixers: My Old Man
"My Old Man" from Stephen Kellogg And The Sixers is a profound song of loss, nostalgia, and disappointment, with a surprising and near-contradictory playfulness that will make you want to have one last word with your old man. We are not responsible for any therapy sessions that may be required, though we will take credit for introducing you to this awesome track.
By: Jase Luttrell  |  Posted: 25 February 2010  |  View Comments

Butterfly Boucher: We Don't Have A Clue
Butterfly Boucher may have a quirky name and her music may be equally quirky but the free download of "We Don't Have A Clue" is a fun and uplifting song that will make you smile and appreciate the day as time flutters by.
By: Jase Luttrell  |  Posted: 18 January 2010  |  View Comments

This animated music short is too good to save for Halloween (although, in our minds, every day is Halloween at so I thought I'd post about it to start 2010 with some fun - may it be a reminder that the horrors of 2009 are now in the past and may it be a sign that 2010 will be filled with zombies and kittens! (Preferably at a safe distance if the two are one and the same.)
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 6 January 2009  |  View Comments

Music To Note > Uh Huh Her: "Explode"
Uh Huh Her: Explode
You'd be forgiven if you find you trip over the words every time you try to pronounce the name of the band Uh Huh Her (the band members have the same problem) but don't let the tongue twisting distract you from the subtle musical layers and mesmerising electropop bass of "Explode".
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 29 July

Photo Essay: Behind The Scenes At The South African Music Awards
The South African Music Awards are the highlight of the country's musical year and a celebration of its diverse styles and talents. The main awards ceremony is televised but fans stuck at home always miss out on all the other happenings and more candid moments. Curiosity got the better of us so sent a correspondent behind the scenes, armed with a camera, to find out what happens.
By: Christine Curtis  |  Posted: 29 May 2009

Duncan Sheik: Whisper House
Whisper House, Duncan Sheik's enigmatic sixth studio album and a collaboration with Holly Brook is probably best described as a 10-track experimental narrative journey with a supernatural edge that touches on various themes, including World War II and grief.
By: Jase Luttrell  |  Posted: 8 April 2009

Bjork - Wanderlust
If you went down to the waterfront recently you were in for a big surprise. Björk was to be seen surfing down a mythical river of electric blue spaghetti, atop a giant yak. The occasion? The premiere of her new 3D music video, "Wanderlust".
By: Ambre Nicolson  |  Posted: 29 May 2008

Chicago - The Musical
Murder! Treachery! Deceit! Lies! Thrills! Although that's technically all in a day's work for some of South Africa's parliamentary ministers and their associates, in this case we're talking about Chicago - The Musical, which has returned to Cape Town and is at Artscape until 13 April. You still have two weeks, so if you missed it in 2005 you have no excuse now.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 28 March 2008

Debra Fotheringham
The second track for Music To Note comes from a great independent singer/songwriter from American Fork, Utah. I first heard Debra Fotheringham four years ago, and recently met up with her after a Salt Lake City performance where I acquired her first full-length album. Debra is now embarking on an exhaustive tour through Utah, Seattle, New York, Germany, and various other European cities.
Posted: 2 July 2007  |  Category: Music > Music To Note

Boy In Static
It's winter in South Africa, so half of us are suffering from seasonal affective disorder and feeling gloomy. So am I, but I like this song more just because I'm having a really bad year and it somehow feels my pain. If you're lucky enough to be somewhere where there is summer, this song is for your next relationship breakup or general moment of depression. Stick it in your iTunes playlist. You'll need it one day when you least expect it!
Posted: 11 June 2007  |  Category: Music > Music To Note

Matt Wertz: Everything In Between
After receiving a promotional copy of Matt Wertz's latest release Everything In Between, we at are having an exceptionally difficult time picking our jaws up from off the floor. The album is a delight to listen to, and we're happy to have it join our CD library. [ Read all about it ]
Posted: 9 February 2007  |  Category: Music > Reviews

Music > lostprophets Live At In The Venue, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, 10 November 2006
lostprophets in concert
For once, MySpace actually served a purpose. Jase noticed a bulletin the Welsh metal band lostprophets posted, saying that the first four people to email the band would receive two free tickets to its Salt Lake City show at In The Venue. He immediately shot off an e-mail and prayed to the concert gods for a quick response. Without being forced to make a sacrifice, he was notified he won the tickets. Here's what happened at the show. [ Read all about it ]
Posted: 19 December 2006  |  By: Jase Luttrell

Music > Ladysmith Black Mambazo Live At The Depot, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, 7 November 2006
Ladysmith Black Mambazo in concert
Many months ago, Mandy informed Jase about the South African group Ladysmith Black Mambazo. While looking at the concert schedule for Salt Lake City, he found that the group was headed there to perform, so he bought tickets and went to the show, keeping the review as a surprise for Mandy. What follows is the review of that concert from the perspective of someone living in the States. Jase exhausted his entire repertoire of adjectives for this review. [ Read all about it ]
Posted: 11 December 2006  |  By: Jase Luttrell

Music > Mat Kearney: Nothing Left To Lose
Mat Kearney: Nothing Left To Lose
For once, radio's predictable programming has served a purpose: every day at 7:08am Jase's alarm clock radio goes off, signalling the dawn of a painful new workday. For about a month the lead single from Mat Kearney's CD, Nothing Left To Lose, lessened the pain. Here are his thoughts on the entire album. [ Read all about it ]
Posted: 1 December 2006  |  By: Jase Luttrell

Music > Fiona Apple Live At The Huntsman Center, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, 25 October 2006
Fiona Apple in concert
Jase had front-row seats to the experience of Fiona Apple performing live in Salt Lake City, Utah, of all places. He's still shaken by the ordeal (the Fiona Apple ordeal, not the ongoing Salt Lake City ordeal)...but in a good way. We promise. [ Read all about it ]
Posted: 14 November 2006  |  By: Jase Luttrell

Music > lostprophets: Liberation Transmission
lostprophets: Liberation Transmission
In September of 2006 Jase Luttrell went to see the Welsh metal band lostprophets in concert. This isn't a review of the concert, because he spent too much time in the mosh pit. Later, he cleaned off the blood and sweat, and went home to write a review of the band's latest album, Liberation Transmission. [ Read all about it ]
Posted: 17 October 2006  |  By: Jase Luttrell

Music > Bjørn Lynne: Beneath Another Sky
Bjørn Lynne: Beneath Another Sky
Bjørn Lynne is an independent composer who hails from the demo scene from the late 80s and early 90s. In more recent times he has completed a number of well-known game soundtracks (most recently Worms Open Warfare) and his music has appeared in various television productions. In-between working on these musical projects he composes instrumental albums, which are always a treat for his large Internet fan base. Beneath Another Sky is his latest release. [ Read all about it ]
Posted: 10 August 2006  |  Posted by: Mandy J Watson

Music > Missy Higgins Live At The Independent Armchair Theatre, Cape Town, South Africa, 7 July 2006
Posted: 12 July 2006
Missy Higgins in Cape Town! Oh my! Here are most of the important adjectives from the article: enigmatic, quirky, odd, endearing, charming, powerful, and infectious. However, you should probably read what Mandy J Watson had to say for the context. [ Read the article ]

Music > Kyler England: Live Wire
Posted: 10 July 2006
About three years ago, CD Baby had a $5 CD sale. Since Jase Luttrell had just received his tax return, he had some extra money to spend. This is how he stumbled across Kyler England. Now considered a "longtime fan", he has decided to throw some words together to describe Kyler's latest CD Live Wire. [ Read the review ]

Music > Maren Ord: Pretty Things
Posted: 6 July 2006
Jase Luttrell went to a Maren Ord concert held earlier this year in Utah and, because he's such a fan, he knew some obscure facts and won himself a copy of her third album, which hasn't even been released yet. Super! [ Read the review ]

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