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This is an index of everything Wondermark and David Malki ! related on, as well as items that are reminiscent of Wondermark's visual style. 2011 Gift Guide
It's December already? That means it must be time for our 2011 roundup of stuff we have or stuff we want or (occasionally) stuff we might give to other people if they've been nice (or very, very naughty).
By: The Team  |  Posted: 12 December 2011  |  View Comments

Fiction Generator
"The Metabots": "In a dragon-filled Atlantis, a young schlub with mild OCD stumbles across an otherworldly portal which spurs him into conflict with a government conspiracy, with the help of a sarcastic female techno-geek and her wacky pet, culminating in a fistfight atop a tower."
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 22 January 2010  |  View Comments

Beards Of Our Forefathers By David Malki !
Recently another anthology of Wondermark, the world's only web comic, was published. This hardcover collection features about 120 strips, the eight-page short story Treachery!, and bonus material that is not available anywhere else.
Posted: 8 September 2008

The Annotated Wondermark by David Malki !
"The book features the first 100 Wondermark strips, as well as some extras that you won't find on the site ... The strips, themselves, are the most fascinating items to behold: public-domain turn-of-the-century images reworked for our turn-of-the-century times ... and the sense of humour of more discerning individuals. Some of the illustrations are truly bizarre, and I constantly find myself wondering what they initially were used for."
Posted: 3 March 2006
Posted by: Mandy J Watson