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South Africa By: Mandy J Watson on 2 March 2011
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The LEGO Club Show is a show for kids that's produced a number of amazing music videos that can be appreciated by all ages. Here's season one's collection of LEGOfied rock, pop, metal, and rap, along with a whole lot of great animation.

The LEGO Club Show is LEGO US's online video show for kids, which you can find at the web site Its hosts, Scott and a LEGO mailbox named Flappy, showcase photos of kids' LEGO creations that they've sent in to the show, and there's usually some sort of variety moment towards the end of each episode.

A number of shows have featured LEGO music videos, which are also available via a separate channel on YouTube in both 360p and 720p high definition versions. There's a mix of genres, with a one-eyed rapper in one video and a very industrious LEGO Minifig dwarf in another (in what I can only assume is a speed metal video), as well as LEGO takes on pop and hard rock, so there's a little bit of something for everyone - and for the ones with songs that may not be to your taste just grit your teeth through the music and enjoy the animation, which is fantastic in all the videos.

LEGO Club Show Theme

Time: 00:00:48
Written By: Roger Cameron
Performed By: Rob Kapitzky, Top Shelf Records
Animated By: Jared Eberhardt


Time: 00:01:25
Performed And Music By: Jason Maas
Written By: Scott Decoteau
Animated By: David Pagano and Matt Witham

Black Eye Piece

Time: 00:01:20
Written By: Roger Cameron
Performed By: Regor Noremac
Music By: Architect of Sound
Animated By: David Pagano
Featured In: LEGO Club Show 3.4

This One Brick

Time: 00:01:06
Written By: Scott Decoteau
Music And Performed By: Rob Kapitzky
Visuals By: Jared Eberhardt
Featured In: LEGO Club Show 4.4

Zack The LEGO Maniac

Time: 00:01:06
Performed By: Rob Kapitzky
Animation by: David Pagano

LEGO, Let's Go!

Time: 00:01:07
Performed By: Jason Maas
Vocals By: Chris Wrenn
Written By: Toby Dutkiewicz and Scott Decoteau
Animated By: Garrett Barati

A special shout out to A Modular Life, whose recent blog post about some of the videos sent me on a little expedition to find out (and find) more.

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